VLC iPad App Is Approved On The App Store!

I did a preview of VLC Media Player for the iPad a few days ago, and was extremely excited about the prospect of playing MKV and AVI movies on my iPad without having to first convert them to an iTunes friendly format.

I said in the preview that “although VLC has been submitted to Apple for approval, the likelihood of it being accepted are extremely slim”. I was wrong. And I’m glad I was.

According to Applidium, the creators of VLC for iPad, it will be available for download for FREE from September 21st, meaning that the UK will get it before the US! It also means that those lucky buggers in New Zealand already have it, but lets not dwell on such things…

Don’t forget to grab VLC for your Apple iPad when it’s released tomorrow, and let us know what you think in the comments! Oh, and remember to thank God that Apple released their guidelines for app approval giving us all a glimmer of hope the other week…

Source: Applidium