What’s The Most Wanted Gadgets For Christmas 2011?…Well It’s Good News For Apple, Again!

Apple_iPad_2Although unseasonably warm weather continues to hamper high-street Christmas sales, and another recession still looms ominously in the background, people are already well into the mindset of deciding what they would like and it seems that ‘all they want for Christmas’ is a gadget. And preferably one with a small silver Apple on it.

Yes it’s that time of year already when the consumer gloves come off and the annual hotly contested competition for the highest Christmas sales begins. Last year we saw Apple leading the way with the iPad being the most desired gadget followed closely by the iPhone 4 with the Kindle, TomTom Sat Nav and the Sony Playstation Move bringing up the rear. Now vouchercodes.co.uk have surveyed the same number (3,000) of people again and the results show a very interesting trend.
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Amazon’s Kindle Fire May Land In The UK By January 2012

amazon-kindle-fireAre you still getting over the immense disappointment of not being able to ask Father Christmas for a Kindle Fire this month? Unfortunately that’s not going to change before the year is out, but you may well be able to get hold of one as early as next month if reports from Know Your Mobile are to be believed.

Unfortunately, Know Your Mobile’s source didn’t divulge any information regarding pricing or even a precise release date, but considering how well Amazon’s aggressive pricing strategy has worked in the US since the release of the Fire on the other side of the pond, you can bet that it will be priced significantly lower than the iPad to attract consumers away from the world of Apple.
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Amazon Unveils The Kindle Fire Tablet With 7-inch Colour Touchscreen For $199

amazon-lkindle-fire-portraitAmazon has just unveiled their rumoured tablet, the Kindle Fire, at a press event today, and it certainly hasn’t disappointed. Not in the US anyway.

Running a heavily modified version of Google’s Android and packing a dual-core processor, the Kindle Fire will allow you to do all of the things that you would do on any other tablet. You can browse the web (more on that in a little while), download apps from Amazon’s own app store and consume as much media as you can handle. [Read more...]