iPhone 3G/3GS Telephoto Lens And Tripod – Who Needs A Digital SLR?

iphone-telephoto-lens-and-tripodWhat possible benefit would you get from having an iPhone Telephoto Lens and Tripod? Well when I’m out and about, I see a good number of people using iPhones, and snapping the occasional picture when the moment arises.

Strangely, I seldom see people out and about with a Digital SLR camera lining up the perfect shot whenever they can (ok, so there’s one guy who sits in front of me at Old Trafford and never lets go of his beloved Canon camera, but he’s an exception as far as I’m concerned).

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5 Things I Want To See In Apple iOS 5.0 (iPhone 5)

apple-ios-logoYou already know five things that I’d love to see in Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), but what about the next version of Apple’s iOS? Admittedly, it will only arrive with the iPhone 5 in 2011, but it’s never too early to start thinking, right?

1. A More Functional Lock Screen

We’re at iOS 4, and we’re still using the same lock screen that we had in the original version of the iPhone OS when the iPhone was first introduced to the world. It serves it’s purpose as a lock screen, but it becomes incredibly tedious when you have to unlock your phone before you can see how many messages or emails are waiting for you.

I’ve been using Element on a jailbroken iPhone for all my notifications, and to go back to a stock version of iOS is pretty painful where the lock screen is concerned. Apple could take a lot of cues from this app and implement them in a future lock screen.
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Duracell MyGrid Wireless Charging Pad Review

duracell-mygrid-wireless-charging-padWires are the bane of my life. I have a couple dozen trailing under my desk, another dozen coming out of plug sockets, and quite frankly it gives me nightmares about Birmingham’s spaghetti junction. Anything I can do to reduce wires in and around the house, I will do, but it’s a never ending battle.

With so many peripherals come a lot of devices that are power hungry, and so cables are still a necessity. What if you didn’t need all these cables, though? Wouldn’t it be cool to throw your device down on a surface and have it charge itself? That’s what the Duracell MyGrid (looking rather like the Wildcharge wireless charger from last year) aims to do, but does it truly reduce clutter, or is it just a source of confusion to further frustrate you? [Read more...]

BioLogic iPhone 3G/3GS & iPod Touch Bike Handlebar Mount Holder

BioLogic_iPhone_Bike_MountI can’t say I’m much of a cyclist, in fact I’ve not regularly used my bike for a good few years and even then it was making the tedious trip to and from high school. Anyway, the point is I’ve never been particularly interested in mounting my smartphone to my handlebars using this BioLogic iPhone/iPod Touch Bike Mount, whether it be to keep it safe when listening to music or using satellite navigation. The latter being particularly unlikely considering the single mile trip I made every day wasn’t likely to change.

However, what I’m getting at here, as you may have realised already, is that if you are the sort of person who cycles a lot and over substantial distances, then you might benefit from such a thing as this iPhone handlebar bike mount holder.
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IDAPT Charging Station For Your Hi-Tech Gadgets – Clear Away That Desk Clutter!

IDAPT_Charging_StationAs time goes on and Christmases go by we all collect a fair number of gadgets. And the way gadgets are going over the past few years becoming all the more mobile, so we rely on batteries. And with batteries, come chargers, come wires and clutter…but now comes the IDAPT Charging Station to help with it all!

Desk clutter is a common problem and one I definitely suffer from myself, but what if you could charge all of your gadgets on one convenient charging station for all your different mobile electronic devices? Well, predictably, now you can.
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iPhone / Sat Nav Mat Car Dashboard Holder

Satellite_Navigation_MatSat-Nav is all well and good when driving and there isn’t any obvious down side to it when looking for directions, except maybe the occasional annoying accent, but the only real annoyance is those stubborn stains the suckers leave on the inside of the windscreen. It may seem insignificant, but the iPhone / Satellite Navigation Mat provides the perfect alternative for your car dashboard.

The bean-weighted mats sit perfectly still on your dashboard and allow you to place your current windscreen mount in the middle and attach your current sat-nav device. Alternatively, if you are a fan of smartphone sat-nav, there is an iPhone dash-mat as well.
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Official Google Voice iPhone App iPhone Launched – Now Roll-Out The Service Outside US Please?

Google-Voice-LogoWe’ve had the likes of Skype on Android and a variety of other platforms for quite some time now and obviously Google Voice on Android as you would expect (at least in the US), but on the iPhone it has proven rather evasive for US users requiring the use of third party apps or use through the Safari browser. Until now.

Third-party apps for the service have been re-appearing all over the app store for a number of months now (after being removed some time ago), so it was only a matter of time before Google decided to spread its wings into the Apple Store, seeing as it insists on providing its software and services on rival platforms.

Which in itself is a curious strategy in all honesty, surely you’d think they’d want keep some of your best mobile features for their own Android mobile platform and give people more reason to move to it? Or at least roll out the Google Voice service to your existing Android users outside of the US first before that of users who have chosen a different mobile platform?
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Google Docs Now Editable From Android 2.2 And iOS Devices

google-docs-logoGoogle Docs has become incredibly popular since its release; not only is it a free alternative to Microsoft Office, but it also allows users to access their content wherever they are via the net.

The one short fall to this service before now, though, has been the inability to edit your Google Docs from your phone or iPad. Until now. Google has announced that as of today, you can edit any of your Google documents not only from your Android based phone, but also your iOS based devices, too.

The update will be rolling out over the next few days, so if you’re using an iOS or Android device, you will be able to edit your documents on the fly, without having to wait until you have access to a desktop machine. [Read more...]

The Future Of Mac OS X: Will iOS And OS X Features Continue To Merge?

apple-back-to-the-mac-lionWith the announcement of Mac OS X 10.7 at their ‘Back to the Mac’ event, Apple is showing its intentions of merging Mac OS X and iOS in the future. The question on everybody’s minds at this stage, however, is how long will this integration take, and will it take shape in the form of Mac OS 11?

Admittedly, iOS integration with Mac OS X is currently somewhat of a loose term. After all, apart from a Mac OS X App Store (which, thank God, won’t be the only way to install software on 10.7) we’re only looking at some iOS inspired features such as full screen applications, which has begun with the new version of iLife.
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iOS 4.2 Out Of Beta, Available To Developers Now, Public Release Date Soon?

apple-ipad-front-back-side-view-whiteWondering why there hasn’t been a new beta of iOS 4.2 to take a look at in the past week? I certainly was, keeping a watchful eye on my developer account over at Apple, only to find that iOS 4.2 is now out of Beta as of today!

This means that Apple seems to have ironed out the vast majority of whatever bugs were in the last build (I found few, although I wasn’t attempting to print wirelessly, I was more interested in iPad multitasking and folders with iOS 4.2), and are now ready to release the update to the general public.
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