How Much Phone Storage Do You Really Have?

I thought this image below was quite interesting, it shows just how much actual, usable storage you have on the various current smartphones.

Some of these variations will be due to the type of operating system that they use, but what’s interesting is seeing how phones using Android (all except the iPhones and Blackberry) actually vary.
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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – First Impressions (3DS)

I love Zelda games, let’s get that straight at the beginning. Link To The Past on the SNES is possibly a favourite so when I heard there was a new Zelda 3DS game I was more than a little excited. However, I was less enthusiastic about its reuse of old maps from the SNES classic. I was a little worried that this just a way to reuse that game with a few twists.

However I found that my fears were unwarranted. As I started playing The Legend of Zelda Link Between Worlds I discovered a fully fledged new experience. It makes use of Link to the Past for art style and inspiration but not for content.

The game plays almost perfectly on the Nintendo 3DS, and seems to have been aimed at the slightly more casual audience on Nintendo’s handhelds. Where as my kids (and me at times) used to get stuck and need some on-line assistance with Zelda games, here I found that they could progress at a steady pace without intervention.
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New Wonderbook-Playstation Eye Titles – Let’s Play Videos of Book of Potions & Walking With Dinosaurs (PS3)


Although they have been a little slow in coming, Book of Potions and Walking With Dinosaurs, the new Wonderbook titles extend the library in fine style and demonstrate what a great piece of technology the Wonderbook-Playstation Eye combination really is.

With some early hands-on time with the game Andy Robertson of Family Gamer TV puts the new interactive stories to the test with his family. Although you do need to ensure your room is well lit to get the best out of the augmented reality experience, the results in good conditions are certainly impressive.

The two games offer very different experiences. Book of Potions, including content from J. K. Rowling is another wizard based adventure where the player must learn potions to compete in a big contest and win the day. Whereas Walking With Dinosaurs from the BBC offers more actually story telling and mixes in a good amount of educational elements as well. You need to pay attention if you are to score top marks in the quiz at the end of the chapter.
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Elysia Graphic Novel Kickstarter Project Launched

elysia-chapter-1-coverIn the past year or so, crowd-funding websites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have become a really popular way for individuals and companies to gain upfront funding/support for their projects from the people who would be interested in buying the end-product.

If successful, this method of funding means that these creative people can concentrate on producing their product rather than chasing around trying to gain funding from other sources such as banks and investors, therefore we all get to see their cool end-products much sooner than we might otherwise!

With that in mind, one of our very own writers here on Zath; Serena Obhrai, has launched the Elysia Kickstarter project for a brand new 300+ page sci-fi/fantasy graphic novel that she’s created with her illustration partner, Jennie Gyllblad.
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Think Visibility 9 Review (March 2013) – 5 Years Of Getting More From Your Website!

think-visibility-conference-logoThe Think Visibility conferences are all about helping to you to “get more from your website”, no matter how you use it or what type of business you have.

Think Visibility 9 was the 5th anniversary of this impressive online marketing, social media and SEO conference based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. I’ve personally attended all but one of these events for a variety of reasons including the quality of the speakers, the location, the other attendees that it attracts, but also for the fact that #ThinkVis isn’t like just any other conference, it’s well different…
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RBS 6 Nations Live Challenge App Review

rbs-6-nations-logoThe RBS 6 Nations Rugby Championship is now well and truly underway and now thanks to their collection of apps for various platforms, you can keep up-to-date with the very latest team news and live scores whichever of the popular smartphones or tablets you might have.

However, in addition to just doing the usual job of providing live game information and news between games with their standard app, the RBS 6 Nations Live Challenge App takes watching the live game on TV to a whole more interactive experience!
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Samsung Series 3 Chromebook Review

samsung-series-3-chromebook-frontviewIn an age of smartphones, tablets, transformers, ultrabooks and retina displays, Google’s Chromebooks – a series of cloud-centric laptops – are probably the least appealing of the bunch. The common knowledge that you’ll be purchasing an underpowered machine that’s almost entirely dependent on the Internet is enough to ward off even the most open-minded of tech enthusiasts. Add in a high price tag, combined with other noticeable limitations of Google’s browser powered laptops and you’d be forgiven for thinking that Google’s genius had gone missing on this occasion. But actually, Chromebooks aren’t as bad as they sound – honestly!
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The WIRED Pop-Up Store! – #SamsungWIRED

A couple of months ago I bought myself a Samsung Galaxy S3 (which was a rather pleasant and substantial upgrade over my iPhone 4), so when I was offered the chance to attend a preview event of the WIRED Pop-Up Store, I was certainly looking forward to seeing what kind of technology a respected magazine publisher and Samsung could assemble into a temporary high street space in the run-up to Christmas!

The whole idea of this collaboration is to present the concept of the “New Industrial Revolution” – where creative thinking is meeting new technologies to inform new manufacturing techniques, product customisation and SMART business innovations – and give a glimpse into the world in 2013.
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What Makes A Laptop An Ultrabook? We Take A Look At The Requirements

If you have you been shopping around for a laptop lately then you will have almost certainly noticed  the name “Ultrabook”, a name which numerous computer manufacturers seem to be applying to their laptops lately.

Now although the name Ultrabook may not be truly imaginative or catch consumer attention for the right reasons (marketing folk’ tend to overuse terms to draw consumer eyes), there is a genuine reason that the Ultrabook name is cropping up everywhere currently.

If you are confused about what an Ultrabook actually is, I aim to try to explain this, the best I can in this article. If you are shopping around online for an Ultrabook and already know what one is, then this handy Ultrabook buyers guide should help you out a lot. Read on to find out what makes a laptop an Ultrabook.
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