Npower iPhone & Android App Review

npower-logoIf you are an Npower customer, you may be interested to hear that there is an official Npower application available for both iOS and Android devices. What would Npower customers do with a mobile phone app, you may ask? Well, in terms of functionality at least, this application isn’t too bad…

After installing it onto my Nexus One, the main screen of the application allows you to choose between various categories. You can access your accounts; take and upload meter readings; view frequently asked questions; obtain contact information and access a few extras too (more on that a little later on).

When using the application for the first time, you’ll want to set up your account, so that you can complete meter readings straight from your phone, making sure you aren’t being overcharged on those bills of yours!
[Read more…] Voucher iPhone App Review offers countless services to try and help you save money in every sector of the economy. It will compare prices on a whole host of services ranging from the best broadband deals to home insurance, but if there’s one platform you wouldn’t expect to see it on, it would be as an iPhone app.

Nevertheless, that’s exactly where it is right now, in the form of a voucher application which helps you find the best deals around you using your location and displaying offers nearby. There are a number of voucher applications on the App Store already (such as VoucherCloud iPhone app we’ve previously looked at), but this one has a major advantage: it’s an existing service.
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Windows Live Messenger iPhone App Review

Not too long ago, Windows Live Messenger was the pinnacle of online communication. Every man and his dog were available on the online service, and you’d seldom come across someone without a Hotmail account. This was, of course, prior to the days of mainstream social networks. When MySpace, Facebook and Twitter came along, MSN Messenger was left in the dark.

However, with a recent re-launch of the Live Messenger platform, Microsoft has attempted to include social aspects for users including status updates and online photo albums. It may still have a way to go until it’s as popular as a service such as Facebook again, but there habe definitely been significant advancements in the past 12 months.

Naturally, it is therefore a logical step forward for Microsoft to release an iPhone application, allowing users to stay online on the go with instant messaging, as well as access to Hotmail inboxes too. After the launch of Bing on the iPhone (but annoyingly not for us in the UK), it came as less of a surprise to see Live Messenger appearing on the App Store, but how does it stack up against the mass of competition in the market? Pretty well, it seems!
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MacKeeper Review (Mac OS X Utility Application)

MacKeeper LogHowever much Apple tries to tell you that Mac’s don’t share the PC’s flaws, every computer needs a thorough spring clean once in a while. There are various applications on the market that aim to do this, such as CleanMyMac, but it seems as though it’s facing a bit of competition, with MacKeeper.

MacKeeper aims to keep your Apple Mac running like a well oiled machine, removing un-necessary junk to keep your hard drive free and making sure that your machine is running fast and reliably. How does it do this? Continue reading to find out!

Installation and Setup

I should probably start leaving this section of my review out when I cover applications for the Mac… As per usual, installation onto my MacBook Pro laptop is an easy drag and drop job, making it nice and easy to get setup without a complex installation or restart being required.
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Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 1 Preview

firefox-logo-355Firefox fans, get yourselves over to the Mozilla website to pick up the newly released beta 1 version of Firefox 4! The new version of the popular web browser has been in development for quite a while now, and the beta version marks the release of a build stable enough for the average Joe to use.

Quite a lot has changed since in the development of the new version, so here’s a quick run down of things that you’ll want to look out for when using the web browser.
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Scrivener Review For Mac OS X (Writing Software)

Scrivener is a software application that is essentially a writing tool, developed by Literature and Latte, that allows you to keep organised whilst working on a large project. Whether it’s a novel you’re working on or just a report, Scrivener allows you to store all of your research and sources in one place – in some ways similar to that of the Evernote online “remember everything” service.

Unlike quite a few of the applications we review here at Zath, Scrivener is part of quite a niche market, with few programs aiming to provide the user with a similar experience. How does it perform for academic and professional users? Well let me explain…
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3M’s Post-It Shopping Genius Widget Released

post-it-logoTo mark the 25th anniversary of the original Post-It note, 3M are introducing a new online service called the Post-It Shopping Genius Widget.

It pretty much combines two of our recent favourite online applications here on Zath; Evernote allows you to simply quickly take notes and clippings on various places around the web and you may remember, we covered a brilliant web browser add-on called InvisibleHand, which compares prices from popular online stores and gives you details on the lowest.
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Camtasia For Mac Review (Desktop Screen Capture Software)

camtasia-mac-cover-artApparently, I’m becoming quite the TechSmith fan lately. After reviewing Camtasia for Windows, and Snagit for both Windows and Mac OS X, I was left with a very positive opinion.

I was therefore expecting great things from Camtasia for Mac. I predominantly use Macs for most things that I do, including any screencasting. I’ve used products such as ScreenFlow in the past to record desktop clips, so I was interested to see how Camtasia would hold up against the competition.
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Firefox Mobile Web Browser Download For Nokia N900 & N810 Released

firefox-logo-355Mozilla Firefox has finally gone mobile! Surprisingly, it isn’t the iPhone or Android which has the honour of being the first platform to house the browser, but Maemo for the Nokia N900.

Not familiar with Firefox Mobile? You should be! Its entry in to the mobile market will ensure that there’s as much variety on your portable devices as your computer, eventually directly challenging other browsers such as Opera Mini on Android and iPhone platforms.

We’ve got a complete run down of all the features for you below, so just take a look at why you might finally want a Nokia mobile phone again…or at least get a glimpse of what we can perhaps expect from the world’s newest mobile browser should it come to the Android and iPhone mobile platforms.
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Apple iTunes Online Music Streaming and Syncing Services Launch Soon?

apple-itunes-9-logoIt appears that all those rumours of an iTunes streaming service may finally come to fruition soon. Boy Genius Report has been told by one of their ‘reliable Apple sources’ that iTunes will soon be getting the cloud capability that we’ve all been yearning for over the past few years.

According to the post, the cloud capabilities are split in to three categories:

1. Streaming music and movies from Apple’s servers to your computers, devices, etc.

Although the report doesn’t contain too much detail, we can still interpret Apple’s intentions pretty well. From Apple’s point of view, allowing customers to stream content from Apple’s servers to your personal devices is a big selling point, because it may encourage more users to purchase their content from iTunes.
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