R2D2 USB Hub (Star Wars)

r2d2-usb-hubI seem to be on a real R2D2 theme in the last week what with the R2D2 projection alarm clock and now this R2D2 USB Hub, perhaps it’s because I’m watching the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon on TV and the last couple of episodes have been about everyone’s favourite little droid!

Functionally this is the same kind of thing as the Transformers All Spark Cube USB Hub I recently wrote about, in that it plugs into one of your USB sockets and then allows you to plug in up to 4 USB devices into it which is especially useful if you’ve run out of USB sockets on your computer and don’t want the hassle of opening your computer to add further sockets.
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Mobile Phone Antivirus From ESET

mobile-phone-antivirus-esetESET have announced that they will be a releasing a mobile phone antivirus software application in January 2009.

ESET are the producers of one of the best antivirus (NOD32) and security suites (ESET Smart Security suite) currently available – I’ve personally been using their NOD32 software for over 4 years and have recommended it to many people over the years. One of the best things about it is that it combines good protection while taking up small amounts of resources, so your computer isn’t noticeably slowed down by it.

When I begin using a new computer or set up a new Windows installation, installing a form of anti-virus software on it is one of the first things I do, if not the first thing! Will people want to have to do this with their mobile phones? Or perhaps the handsets will come pre-installed with mobile versions of antivirus applications – I’m not sure if this would be a good thing or a bad thing!
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The iPhone and the Windows Guy

iphone-3gIt’s a bit of a strange one, this. I was going to write a straight review of the iPhone 2.2 Firmware, but I don’t think the circumstances under which I came to use it really qualify me to write a fair review, so I won’t. Instead, I’ll tell you about my experiences with Firmware 2.2, which I hope is perhaps just as interesting.

I’ve never paid a penny for an iPhone, and the one I have now is an 8GB first-gen model which was given to me by my Dad, who’s decided that he doesn’t need all the bells and whistles and just wants a phone (I know exactly how he feels).

Obviously it doesn’t work as a phone anymore, but it still works over Wi-Fi and functions in every way, apart from voice calls, cellular data and SMS. It’s not got GPS or any of the other enhancements in the new generation of iPhone 3Gs and this is the primary reason I chose not to do a straight review, because a lot of my iPhones failings may because of the hardware, so to make summary judgment over the Firmware alone would perhaps be unfair.

Anyway, the iPhone is basically a big fat lie.
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USB AA Rechargeable Batteries

usb-batteriesThese USB AA rechargeable batteries have been around for a while now, I’ve not really looked into these before, however I’m now starting to run out of batteries for my various devices and remote controls. So instead of just buying a load more standard AA rechargeable batteries I thought I’d take a look at these to see how they compare.

The USB batteries are pretty useful as rechargeable batteries go – AA batteries that you can flip the top off (positive terminal end) to then reveal a standard USB connector that can be plugged into one of your computer’s USB ports and be re-charged from your computer of choice, be it your desktop or laptop (useful if you’re on the move), plus you could even plug them into your Xbox 360!
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iPhone TV Advert Banned

iphone-3gApple has had another of their iPhone 3G TV adverts banned here in the UK for apparently being misleading and exaggerating how fast the actual speed of the device was when trying to access the Internet-based features. There were 17 viewers who complained to the Advertising Standards Authority.

The advert claims that iPhone 3G offers “really fast” performance because you can “download pretty much anything, really fast” – Apple argued that it was only meant in comparison with the first generation iPhone which only used the 2G mobile network and as such the internet speeds were much slower.
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Retro iPod Alarm Clock (Docking Station Charger)

retro-ipod-alarm-clock-blackA retro iPod alarm clock? Is that what you need on a morning?

I don’t know about you, but I if I’m honest, one of my biggest flaws that I hate about myself is the fact that I find it really hard to wake up early on a morning, which inevitably leads to late nights which then further contribute to my difficulty in getting up early – a real vicious circle that means I miss out on my most productive time of the day!
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Google Mail Themes

google-mail-logoGoogle have had a busy week! In addition to offering Gmail video and voice chat, Google Mail themes are now available within their webmail interface.

Over the past few years since Gmail went live, the interface itself has had a few minor tweak and modifications along the way, but it’s been essentially the same kind of look from the start. There has been some option of customisation offered by people using scripts and extensions in their Firefox browser, however there are now a variety of themes on offer from within Google Mail.
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Sky Broadband – Unlimited Downloads

sky-logoUnlimited broadband tends to mean a wide range of different things when companies market their internet services to potential customers, but in the case of Sky, unlimited broadband means just that, Sky gives you unlimited broadband!

People are often surprised or even shocked when they discover that the broadband service that they signed up for isn’t what they thought it was, this can be in terms of their maximum download speed, for instance, being anything “up to 8mb” – which the Gadget Show here in the UK have been campaigning about for a while now. The other disappointment people often end up having is just how much you can download from your connection in any given month.
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Win a Free Dell Netbook From the Vodafone Live Guy!

dell-inspiron-mini-9-netbookVodafone have teamed up with Dell and created quite a novel competition that you can take part in on a daily basis for the duration of this promotion – more on that in a minute, let’s take a look at what is on offer first…

Dell have recently released their first “netbook” onto the market, what’s a netbook? Think of it as a mini-laptop not much bigger than the size of standard paperback book. The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 has come into a market that has been evolving over the past year with various manufacturers throwing their efforts into the ring so to speak – however Dell have hung back and clearly wanted to make sure that their first entry into the netbook market was a good one.

The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 weighs less than a 1kg, features an 8.9” screen, 1GB RAM, runs Windows XP, has wi-fi connectivity and is also the first netbook to feature built-in mobile broadband (up to 7.2Mb/s) – all you have to do is slot the mobile broadband sim card under the battery and you’re good to go – no more plugging a usb adapter in to access the internet over your mobile broadband service!
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LG Viewty Themes

lg-viewty-theme-iphoneIt’s almost a year since I first reviewed the LG Viewty, however I still get asked quite a bit about customising it, specifically in terms of getting new LG Viewty themes, some of which look like the iPhone interface.

The LG Viewty was a great mobile phone when it appeared late last year and it still is good compared to many newer handsets that have been released since, however perhaps you’ve got a little bored with the 3 interface themes that come with the phone, could you do with a change of theme on your LG Viewty?

If that’s the case, then you might be interested to read what I managed to find after doing a little research on this topic, here’s what I found…
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