Zath @ E3 2012 – Day 1 Review


Nintendo’s Press Conference

This morning Nintendo rounded off the cavalcade of E3 pressers. Anticipation was high with rumours of ‘Nintendomination’ flying about. Unfortunately the whirlwind of Wii U announcements everyone was hoping for was nowhere to be seen. In its place, however, were some relatively solid titles – New Super Mario Brothers U, in HD with four player co-op and Pikmin 3, comically announced with industry legend Shigeru Miyamoto, which makes use of motion controls and supports an army of up to a hundred pikmin.

On the third party side there’s Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition, which utilises the Wii U pad to aim projectiles, manage inventory and scan areas amongst other things. Additionally some upcoming games Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Darksiders 2 and Aliens: Colonial Marines are headed to the new platform along with some already released games Ninja Gaiden 3 and Mass Effect 3.

Perhaps fearing a lack of interesting new games Nintendo pulled Ubisoft in (now apparently the saviour of this E3) to show some of the games they’d already shown in their own press conference and elsewhere. The only really interesting preview was LEGO City: Undercover for the Wii U, made by Telltale, which looks like an adorable version of Grand Theft Auto, where the objective is to catch criminals (in black cap and black stripy shirt burglar attire).

Reggie Fils-Aime and the gang gave us an (somewhat too) in-depth look at NintendoLand, a collection of mini-games based on Nintendo franchises set in a carnival fair setting. The games seemed gimmicky at best, and although it’s clear they’re trying to emulate the success of Wii Sports, I doubt this will be a killer feature. Finally we got an assurance that the 3DS would still be heavily supported with games like Luigi’s Mansion 2, a look at the Wii Fit U (see Wii Fit) and a new singing and dancing party game called SiNG. Nothing

In Other News…

Ubisoft has said that Watch Dogs, the new cyberpunk title everyone’s talking about, is in fact for this generation, coming to PS3, 360 and PC. Presumably you’re going to need a pretty sweet machine to achieve the visual benchmarks shown in the gameplay trailer. It was also announced that the game will have optional iPad features, than can be used in conjunction to view live overhead maps and garner information on targets. Not only that, but it’s connected to your friends so you can see what they’re doing as well. At this point no one’s really sure how it’s all going to work, but all sounds bloody fantastic.

Star Wars 1313, after its early leakage was officially announced and demo’ed in a short scene that saw two (apparently stand-in) characters descend to Coruscant’s level 1313 and fight along the way, with extremely pretty visuals and seamless cutscene to gameplay transitions. As stressed by the PR, it’s going for a mature tone and we’ll have more details later in the year.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the big no-show, The Last Guardian, Team Ico’s achingly-anticipated next game, is still in development, but has nothing to show at this time – it could be worse then! Speaking of no-shows, there has been approximately zero news on GTA V or that little new IP from Insomniac Overstrike, which was announced last year. Evidently they’re too cool for E3.

Keep checking Zath for more E3 news coverage and previews of specific games over the next few days! Also, be sure to check out our Zath Facebook page for all our photos from the event itself.