Ubuntu 10.10 Now Available To Download – With New & Improved Features!

ubuntu-linux-logoUbuntu, everyone’s favourite open source Linux distribution, has reached version 10.10 today, with the addition of a few new features and the streamlining of existing ones. Rather than spend a long time on the introduction, let’s just get straight to it, and check out the new additions in “Maverick Meerkat”.

As the last version of Ubuntu, 10.04, was a long term support release, there aren’t massive amounts of changes going on in the new version, as is expected with more minor releases. However, there are a few neat additions that we can get stuck in to!

Streamlined Installation

The one thing that a lot of people ask me questions about when getting started is how to install Linux without any trouble! A lot of progress has been made in recent versions to make the installation process as simple and painless as possible, and for the most part it is.
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Pogo Sketch iPad/iPhone Stylus Review

pogo-sketch-touch-screen-stylusThe vast majority of phones now available on the market come with a touch screen, rather than a T9 keypad like phones have used for the past few decades. This helps add extra functionality, such as multi touch gestures in the operating system, but presents one big problem: you have to use your fingers.

I’m typing this article on the capacitive touch enabled Apple iPad, but I couldn’t be doing that if I was wearing gloves, because the touch screen wouldn’t respond to my touch. If you live in a cold country (hell, even England gets pretty cold in the winter for me), then this makes it awkward to use your touch screen phones, especially outside.

This is why the Pogo Sketch Stylus was invented… It looks like an ordinary pen, comes in a number of different colours, and has a special material at the end instead of a nib, which allows it to interact with capacitive touch screen displays. [Read more…]

Windows Phone 7 Release Date In UK/Europe Could Be 21st October?

windows-phone-7-logoThe Windows Phone 7 launch is getting closer and closer and with every passing day the anticipation raises just that little bit more about Microsoft’s all new, latest and greatest mobile phone operating system.

Windows Phone 7 is their new mobile phone platform which leaves behind the legacy of the old Windows Mobile phones and embraces a much more modern looking and touch-based control interface, one that actually takes the best things that Microsoft learnt with their MP3 players which culminated in the Zune HD.
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Football League – Official Clubs’ iPhone & iPod Touch App Review

football-league-iphone-app-logoWhen it comes to football there’s no country like England, with our passionate fans, talent-filled leagues, and high attendances across the board. It’s only fitting, therefore, that we have a great football league app too! Football League – Official Clubs’ iPhone App is an app created for fans of teams in the Football league (Championship, League 1, League 2), so that they can keep track of all the news, keep an eye on live scores up and down the country, and share content of Facebook and Twitter.

How does it work in practice? The first time you open the Football League app up on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can select your club from a long list of teams in the Football league. From then on, you will be taken to the “My Club” screen, where you can see a preview of the latest club news, previous results and next fixtures. On this page, there are also three sub-pages, which allow you to see the club overview, or take a closer look at the latest news and club player profiles. [Read more…]

iPad iOS 4.2 Beta Preview – Folders & Multitasking On Your Apple Tablet!

apple-ipad-front-back-side-view-whiteWith all the talk of Apple releasing iOS 4.2 beta for developers of the iPhone and iPad, you didn’t think we would be leaving you out in the cold, did you? I’ve got the brand new operating system loaded up on my iPad, and have been playing around with it for the past few days.

Although there isn’t anything that we didn’t expect in the update, it still is well worth taking a look at, with a host of features making their way over to the big screen from the iPhone. Fasten your seat belts folks, you’re in for a treat!
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Osmos iPhone & iPad Game App Review

osmos-iphone-ipad-game-app-logoI always find that there is often one or two apps that define a platform for a long time. Each time Apple releases an update to iOS, there will be one app which is thoroughly enjoyable to use and deservedly at the top of the App sales charts. For the iPad tablet device, this app is Osmos, and after using it for the past few weeks, I have no questions as to why it’s done so well in the App Store.

If you’ve never heard of Osmos before, let me rewind a little and offer some background. Osmos is a game from a developer company called Hemisphere Games, and if focuses around you controlling a mote, with many of the levels on offer requiring you to become larger than the other motes around you.
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World’s First ‘Intelligent Postage Stamps’ Released By Royal Mail – There’s An App For That!

royal-mail-intelligent-postage-stamps-lms-coronaSince it’s official public introduction in 1635 (by Charles I for those of you interested) the Royal Mail has been the forefront of ‘intra’ and ‘inter’ national communication here in the UK. However, with the rise of the telephone and email its popularity has pretty much collapsed, but this week in an attempt to rekindle some interest in the possible dying company they have released the world’s first ‘intelligent stamps’.

Actually this is really a little bit of false advertising: there is nothing intelligent about the stamps at all (unless you include the intricate printing method, but that’s nothing new) rather the software that can be downloaded onto smartphones that allows you to access additional content using the phone’s camera.
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Sony XDR-DS12iP iPod/iPhone Dock Announced

Sony-XDR-DS12iP-iPod-iPhone-dockThere’s a lot to be said for snappy product names: they are easy to remember, easy to say and generally a lot nicer to look at making them just generally better than a long series of numbers and letters… because really XDR-DS12iP means absolutely nothing to 99.99% of people, which is a shame really, as Sony’s latest announcement is probably worth a little bit of talking about.

Announced at the recent IFA trade fair the Sony XDR-DS12iP is an all-in-one clock/radio/speaker and iPad Dock that joins an already well crowded market of iPod speakers which already includes a few Sony examples such as the RDP-XF100iP iPod speaker dock and the SRS-GD50iP iPod dock/PC speakers. So will it really stand out?
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iTunes 10 Review – Apple’s Media Player Software Goes Ping!…Another Social Network!

itunes-10-logoiTunes has always been one of Apple’s more quirky applications, seemingly following its own user interface guidelines as opposed to the guidelines that Apple suggest for every other application, and becoming more bloated full of features since its original release before the first iPod.

Ahead of last week’s Apple Keynote, I was quite excited to see iTunes 10 receive a major overhaul, but unfortunately in the end it just ended up gaining a tad more bloat in the form of a brand new social network that, surprise surprise, centres around iTunes. It does have a few nice tweaks though, which help make up for the lack of a diet, so let’s take a look.
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World’s First Hybrid Solar Powered iPhone 4 Battery Case Charger Launched

frostfire-mooncharge-iphone-4-case-usb-solar-charging-front-back-viewWhilst we all enjoy our relatively powerful gadgets, it is becoming increasingly important to stay mindful of the deteriorating state of our beloved environment. Hence why I am favourable to the odd eco-friendly gadget device cropping up every now and again. Here we have another, which tackles not only issues with electricity usage, it also extends the battery life of your iPhone 4, which I dare say is the more attractive of the two benefits.

The Mooncharge Hybrid Solar Battery Case can be charged either via USB or via sunlight, which is then stored in a compartment in the case and dispensed into the phone when it is running low on juice.
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