Tesco Clubcard iPhone App Review

tesco-clubcard-iphone-app-icon-logoHave you seen the new Tesco Clubcard iPhone App? If you’re a loyal Tesco customer like me (well I have a loyalty card, so clearly I must be) and have an iPhone then here’s your chance to get rid of one of those numerous cards from your wallet or purse!

Tesco’s Clubcard app for the iPhone is a pretty simple one in its current form, you enter your clubcard details into it and it then will display a barcode whenever you load up the app.

Therefore all you need to do when you’re next at the Tesco checkout is load up the app and have it scanned at the till instead of plucking out you a card from your wallet or purse or perhaps using one of the keyring barcodes they’ve also sent out to people.

Although, if you’ve got your wallet or purse out to pay for your shopping, isn’t it more convenient to just use another card instead of taking out your iPhone, loading up an app to scan? That said though, I do normally end up using my iPhone 3GS while waiting in the queue anyway.

The Tesco Clubcard iPhone app in its current form is fairly useful and a nice option to have, especially for those times when you don’t have your clubcard with you for whatever reason, but obviously it’s not revolutionary in this initial release.

However, what really appeals to me is how they could develop this application, for instance they could have all your clubcard voucher codes available from within the app itself? I personally never end up using the clubcard voucher offers that are sent out to me in the post as I always forget about them entirely, if I could easily flick through them on my iPhone, assign which I wanted to use whilst in the queue, then they could be easily scanned in when I get to the till?

Also, how about them using the GPS and providing location-based information of specific special offers of what’s in-store at your nearest supermarket that day that Tesco’s Clubcard database will know that you would like because you often buy them anyway, surely that would be a good way of getting extra people to the store on certain days to buy extra stuff? Perhaps they could offer discounts for specific times of the week when they know it’s quieter, to encourage more people into the store would make better use of the staff they have in-store that they’re paying for anyway?

I’m sure there are other ways in which they could develop this application further, especially given you can now buy an iPhone from Tesco Mobile and get free Tesco Mobile sim cards.

Anyway, what do you think about the Tesco Clubcard iPhone App in its current form and what do you think about the potential that these kind of apps could add to your shopping experiences?



  1. Patrick says

    What a convoluted load of rubbish.
    Get a Tesco credit card which doubles as a Clubcard and there is no need for apps at the checkout.
    Simplicity overrules technology and complexity.

  2. Suparuss says

    Brilliant suggestion: add your clubcard vouchers to the app.

    I’ve tried the tesco clubcard app and I wasn’t very impressed with it but that feature would make it fantastic!!!

  3. iphone app review says

    Are there any other businesses that have followed suit on this? I would absolutely love to use my iPhone for these purposes instead of toting around all these little cards on my keychain. I think I have a little research to do tonight!!

  4. xavi says

    I have tried in two different TESCO stores with an Iphone 4 and the scan reader does not read the bar code on the iphone screen.. Useless…

  5. Papa2 says

    Haha tesco is showing up everywhere. ahwell good on them. I need to get a clubcard but i’m not sure how much it would cost.

  6. says

    It’s a great way to reduce clutter in your wallet (especially if every retailer did it) and Tesco gets an even better insight into your spending habits! No, really, it is a good idea- the less I carry around in my pocket, the better:) Great post!

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