European-Based Website Cookies Set To Crumble Thanks To EU Directive

cookie-monsterJust in case you don’t know what a cookie is (other than a tasty snack) it’s a small piece of text that is saved onto your computer by websites which is then used for things like authentication, storing preferences and even your shopping cart details – it basically tells the website who you are and when you’ve been on that website before.

However, they do have their nasty side in certain circumstances and it is because of this that new European laws have been introduced to try and regulate the manner in which businesses can use cookies on their websites something which could have a real effect on how we use them. [Read more…]

Top 5 Safari Browser Extensions

safari-extension-logoFor a long time, Firefox and Chrome users enjoyed their various add-ons whilst Safari users suffered quietly in the dark with no add-ons in sight. Users of Apple’s browser had to wait until the latest update to Safari 5 before they could use ‘extensions’ to enhance their browsing experience, but there are already lots of downloads available on the Apple website for users to enjoy.

If you’re a Safari user and haven’t dipped your toes in the extensions gallery yet, then check out my 5 top extensions for the browser! [Read more…]

New Firefox 4 Beta Released – Includes Bookmarks/Open Tabs Sync & Panorama

firefox-logo-355Mozilla’s brand new version of Firefox has now hit the Beta stage, and adds a few intriguing new features that existing and new users alike may find quite useful…

The first change that may be noticed is the addition of Firefox Sync by default. Firefox Sync allows you to view all of your passwords, your browsing history, and even your currently open tabs from any device that you’re using Firefox with.

If you have never used it before, you’ll have to set up an account for the add-on (Sync comes bundled with Firefox 4 beta, but an add-on is required to be downloaded for earlier versions) before being able to utilise its features.
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New Apple Safari Web Browser Update (5.0.1) – Adds Extensions Gallery

apple-safari-browser-logoIt wasn’t too long ago that news emerged that Apple’s web browser, and the default browser on Mac OS X, Safari 5.0, was following in the footsteps of Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome by offering support for third-party extensions.

Well, those of you who keep up to date with your software updates will have noticed that the latest Safari update, 5.0.1, finally brings the Extensions gallery to the masses.

In addition to the opening of the extensions gallery, the update also brings with it a variety of fixes including improving the accuracy of ‘top hit’ results in the address fields and better stability for scrolling and keyboard shortcuts.
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Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 1 Preview

firefox-logo-355Firefox fans, get yourselves over to the Mozilla website to pick up the newly released beta 1 version of Firefox 4! The new version of the popular web browser has been in development for quite a while now, and the beta version marks the release of a build stable enough for the average Joe to use.

Quite a lot has changed since in the development of the new version, so here’s a quick run down of things that you’ll want to look out for when using the web browser.
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Firefox Mobile Web Browser Download For Nokia N900 & N810 Released

firefox-logo-355Mozilla Firefox has finally gone mobile! Surprisingly, it isn’t the iPhone or Android which has the honour of being the first platform to house the browser, but Maemo for the Nokia N900.

Not familiar with Firefox Mobile? You should be! Its entry in to the mobile market will ensure that there’s as much variety on your portable devices as your computer, eventually directly challenging other browsers such as Opera Mini on Android and iPhone platforms.

We’ve got a complete run down of all the features for you below, so just take a look at why you might finally want a Nokia mobile phone again…or at least get a glimpse of what we can perhaps expect from the world’s newest mobile browser should it come to the Android and iPhone mobile platforms.
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Apple’s Safari 5 Web Browser Released For Mac & Windows

apple-safari-browser-logoApple may have made the headlines yesterday, with the iPhone 4 announcement, but they’ve also made another release quietly following the WWDC Apple keynote event: namely their Safari 5 web browser.


Safari 5 marks numerous improvements over Safari 4, and sees Apple putting HTML5, unsurprisingly, in the centre of attention. Greater HTML5 support is one of the key features of the new Safari, with Apple saying…

“Web standards are the future of the Internet. The world’s most innovative browser, Safari continues to lead the way in support for HTML5.”

With the company pushing support for HTML5 for their mobile devices, it seems as though the web standard is going to be getting a lot more attention than Adobe’s Flash from Cupertino…
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Microsoft Browser Ballot – You’re “Open To Choice”

internet-browser-logosIn recent months and years there has been an extremely lengthy and somewhat tiresome squabble between technology giants Microsoft and the European Commission over how unfair it is that Internet Explorer web browser is packed into the Windows operating system and many users never become aware of any alternative such as Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari or more recently Google’s Chrome. Anyway, the result of the conflict is that users of Windows PC’s will soon be faced with a big decision.

You will be presented with the choice via a selection process that will appear on your PC within the next few weeks. Testing of the process will be next week in several countries including the UK, and you can download it via Windows Update. Eventually though, it will be an automated update that everybody that’s connected to the internet, should receive.
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