Tower of Terror (Disney Land)

Disney Tower of Terror RideI’ve been thinking about visiting Disneyland Paris, one of the rides there is called ‘The Twilight Zone: The Tower of Terror’ which is based upon the TV show; The Twilight Zone and takes it’s theme from the fictional Hollywood Tower Hotel.

The ride itself transports passengers into a simulation of a phantom lift that shoots up the liftshaft and then plummets back down – this kind of sounds like one of the rides in Blackpool, but only done a lot better.

I don’t know about you, but I love the application of technology in theme parks, they’re a great place to spend a day, particularly going on the various ‘themed’ rides rather than basic rollercoasters – it always adds something more for me, probably because I find it to be a more involving experience.

In this case the ride looks to be an authentic 1930s hotel – even the theme park staff wear 1930s hotel “bellhop” uniforms.

Take a look at the following promotional video which shows a cheeky thrill-seeking dog exploring the theme park at night!

If you want another more extensive view (in a sense) of the Hollywood Tower of Terror hotel, you can also get an idea of what it’s like from the following video which I found over at The Disney Blog, it shows a Half Life 2 mod that has been made of this attraction. Don’t know what Half Life is? Then catch up with Half Life in 60 seconds.

Have you ever been on the Tower of Terror ride? Are there other rides that you would recommend that I check out when I go to Disneyland Paris? Or even other theme parks which would be worth visiting, both in Europe and America?

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