How To Change Your International Kindle To The Amazon UK Store

amazon-kindle-british-flagI was a relatively early adopter of the Kindle, and although I didn’t purchase the first generation model, I jumped at the chance to get the second generation when they released the international versions. Now that the Kindle 3 (or “Kindle”, which would be really confusing in a post like this) is out, the UK (along with many other countries around the world) has its own UK Kindle store, where you can purchase titles in Pound Sterling rather than US Dollars, and save the extra “international delivery charge” that applied on some items.

This is great for new Kindle owners, as by default if you buy it from Amazon UK, it will provide you with access to the UK store. However, international Kindle 2 owners are still stuck with the US store on their devices. Although it may not occur to everyone to change it over, there are a number of benefits to doing so, and best of all, it’s ridiculously easy to do.

How To Change Kindle Store Country

To change the country associated with your Kindle, you first need to go to and log in with your credentials. From the home page, click on the “Your Account” link in the top corner of the screen. This will take you to the main account page, where you can access all of your orders and change your personal information.

On this screen, you need to scroll down the page until you see the “Digital content” section if you’re using If you’re browsing on, this step is slightly different, and you will be looking for the section entitled “Settings” instead.

Regardless of what version of Amazon you are browsing, there will be a link in the section I just directed you to called “Manage your Kindle”. If you click on this, it will take you to the main management page for your Kindle.

Ok, we’re nearly there now! Once you’ve re-entered your login details for security purposes, you’ll have access to everything to do with your Kindle, including recent purchases, your Kindle email address and the thing that we have been looking for, your country settings.

If you scroll down the page, skipping past all the information about your devices and payment information, you’ll come across the “Your Country” heading. Your current country will be displayed here, and to change it, you simply have to click the edit button which is next to it. On the screenshot below, mine says that my current country is in the United Kingdom, because I’ve already done this once, but yours will still say United States if you’re using an international Kindle.

Once you’ve clicked on edit, simply choose to transfer your account over to the United Kingdom store, et voilá! You can now view all of the content on the UK Kindle store, and make payments using the credit or debit card which is associated with your UK account.

The next time you use your Kindle, turn the 3G wireless on and sync it up. This will make sure that the same is true on your Kindle, so when you browse the store, it will be the UK store with all the books displayed in British Pounds.

Main Image Source: CrunchGear