Nectar & Sainsbury’s iPhone App Launched – Gives Personalised Shopping Offers

With every company and their dog having iPhone and iPod Touch apps nowadays, it only makes sense that one of the UK’s leading loyalty schemes would want to have one too.

Surprise surprise, that’s exactly what they’ve done, allowing Nectar account owners to take advantage of their accounts on the go, checking points balance and viewing the latest promotions from Sainsbury’s as well. In addition to this, you can find the closest store to where you are at the moment, so you can collect points on the go with the Nectar iPhone app.
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Parcel iPhone App Review (Courier Package Delivery Tracking)

parcel-iphone-app-logoIf you tend to buy a lot of products off the internet, you’ll undoubtedly have to remember to keep track of countless numbers of packages and parcels on their way to be delivered to your door.

The chances are, different packages are being delivered by different couriers too, so if you want to keep track of them all it’s a pretty difficult task! But of course, with every difficult task comes an iPhone app that takes care of it for you, and this is no exception.
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Universal Remote Control For iPhone 3GS & 3G

iphone-3g-3gs-universal-remote-control-caseThere are many apps available for the iPhone 3GS, 3G or iPod Touch, which allow you to remotely control various devices or software, such as iTunes or Boxee. However, the iPhone Universal Remote Control differs slightly from the rest in that it provides a protective case which emits infra-red remote control technology to a variety of devices around the home, such as TV’s, DVD players, Stereo’s etc.

The case is simple, much like the usual protective cases you can buy for the iPhone so you won’t look a complete idiot using it for a start. Nor will you feel one, whilst everyone else fumbles for various remotes for various devices; you can sit back with your iPhone and quickly switch between the devices through a neat user interface on the free app, a necessity for use of the remote.
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Npower iPhone & Android App Review

npower-logoIf you are an Npower customer, you may be interested to hear that there is an official Npower application available for both iOS and Android devices. What would Npower customers do with a mobile phone app, you may ask? Well, in terms of functionality at least, this application isn’t too bad…

After installing it onto my Nexus One, the main screen of the application allows you to choose between various categories. You can access your accounts; take and upload meter readings; view frequently asked questions; obtain contact information and access a few extras too (more on that a little later on).

When using the application for the first time, you’ll want to set up your account, so that you can complete meter readings straight from your phone, making sure you aren’t being overcharged on those bills of yours!
[Read more…] Voucher iPhone App Review offers countless services to try and help you save money in every sector of the economy. It will compare prices on a whole host of services ranging from the best broadband deals to home insurance, but if there’s one platform you wouldn’t expect to see it on, it would be as an iPhone app.

Nevertheless, that’s exactly where it is right now, in the form of a voucher application which helps you find the best deals around you using your location and displaying offers nearby. There are a number of voucher applications on the App Store already (such as VoucherCloud iPhone app we’ve previously looked at), but this one has a major advantage: it’s an existing service.
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Windows Live Messenger iPhone App Review

Not too long ago, Windows Live Messenger was the pinnacle of online communication. Every man and his dog were available on the online service, and you’d seldom come across someone without a Hotmail account. This was, of course, prior to the days of mainstream social networks. When MySpace, Facebook and Twitter came along, MSN Messenger was left in the dark.

However, with a recent re-launch of the Live Messenger platform, Microsoft has attempted to include social aspects for users including status updates and online photo albums. It may still have a way to go until it’s as popular as a service such as Facebook again, but there habe definitely been significant advancements in the past 12 months.

Naturally, it is therefore a logical step forward for Microsoft to release an iPhone application, allowing users to stay online on the go with instant messaging, as well as access to Hotmail inboxes too. After the launch of Bing on the iPhone (but annoyingly not for us in the UK), it came as less of a surprise to see Live Messenger appearing on the App Store, but how does it stack up against the mass of competition in the market? Pretty well, it seems!
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Apple iPad Stylus Input Device – Pressure Sensitive Drawing App Possible?

apple-ipad-stylus-input-device-pressure-sensitive-drawing-appDue to the nature of the Apple iPad’s impressive touch-screen display, up until now it has been impossible to do any real free hand drawing on the device, as its display isn’t pressure sensitive. However, thanks to the guys at Ten One Design and their incredible iPad software development, by using their Pogo Touchscreen Stylus they have enabled such a feature and intend to share it with developers around the world.

So OK it is never going to be in the same bracket as the likes of the Wacom Graphics Tablet range, but never the less this is a fun, if not necessary inclusion in the development of apps allowing users a lot more freedom in the way they interact with the iPad with a pressure-sensitive drawing tool.
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City Warfare – Foursquare Location-Based Virtual Water Fight Game Wins UK Student International Award

city-warfare-foursquare-location-based-game-logoTo most of us, the name Thomas Fletcher would probably mean nothing unless it coincidentally happens to be that of a friend or relative. However, the afore-named Bath University student has just stumbled across a $2,500 paycheck and his very own Apple iPad.

The 19 year old is the developer of a location and text-based mobile game, City Warfare, which allows players the pleasure of causing complete text based mayhem in a location of their choice from the real world. Of course, not literally but within the game you can use a variety of water bombs or water pistols for that matter to cause uproar in your opponents hometown.
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Augmented Reality MWL2010 iPhone App Released For Marketing Week Live 2010

marketing-week-live-logoArguably one of the coolest things that the combination of video capture and processing power can give you is AR (or Augmented Reality) which is essentially when the view of reality is modified to enhance your perception of the reality – be that with more information, or the ability to manipulate digital elements in real life.

The snappily named MWL2010 iPhone app is the latest of these, and is one that pushes new boundaries by being the first designed exclusively to run on your iPhone for a live exhibition which in this case is Marketing Week Live 2010 (hence the ‘MWL’ in the name) which was held at Kensington Olympia on 29th-30th June.

This app is special because of the way that it allows users to access a whole new stream of information whilst walking round the expedition by using the iPhone’s image capabilities to find out exhibitors websites, contact numbers and even Twitter feeds simply by pointing their phone at the company’s logo.
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Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter – iPhone/iPad Remote Control Helicopter!

parrot-AR-Drone-iphone-ipad-remote-control-helicopterThis week members of the UK press had the privilege to attend the official launch event for the AR.Drone, a remote control ‘quadricopter’– a coup for Britain, launching ahead of Parrot’s mother country, France.

Following the buzz from E3 2010 we eagerly awaited the presentation and – more importantly – our own chance to play with one!

Five years in the making, the Parrot AR Drone team are very proud of their latest creation and rightly so. By utilising on-board Wi-Fi the drones are controlled through networked iPhone and iPod Touch devices. What’s more, the drones are also capable of interacting with each other to allow multiplayer action.
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