Sony RDP-XF100iP iPod Speaker Dock Announced

sony-rdp-xf100ip-ipod-speaker-dock-smallI think it’s fair to say there are quite a few iPod speaker docks on the market today, and overall they range massively in terms of value, quality and style. In the past I have found Sony as one of the companies which tend to provide the best of all three.

Admittedly, I haven’t had much chance to test out all of those that Sony provide, but in my experience with a few of them, I have never been left disappointed by the audio quality and the style. As with everything Sony of late, style is imperative, but never do they compromise in quality either. Let’s hope the new Sony RDP-XF100iP iPod Speaker Dock follows suit and becomes exactly what it promises to be, one of the best portable speaker docks around.

There are a few main points made by Sony which determine the quality and all-rounded-ness of the device. Firstly, the sound quality comes from a newly designed digital amplifier which provides a ‘generous’ 20W + 20W output power in a twin port system which aims to provide powerful bass as well as a great range whilst keeping near perfect clarity in the sound. The device comes with five separate sound modes which provide versatility to suit each listeners personal preference. The preset sound styles are Rock, Pop, Jazz, Vocal and Flat.
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ZombieBooth iPhone App Review

zombiebooth-iphone-app-logoZombieBooth is an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch by MotionPortrait, that allows you to take photos of yourself or others from your phone and turn them into bloody, gruesome zombie animations.

When you load up the app, you can choose from two choices: “New” or “Open”. Selecting new allows you to choose an image from the camera roll or photo library of your iPhone, or you can open existing zombies. When you’ve loaded an image of your choice, it will be uploaded and then loaded on to your device. You are then presented with a living, biting, blood filled zombie on your screen, it’s that simple.
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Opera Mini Web Browser iPhone App Review

opera-mini-web-browser-iphone-app-logoWell there’s a shocker… after the Opera Mini Web Browser was submitted to Apple for approval in March, it has now actually been approved and landed in the App Store! It’s the first browser not based on the WebKit browser engine that’s been allowed on the Store to rival Safari on the platform, and may open the doors for a number of other browsers in the future such as Mozilla’s Fennec project, which currently only caters for a small number of platforms.

The approval of Opera Mini on the iPhone certainly came as a surprise to me and many others who thought that the bid to get an Opera web browser on the iPhone was a foolhardy one that was no more than a publicity stunt. The key to Opera being accepted? It’s a proxy browser, so all compression of data happens on Opera’s servers after the web page request has been sent. It’s then sent back to your phone where it’s displayed.
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Amazon Kindle iPhone App Review

amazon-kindle-logoIf you’ve used or seen much coverage of the Apple iPad, you’ll have already seen Apple’s iBooks app which allows you to purchase and read e-books on their recently released tablet device. This is also coming to the iPhone with the OS 4 update in the Summer, but if you can’t wait until then, you could try Amazon’s Kindle app for the iPhone and iPod Touch…

Like Amazon’s Kindle for PC/Mac desktop application, if you’ve already purchased books on the Kindle store these will be available for download in ‘Archived Items’ after signing in with the app. This is painless as expected, and you’re good to go in seconds. Once everything is sorted, you’ll be able to see all your books in the ‘Home’ page of the application, with your books organised by recent, title or author.

Naturally, the app is limited by the small screen real-estate of the iPhone and iPod Touch, but everything formats really well on the device and the reading experience is quite good. Obviously, due to the nature of the iPhone’s reflective display, reading with any form of bright background is made difficult.
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Is Apple Dropping Support For The 1st and 2nd Gen iPhone?

iphone-os-4-updateIf you caught our coverage of the iPhone OS 4 announcement last week, you may have noticed that Apple didn’t specifically note support for the original model iPhone, only the iPhone 3G and later. It’s now been revealed on MacStories today that Apple are dropping support for the 1st Generation iPhone altogether.

Steve Jobs replied to a customer email in his regular style. The email from the customer asked “is Apple supporting/updating the iPhone 2G in the Future?”, to which Steve simply replied “Sorry, no”.
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The Sun’s Sweepstakes iPhone App Review (Grand National Horse Race)

the-sun-sweepstake-iphone-app-grand-national-horse-raceWith the big Grand National horse race just a few days away from us, groups of people across the UK will be running sweepstakes amongst offices and friends. To make this experience as easy as possible, The Sun have created their very own ‘Sweepstake’ iPhone app, which is available for free from the App Store.

Using the app couldn’t be simpler. You can create as many sweepstakes as you like, and choose a name for each one, making it incredibly easy to run sweepstakes for the office, your friends and any other groups of people you want to run one with. Simply tap the ‘New Sweepstake’ button, name it whatever you like and you’re good to go! You can view all your sweepstakes too, so it’s easy to go in to one and add another punter.
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iPhone OS / iOS 4.0 Update Announced = Multitasking!

iphone-os-4-updateApple just gave us all a sneak preview of iPhone OS 4, introducing some pretty interesting features after Steve Jobs did his usual numbers update at the start of the keynote. Oh, by the way, since iPad launch day, 450,000 iPads have been sold, and the App Store has hit over 4 billion downloads.

As far as iPhone OS 4 is concerned, well there were 7 new features that were mentioned by Steve Jobs in the Apple keynote announcement event…


It was on the top of a lot of people’s wish-lists for iPhone OS 4, and it was the first thing announced at the release today. Steve said that they figured out how to implement multitasking for third party apps and avoid a drain on battery life and resources. The design of the multitasking implementation is really simple: when you’re in an app, you can double tap the home button to bring up a dock like view of all the apps running and scroll through the list to see all the available apps you can quickly switch between.
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The Apple iPad Finally Arrives, But How Will It Be Used?

apple-ipad-home-screen-smallAs we all know, the iPad debuts across America this Saturday, and the buzz surrounding the release is on par with the iPhone release back in 2007. In fact, demand for iPad pre-orders have matched up with the iPhone’s, and may even be greater when the device becomes available at the weekend.

Why, then, has it divided many opinions of analysts and consumers alike? As with any Apple product release, an unprecedented amount of hype surrounded the iPad, stretching back to the mid-noughties when we first heard of Apple’s plans to release a tablet. Immense speculation built up in the weeks and months before the actual iPad announcement as to the functionality and design of the product, with the design being leaked on the net days before Apple’s keynote.

Why, therefore, has it divided so many opinions and made so many people question; do we need an Apple iPad or any tablet device? I believe that a lot of people expected Apple’s tablet to be have iPod like functionality, but to resemble the iPhone so closely and run the iPhone OS was a little too predictable for me. To me, there was no ‘one more thing’ feature that made the product unique. Yes, the iPad’s a great device and offers a lot of things to many consumers, but the shock element wasn’t there, either because we’d already heard so much about it or simply because it was too predictable.
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Apple iPad Bargain! – The Real Launch Cost Of Apple Products

apple-ipad-home-screen-smallDuring the Apple iPad launch announcement, Steve Jobs claimed it had an ‘unbelievable price’ attached. With the basic model starting at $500, I’m pretty much undecided whether I agree. But what if you look back down the years at the long line of mesmerising products which have graced our shelves.

The first Apple iPod, the first ever Macintosh Portable, even the Apple Lisa. How much would they have cost today? A recent study was carried out to find out exactly this. Accounting for inflation how much would we be paying in today’s money, what so many people did back then. The results are actually quite astonishing.

One of the biggest arguments against Apple is their pricing and it seems it always has been. For example, perhaps the most incredible result of all that emerged from these tests was the Apple Lisa. The first commercially sold personal computer to have a graphical user interface would have set you back a whopping $21,745 in today’s money.
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Sony ‘Made For iPod / iPhone’ Earphones Announced

sony-mdr-ex38ip-black-ipod-iphone-earphonesIt comes as good news to me, since my iPod earphones decided to pack in just a few weeks after buying the iPod Nano, that Sony have now announced a range of new earphones that are ‘made for’ your iPhone or iPod. Your old ones don’t have to be broken for you to invest in these though, as they are packed with features that may draw you away from the comfort of your standard Apple headphones.

The new models joining the MDR-EX38iP which are currently on the market, are the MDR-EX300iP and the MDR-E10iP which have built upon the original product and improved sound quality over their predecessors as well as the Apple standard option. If that’s not enough for you then you will be pleased to hear that they also feature an in-line remote control tailored for all the usual uses of your iPod, much like the latest iPod Touch headphones. This remote make it easier to change tracks, volume etc if you’re out jogging or commuting so you don’t have to constantly get your device out of your pocket and manually change songs.
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