USB Cup Warmer – Keep That Drink Warm On Your Desk!

usb-cup-warmerThe USB Cup Warmer is an extremely simple concept that can be extremely useful. You make a cup of tea, sit down at your PC, become thoroughly involved in something and before you know it your drinks are stone cold. However, with this little device being plugged into your USB port, it will keep your cuppa warm whilst you work.

The device measures in at 12cm squared, so it’s around the size of a normal coaster and therefore is not going to take up too much space on most desks. It plugs directly into your PC or Mac but unlike some USB devices, this one can be turned off when not in use rather than having to unplug it.

It claims to be able to keep a drink maintained at 40 degrees after an hour of sitting around. This seems fairly impressive as most hot drinks feel arctic after sitting around for an hour under normal circumstances.

There are no batteries needed it is powered directly from the PC so you have no worries about it dying on you and being left with a cold drink.

There are a few safety warnings, firstly do not spill too much of your drink all over the electric device although don’t worry about a slight drip, just remember to clear it up. Also, clearly it gets hot so do not press your hand against the hot metal plate for any length of time. And lastly, don’t use plastic cups as they may melt!

Of all the gadgets I have looked at in the last few weeks this USB Cup Warmer may be the most simplistic, however it is one of the ones I would like most for Christmas!