Going The Distance Trailer

Going-the-Distance-PosterTimes have certainly changed in the past couple of decades, even in recent years when it comes to long distance relationships…and why is that? Well obviously I’m referring to the technology that’s available to us all these days!

Now I’m not entirely sure how much this particular aspect will be explored in the latest Drew Barrymore film that will be coming out in the next couple of weeks called ‘Going The Distance’, obviously I’m sure they’ll probably be concentrating on the romantic comedy aspects of the situation they’re presenting us with, from a technology point of view, it might be interesting to see how a film depicting this kind of situation might have changed over the years.
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New Firefox 4 Beta Released – Includes Bookmarks/Open Tabs Sync & Panorama

firefox-logo-355Mozilla’s brand new version of Firefox has now hit the Beta stage, and adds a few intriguing new features that existing and new users alike may find quite useful…

The first change that may be noticed is the addition of Firefox Sync by default. Firefox Sync allows you to view all of your passwords, your browsing history, and even your currently open tabs from any device that you’re using Firefox with.

If you have never used it before, you’ll have to set up an account for the add-on (Sync comes bundled with Firefox 4 beta, but an add-on is required to be downloaded for earlier versions) before being able to utilise its features.
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Sky 3DTV Technology Used In Arachnophobia Cure Attempt

sky-3d-tv-technology-spider-arachnophobia-bugworldTo say Arachnophobia is common would be a little bit of an underestimate as along with Acrophobia (a fear of heights), Ophidiophobia (a fear of snakes) and Agoraphobia (essentially being claustrophobic) it is the most likely phobia that you are going to find, and in fact an estimated 50% of women and 10% of men have at least mild Arachnophobia symptoms.

Well Liverpool’s BugWorld Experience claim to have found a solution with an ‘ultra-realistic’ film that uses 3D technology (or more specifically Sky’s 3DTV technology) to provide what they hope to be an alternative to expensive hypnotherapy sessions which presumably is what you take if you really want to not be scared of spiders.
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Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Trailer – PS3 Co-Op Game Announced

ratchet_logoInsomniac Games has announced a brand new Ratchet and Clank game at Gamescom 2010 which will be titled “Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One” and released on the PS3. As exciting as this may be to some, the game won’t actually be released until Autumn of 2011, which isn’t that long to wait…..is it?

When I heard a new R&C game was coming out, I did start to worry that it would be the same formula as with previous games (not that I’d really complain if it was), but after reading about All 4 One, those worries were quickly brushed aside. Insomniac have come up with a new and refreshing way to play Ratchet and Clank as this time around you’ll be playing a 4 Player Co-Op game either online or offline.
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Nectar & Sainsbury’s iPhone App Launched – Gives Personalised Shopping Offers

With every company and their dog having iPhone and iPod Touch apps nowadays, it only makes sense that one of the UK’s leading loyalty schemes would want to have one too.

Surprise surprise, that’s exactly what they’ve done, allowing Nectar account owners to take advantage of their accounts on the go, checking points balance and viewing the latest promotions from Sainsbury’s as well. In addition to this, you can find the closest store to where you are at the moment, so you can collect points on the go with the Nectar iPhone app.
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Phoneweaver Android App Review (Smartphone Profile Manager)

You know the drill. You’re in the middle of a meeting, or in a class, and your phone rings, blasting out an obscene ring tone you would rather everyone else not hear in the meeting. This is just one of the problems that face us with the modern smartphone, and it shouldn’t be like that, should it? After all, our phones are smart now, so why does this keep on happening?

The Phoneweaver Android App is designed to prevent just those awkward situations I described, and more. With various profiles at your disposal, your phone can behave just how you want it to. When you create your smart profiles, you can choose just how they are activated, triggered by various conditions.
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Toribash Review (WiiWare)

toribash-wii-wareToribash is a very wacky physics fighting game, created by Nabi Studios. The game was created from the ground up for the WiiWare downloadable gaming platform and was released on 9th July 2010. There is a version for the PC, which is a free download and was a ‘Best Game Idea’ finalist at the 2006 Swedish Game Awards. The Toribash WiiWare version cost 1000 points, while the PC version has remained free and has a huge fan base.

If you have played the PC version, you probably won’t see many differences in game play. The objective of the game is to beat your opponent using moves that are all completely physics based. You take turns by moving the joints you select on your fighter and ending your turn. With this game being based around ragdoll physics, the fights are always different and the variety of moves are endless. For instance, if you wanted to perform a jump, you would have to relax all the bones in the body, allow the fighter to fall, than using the fighters hips and legs, push against the floor with some force.
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Bioshock: Infinite Trailer Released

It’s been announced that a new Bioshock game will be released in 2012 and will be titled ‘Bioshock: Infinite‘. This could be seen as Bioshock’s ‘proper’ sequel as it is being developed by Irrational Games with Ken Levine leading the charge as with the original Bioshock game which was released back in 2007.

The trailer teases you at first with what looks like Rapture, but this is just a bluff as it turns out to be the view from a man who’s being drowned in a fish tank with a model of Rapture at the bottom. Bioshock: Infinite will take place in the sky on the floating City of Colombia which is held aloft by giant airships which moves around the world as a symbol of America. You will play the character of Detective Booker DeWitt who is hired to find a woman during a incident on Colombia.
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Runtastic iPhone, Android & BlackBerry App – Social Exercise Tracker Using GPS

runtastic-logo-iphone-android-blackberry-app-running-loggerDo you feel like you’re running to no avail when you are out and about on your own? Runtastic aims to change that, by creating a community driven effort that keeps track of all your achievements while you run, with apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and select sports watches.

The idea of Runtastic is pretty simple. You sign up for an account either in the application or on the Runtastic website, and then all of your runs are logged.
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