World of Warcraft Mouse Review

world-of-warcraft-mouse-2I’ve been looking forward to getting the chance to play with the World of Warcraft mouse and review it since we first previewed it a few months ago and now here is our review of this custom gaming mouse.

Initially what struck me most of all about this World of Warcraft mouse was the box that it comes in being in the shape and action of a treasure chest – yes not only looks like a chest with the mouse shown in the centre of it, but it also opens up in a similar manner with the top being hinged and upon opening you see the mouse is shown in the middle of gold and jewels – very World of Warcraft-like!

Once I’d got into the box properly, I was rather surprised with what I found, although it did take a little bit of figuring out as I didn’t want to damage this novel packaging – good job that I wasn’t recording an unboxing video of it!

Obviously there is the mouse, which I’ll come back to soon – but what surprised me a little was that the manual was effectively a few short page-sides of information – nothing more than a leaflet, but most of all I was shocked to find there was no CD contained in the box (it did make me look twice).

As I took the mouse out of the packaging, not only did the very cool design styling strike me, but also the USB lead itself did – instead of being a standard plastic cable, it is actually covered in a material that gives it a more textured and handcrafted feeling – if anything it actually reminds me of a shoe lace, it’s different and makes it stand out from other mice on that alone.

All there was in terms of software was a website address – to download the latest version of the World of Warcraft mouse software from – definitely a good move, I hate having to install from CDs/DVDs and the subsequent storage – far better to point people to just download the latest version and be done with it – especially for a product where you know your customers will have internet access. It also makes sense environmentally, which is rather cool – well done on that Steelseries!


The first thing that I noticed about the World of Warcraft mouse was that it is slightly larger than a traditional mouse, mostly width-wise due to side-rests on either side of the mouse, but that also allows for a larger surface area on the bottom to have a very slick surface. This makes the mouse one of the smoothest mice I’ve ever had in terms of using it on a standard desk surface or on a specific mousepad – why don’t more mice have larger smooth surfaces to aid smoother movement?

Once you plug the mouse into a free USB socket, Windows (Vista in my case) immediately installs the basic drivers so that you can start using it for general use – at this point you’ll also start admiring the pulsating (orange) glowing light that the mouse emanates.

After the Steelseries mouse software has been installed, you can then get to work in customising how you mouse actually works and what setup is best for you, however by default most of the 15 buttons have already been assigned functions and commands. I find most of the buttons to be quick logically placed and easy to use once you get used to them, the only thing I would say is that the 4-in-1 button (kind of like a throw-back to the old console controller D-pads) does take a bit of getting used – I certainly had to change the default functions round as some buttons are easier to use than others.

There are other options in terms of dpi (you can increase the accuracy of your mouse movement from the default 800 up to 3200dpi), speed, mouse clicking, however once I’d finished with those, I immediately changed the colour of the light glow to a more pleasing “Zath Blue” colour! ;)

Since I covered this in World of Warcraft mouse preview, I’d completely forgotten about the colour options, so this function is definitely very cool – if only all backlit keyboards also gave this colour option to personalise your new purchase to your own desktop! (click the below image for a closer look at the WoW mouse software)

One downside that I did find was that, some of the command macros set up on some of the buttons could also be used outside of World of Warcraft in your normal Windows environment – for instance, the /dismount macro would run if I accidently pressed that particular button – not such a huge issue, however if you are doing something live on the Internet, such as broadcasting or simply using Twitter, then this could make for a somewhat humourous mistake. :)

The only other unfortunate thing to consider at the current time, is that because of the huge demand from a potential market of 11.5 million WoW players, Steelseries are obviously having trouble keeping up with the initial demand, so it may take a little while before you can get hold of one.

With that in mind, I would just like to thank Game-1 who have kindly loaned us a mouse for the purposes of this review, they seem to be doing well in terms of getting hold of stock when Amazon still don’t have any!

I only wish I could keep it since I’ve got quite used to it…as a big fan of WoW myself, I’ll definitely be looking to track one of these down for myself.

Overall, I would say that this product works well a general mouse and looks great on your desk, but as a specific World of Warcraft mouse, this is the most comprehensive mouse you could want in terms of a customised controller for your favourite online game – pair this with Steelseries’ World of Warcraft keyboard and you’re all set for the most optimum WoW setup possible!

Software Specifications
– World of Warcraft® branded GUI
– Assign World of Warcraft® commands
– Develop custom macros (up to 160 characters)
– Adjust DPI and standard mouse settings
– Adjust illumination colour, effects and intensity
– Independently adjust x and y-axis sensitivity
– Real-time profile switching
– Import and export profiles

Technical Specifications
– Max. resolution: 3200 DPI
– Max. acceleration: 20 g
– Max. speed: 65 inches/second
– Max. USB report rate: 1000 hz / 1ms
– USB data format: 16-bit
– USB interface: Full speed
– Sleep mode: Disabled (Always On)

System Requirements
– Windows Vista™, Windows® XP, or Windows® 2000
– 100 MB Free Hard Drive Space
– 128 MB RAM
– Available USB port



  1. Andrew says

    I have not played with this mouse myself but one of my friends can’t stop talking about how sweet it is. I think I might have to borrow it and see what all the fuss is about.

  2. Matti says

    Bought this yesterday. This review is pretty much spot on. Nice finish, smooth movement, great interface, nice looks although a bit on the nerdy side ;)

    As a rogue this helps me allot, as it lets me bind the last 5 spell/pot/trinket binds I seldom use and didnt have room for before with standard keyboard and Logitech MX1000 mouse (bout 8 buttons).

    Very easy interface and well designed interface. Took me a couple of hours to redesign my entire bindsystem and now im working on remembering it all, after 3 years of play with my old one :)

    Although im not happy to admit it, the hours I put in to wow even as a somewhat casual player, more than makes up for even twice the price of this mouse. 525 danish kr. = 64,32 £ = 70,5 €.

  3. chris says

    I’ve got one of these and love it. I can’t see the glow through my hand when I’m using it, but somehow knowing it’s there, and set to the right color for my current toon, makes me happy.
    The only drawback I’ve found is a strange one: if I have any static charge on me when I touch it, the mouse shorts out! The lights go dead and it stops responding until I unplug it back in. Has anyone else seen this happen?

  4. Kàrl says

    I’ve seen early negative reviews of this mouse stating that it doesn’t feel like a durable piece of hardware. Will this stand up to the usual wear and tear of most mice? The occasional banging on the desk and whatnot.

    I personally dig the look and would even go as far as modding my laptop to look the same and have that same steel-like finish.

    The numerous buttons on it are definitely a plus since I’m not much of a keybind guy but more of a mouseover click guy. I haven’t had the pleasure of handling one of these but I think I’d agree with this review’s thoughts on the awkward placement of some of the buttons. Might be a tad bit unwieldy but I guess that’s why there’s a lot of buttons to go around with in the first place. :)

    Looking forward to seeing these hit the Philippines.

  5. ducky says

    i bought one a couple months ago and overall i like it.

    however, the 4 “directional” pad on the left side is a bit iffy.

    it feels chap and has the sensitivity of a sever sunburn. (IE: the “east” direction button can easily trigger the “south” button, unless you hit it just right) i think a “rubber type” directional button would have been a huge upgrade and furthermore prevent the squeek squeek squeek of the cheap “blinged out chormed plastic” one.

    the only other thing that bugs me is the set-up. there isn’t a window in WoW to set up the macros or change profiles. the “graphic” for set-up looks very “in-game”, it is not. you have to alt/tab out to change it. not a big deal unless you run different key binds

  6. Arenaboy says

    Had the mouse for a few months and all is good except for the way the macros function. They type out the spell in game as a forward slash command, i.e. /cast Tremor Totem.
    Therefore, it’s slower then spamming an in-game keybind (or onscreen button)…Spamming tremor totem for example is considerably slower. But worse still, if you are pressing any key on the keyboard at the same time, this will be inserted into the macro. For example if you’re running forward, your mouse macro might look like this: /wwwwwwcastwwwwwwtremwwmorwwww….you get the idea. This of course stops the macro working.

    Maybe there is a solution to this, the macro speed options make no noticeable difference.
    Any solutions?
    apart from that, it’s great for targetting.

  7. Mouseman says

    Dose anyone know if this mouse can be programmed outside of warcarft? Like can you assign the buttons to do keystroke commands in your other applications though some kind of software like SETPOINT for Logitech… and if so can you do this per applicaton instead of glabaly?

  8. Warlord12 says

    Great review, I bought this mouse recently and got to say I really rate it highly. I dont think I could go back to playing warcraft without it now! Would recommend to everyone. Looks awesome too!

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