Will Apple Launch New iMacs Alongside Updated MacBook Pros On Thursday?

apple-macbook-pro-unibody-open-side-viewLast Apple rumour of the day, I promise! With MacBook Pro stock dwindling at Apple stores up and down the country and it is nearly a year since its last update, it seems that estimates of a refresh this Thursday seem to be fairly accurate!

What hasn’t been discussed as much in the past week is the potential iMac refresh that could accompany the Sandy Bridge boost for Apple’s line of portables.

According to a report from Digitimes, we may see new iMacs on the same day as the expected Sandy Bridge MacBook Pros, and Apple may also make some changes to the screen sizes of the all-in-one computer as well.

“In addition to notebooks, the supply chain sources also pointed out that Apple may also launch its new iMac along with its MacBook, and the company may also make some changes over the screen size to allow panel cutting to reach its optimization.”

Whatever we see on Thursday, we’ll be sure to keep you posted with any updates as changes are made to Apple’s online store. Be sure to check back for more information!

Have you been waiting for the Apple update of the MacBook Pro and iMac computers? And if so, has it been a long wait? Or would you rather not be hearing this after only just recently buying one of these Apple computers and will be suffering from “buyer’s remorse”?

Source: Digitimes via 9to5Mac

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