iTunes 10 Review – Apple’s Media Player Software Goes Ping!…Another Social Network!

itunes-10-logoiTunes has always been one of Apple’s more quirky applications, seemingly following its own user interface guidelines as opposed to the guidelines that Apple suggest for every other application, and becoming more bloated full of features since its original release before the first iPod.

Ahead of last week’s Apple Keynote, I was quite excited to see iTunes 10 receive a major overhaul, but unfortunately in the end it just ended up gaining a tad more bloat in the form of a brand new social network that, surprise surprise, centres around iTunes. It does have a few nice tweaks though, which help make up for the lack of a diet, so let’s take a look.
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Apple Introduces iTunes 10 With Ping, A Music Social Networking Platform

apple-itunes-10-logoApple have just launched the brand new version of iTunes: iTunes 10. From the looks of things, not a lot of things have changed, but there’s a new icon, and one big addition: Ping.

What is Ping? Ping, as described by Mr. Jobs himself, is a social music discovery service. It works in a way like Twitter, where you setup your Ping account and allow people to follow you. There are various different options here, as you can agree to let anyone follow you, or say that you want to choose who can follow you, or can stop people from following you at all.

You will receive the most listened to music from all the friends that you are following in the service in a custom “Top 10″ list, and see what the most popular songs are out of your friends at the moment.
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Reminder: Apple Event On 1st September & iPod Predictions

apple-event-logo-september-1st-2010Just a quick reminder for everyone that missed our earlier memo: Apple are holding their annual September event TOMORROW, is Wednesday 1st September.

So, what are we going to see? There are few things that are certain at any Apple event, but here’s my rundown of a few things that I think may see the light of day tomorrow.

Touch Screen iPod Line Up

Let us re-assess the current iPod situation. There’s the iPod Shuffle, which is small, screenless, and a hit with gym dwellers throughout the nation. Then we have the insanely popular iPod Nano, which comes in more colours than you could imagine, alongside the iPhone-like iPod Touch (3G), which is closing the gap between music and phone in each generation.
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Apple In Talks With Networks Over 99 Cent TV Rentals, Plans Being Unveiled September 7th?

apple-tv-itv-app-storeHere are two of the more interesting Apple rumours flying around the internet today: Apple are reportedly in talks with networks in the US over bringing 99 cent TV rentals to iTunes according to Bloomberg. Apparently, this deal stretches out to News Corp’s Fox Network, CBS, NBC and Walt Disney, where Steve Jobs is a shareholder.

This means that shows such as Chuck (NBC), Fringe (Fox), and Two and a Half Men (CBS) will be available for rental in the US “within 24 hours” of being aired. For US users, being able to rent an episode for just 99¢ (around 64p) would be great for devices such as the iPad when users are on the go. Like current TV purchases from the iTunes store, the episodes will be free of commercials, although I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a super cheap option with ad-support, but maybe I’m just crazy.

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CineXplayer iPad App Released, Allows For Native Xvid AVI Video Playback

cinexplayer-ipad-app-logoWell here’s a surprise! If you’re casually browsing the App Store this evening, be sure to check out CineXplayer while it’s still there! This app allows for native playback of AVI files on the Apple iPad, meaning that you don’t have to convert them in to an iTunes friendly format before loading them on to your device, or use a streaming application such as Air Video instead.

Somehow, I suspect that this application won’t be spending an awful lot of time on Apple’s App Store, considering that video sales from iTunes play quite a significant part in Apple’s revenue, even if it is less popular than the music store.
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Annual iPod Update, iPhone 5 and iPad Mini? (Rumour)

apple-logo-silverEvery now and again there is a fresh set of Apple rumours for everyone to get excited about. Whether Apple is your favourite tech company or not, it creates a certain sense of hysteria on tech blogs around the Internet.

This time around the rumours emerge from iLounge who, all things considered, are generally a fairly reputable source of Cupertino leaks.

The various rumours are centered on the next generation of mobile devices that Steve Jobs could be announcing in an upcoming press event. Starting with the iPod range, which is due an update any time now since it’s nearly a year since the last Apple iPod update, there is a strong suggestion that while the iPod Classic, favoured for its relatively vast storage capacity, will indeed be scrapped once and for all.
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Music Anywhere – Carphone Warehouse Music Streaming Service Launched

carphone-warehouse-logoLast month we heard news that the Carphone Warehouse was entering the music streaming business with their iPhone app, My Hub. However, instead we are now being treated by the leading phone vendor to a slightly different service called ‘Music Anywhere’.

Music Anywhere differs slightly from the other music streaming services such as Spotify or Last.FM in that it simply makes a cloud-based copy of all the tracks you currently own.

Once you have set up your account, it registers the music tracks currently in your locally stored music library, in iTunes for example, and links them to your account. There is already a library of tracks already on their servers, which are at your disposal, but if your track is not in their catalogue it can be uploaded quickly to your account.
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HTC Desire To Finally Get Android 2.2 (Froyo) Update

htc-desire-android-mobile-phone-smallOwners of the Android-based HTC Desire smartphone can rejoice today as news emerged from the Taiwanese manufacturer that the handset will receive a welcome update to the latest version of Android, ‘Froyo’, as soon as this weekend!

The over the air update will bring with it some important new features, namely 720p video recording, which is a considerable improvement over the current video quality capture.

In addition to that, there will be an improvement to the default keyboard as well as options for multi-language keyboads, which is important considering the global sales figures for the device. Another new feature is the inclusion of HTC’s App share widget, as well as an enhanced caller ID.
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My Hub iPhone App – Carphone Warehouse To Launch Music Streaming Service?

carphone-warehouse-logoMusic streaming is without doubt fast becoming one of the most favoured modern methods of listening to your favourite tunes. Spotify, Last.FM, Sky Songs and others have dominated the market whilst Apple are seemingly leaning towards the cloud based streaming with their purchase of LaLa causing a surge of rumours about them releasing an iTunes music streaming service. However, there is a new player in town and one you may not expect. Carphone Warehouse.

It has emerged that the mobile phone vendor is on the verge of launching a new iPhone app, named MyHub from which user can fill their 2Gb of free cloud storage with backups of their music. They can then playback the music stored in the cloud from any device with a web connection, including the iPhone thanks to a dedicated app.
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