Write For Zath UK Tech Blog?

typing-on-laptop-keyboardWould you be interested in having the opportunity to write for Zath?

Have you ever considered writing for a website such as Zath? Have you got a interest in the topics that Zath covers? Can you write original content to a high standard about these things that you like?

We’re an established UK Tech Blog that’s been running for over 7 years and we’re always open to new talented writers joining the Zath team to contribute on topics that interest them. We like to cover a variety of article types, be it analysis/opinion pieces, how-to guides or reviews of the latest in technology, hi-tech gadgets and gaming for our readers.

Being an article writer for Zath has the following benefits:

  • Research and write to express your opinion on topics that interest you.
  • Get the opportunity to test and review the latest technology/software advancements, hi-tech gadgets and games – sometimes getting to keep them afterwards.
  • If you’re interested in pursuing a writing/journalism career (perhaps you’re currently a student), then this will be a great opportunity to get your work publicised and establish a name for yourself.
  • Established writers on Zath will also get the opportunity to attend exclusive media/press events being held for some of the latest technology-based products and services.

If this all sounds like something that you’d be interested in, then all you need to do is send an example article/blog post to publish on a technology/hi-tech gadget/gaming-related topic to the following email address:


Also, if you have any other previous examples of your writing work online, please include details of those too as that could help speed up the process.

If you have any further questions about writing for Zath, feel free to contact us using the email address above or through our contact page.

UPDATE: We’re currently looking for a writer to specifically cover more gadget-related topics such as those found in our Gadgets section, please contact us if you’d like to be considered for this type of writing opportunity.