webOS Will Appear On Every HP PC In 2012 Says HP CEO

HP-webOSThe new HP CEO, Leo Apotheker, has today made another revelation regarding the future of webOS. We had already heard speculation that the company planned to shove it onto the bigger screen, but as yet is unclear how.

Further speculation has led to seemingly absurd rumours that it will be integrated into Windows somehow, however it seems unlikely at this point, though we won’t rule it out, who knows what HP has in store for us?

Anyway, now it is claimed that every HP PC launched next year will ship with webOS. This comes straight from the horse’s mouth, as well, so it’s a reliable, if a little speculative, claim, and it will certainly be intriguing to see how it develops.

The long term strategy of the plan, of course, is to attract developer support, and with close ties to Windows and a mainstream hardware platform, it could just do that.

Continuing with the Apple-esque approach to an all-integrated ecosystem of devices, it may just help the (Palm) Pre and any webOS-based tablet on their way to becoming a more popular platform.

With the ultimate aim of webOS climbing somewhere near the heights of Android and iOS of course, which it certainly has the potential to do since many people liked the original Palm Pre webOS, even if the hardware didn’t quite work out. But the big question will be, can they attract the developers to their platform to create the apps that would really give consumers the reasons to use it?

Are you a developer? Would you consider working on yet another platform?

As a user, would you look beyond using iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Windows at this point? Or will you stick to what is now working and with what most of your friends use?

Source: Engadget


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