World of Warcraft Comic Review

world-of-warcraft-comicI’ve recently read through the first official World of Warcraft comic book and as someone who hasn’t regularly read comic books for around 20 years, I thought I’d give you a review of what I thought in that context.

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for around 18 months now and as good as the game is to play (as an MMO game), I’m someone who also likes to pay attention to some of the story elements that are going on in the game – yes I’m one of those who actually goes around trying to read what the quest givers are saying in the hope that they may tie together t form a good story.

Usually this kind of back-story or ‘lore’ isn’t normally in that great a quantity, unless you want the minute detail stories of people having lost things while walking between towns etc. Luckily there seems to be more story elements that you can follow in the game now, expecially in the recent expansion pack, Wrath of the Lich King.

This World of Warcraft comic is made up of the chapters 0-7 of what will hopefully be a larger story – the story covered in what is Book 1 of the WoW comic series introduces the main characters specifically a human warrior with no memory of who he is, a Night Elf druid and a Blood Elf who start out fighting in the gladiatorial arena battles. These characters then along the course of their journey visit places and people which will be familiar to players of WoW which is a nice touch.

However, what is probably best of all (and I don’t want to give it all away, so am choosing my words carefully), is the fact that the story in this World of Warcraft comic ties in with the events that take place in the run-up to the Wrath of the Lich King story and goes some way to explaining one of the major additions to the game, that’s all I’ll say!

Overall, I would say that this World of Warcraft comic is well presented in hardback form, well drawn artwork that is very inkeeping with the WoW style of graphics, has a good story with references contained within and also has an interview with the writer and penciler.

Definitely recommended for any World of Warcraft and comic book fan!