The Path of Zath – Volume 12

path-of-zathFollow the Path of Zath round the Internet, take a look at these worthwhile webpages, there’s a definite Star Wars and Lego theme going on this time round!

  • 11 Reasons Not to Hate the Star Wars Prequels – A lot of people always like to go on about all the bad points of the Star Wars Prequel trilogy, I thought to hear the positives of such a major series of films was really quite eye-opening and brought back some good memories of watching Star Wars: Episodes 1, 2 and 3.
  • Talk Like Yoda! – Learn to speak like Yoda! Just put in a phrase and have it converted into Yoda speak!
  • Works of Lego Art – A great collection of Lego models and artwork all in one place, if you like Lego, don’t miss it!
  • 34 Geeky Pumpkin Faces – With Halloween nearly upon us, take a look at these great pumpkin lantern ideas – it also includes some Lego Pumpkins!
  • Make Your Own Colourful Lego Lamps – Who wouldn’t want a lamp on your desk made of Lego!

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