Barcoo Mobile App For iPhone, Android & Other Platforms Comes To The UK

barcoo-mobile-app-logo-girlAs of Thursday, users in the UK will be able to get their hands on a free app called Barcoo. Unlike many mobile applications these days, this one is no exclusive to iOS, or Android for that matter. It will be available on a wide range of platforms including Symbian and selected other mobiles, but immediately from launch will be for iOS, Android and Samsung’s Bada OS.

So What Is Barcoo?

Well, you may or may not have guessed from the name, but Barcoo allows users to scan the barcodes of items in shops using their phones camera in order to receive a detailed listing of information, including customer reviews, sustainability information, price comparison and environmental ratings.

Currently the mobile app works with food items, cosmetics, electronics and media products, such as CDs, DVDs and books, which itself is a pretty comprehensive list considering I imagine combined they make up a hefty proportion of the total money spent in the UK anyway.
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Blocks iPhone & iPad Game App Review

blocks-iphone-ipad-game-app-logoI recently visited some family, and my younger cousin, aged 7, was playing with a puzzle game that some of you may be familiar with. It’s called Rush Hour, and it’s been around for quite a few years now. The object of the game is simple: move all the cars around the grid in such a way that you can move the red car out of the grid. All vertical cars can only go up and down, and all horizontal cars can only go left and right.

I was quickly hooked myself, and after battling through most of the levels of the puzzle (it got rather difficult towards the latter stages!), I decided to see if there was a similar title available on the Apple iPad or iPhone. Sure enough, a game called Blocks following exactly the same concept is available from the App Store. The only difference between the two is that on Blocks, you have to get your orange block past all of the other blocks on the screen.
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Nectar & Sainsbury’s iPhone App Launched – Gives Personalised Shopping Offers

With every company and their dog having iPhone and iPod Touch apps nowadays, it only makes sense that one of the UK’s leading loyalty schemes would want to have one too.

Surprise surprise, that’s exactly what they’ve done, allowing Nectar account owners to take advantage of their accounts on the go, checking points balance and viewing the latest promotions from Sainsbury’s as well. In addition to this, you can find the closest store to where you are at the moment, so you can collect points on the go with the Nectar iPhone app.
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Runtastic iPhone, Android & BlackBerry App – Social Exercise Tracker Using GPS

runtastic-logo-iphone-android-blackberry-app-running-loggerDo you feel like you’re running to no avail when you are out and about on your own? Runtastic aims to change that, by creating a community driven effort that keeps track of all your achievements while you run, with apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and select sports watches.

The idea of Runtastic is pretty simple. You sign up for an account either in the application or on the Runtastic website, and then all of your runs are logged.
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Vonage iPhone & Android App Brings Free VoIP Phone Calls To Facebook Users

vonage-mobile-logoVonage have just launched a new application for Facebook which allows users to make free mobile calls to friends who have the app, directly from their friends list.
Vonage Mobile for Facebook is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices via a free app on Android Market or the iTunes Store.

Working on a similar model to Skype and Vonage’s existing VoIP offerings, ‘calls’ are processed as data across Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G mobile networks, rather than the usual phone systems, thereby making the service free to use for anyone with an unlimited data plan.

While mobile VoIP is not new, in fact the Vonage app shares a lot of functionality with Skype’s iPhone app, Vonage’s move into a Facebook-specific service is a clever one.
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Apple App Store ‘Try Before You Buy’ Free Section Launched…Sort Of

apple-app-store-logoWhile other mobile operating systems, such as Symbian and soon Windows Phone 7, offer free, trial versions of apps that you can test out before you part ways with your cash, Apple has previously denied any such feature on their own app store and forcing developers to create free, or ‘lite’ versions of their costly apps in a bid to draw you in.

However, now Apple has decided to give in a little to the pressure from developers who are desperate to see sales of their apps increase, and has created a dedicated section of the app store entitled, ‘Free on the App Store’…although despite looking around the App Store on our iPhone 3GS, we still can’t see any sight of this new section yet!
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Music Anywhere – Carphone Warehouse Music Streaming Service Launched

carphone-warehouse-logoLast month we heard news that the Carphone Warehouse was entering the music streaming business with their iPhone app, My Hub. However, instead we are now being treated by the leading phone vendor to a slightly different service called ‘Music Anywhere’.

Music Anywhere differs slightly from the other music streaming services such as Spotify or Last.FM in that it simply makes a cloud-based copy of all the tracks you currently own.

Once you have set up your account, it registers the music tracks currently in your locally stored music library, in iTunes for example, and links them to your account. There is already a library of tracks already on their servers, which are at your disposal, but if your track is not in their catalogue it can be uploaded quickly to your account.
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BBC News iPhone & iPad App Released For Download

bbc-news-logoThe BBC has rolled out their news application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, allowing users from the UK to now download it from the App Store. The release comes later than expected, due to some queries over whether the BBC should be allowed to release its own applications, with license payers money funding the development of this BBC News mobile app.

It contains all the news from the BBC News website, including latest headlines rolling at the top of the screen, sports content and more. In addition to the availability of news from the application, users can also view embedded videos that wouldn’t normally be accessible on Apple’s devices due to the use of Flash on the BBC website. There is also the option to listen to Live Radio within the application too.
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Get Paid For Testing iPhone / iPad Games With Binary Family

binary-family-ipad-summer-solitaire-appThe Binary Family, Berlin based developers of various popular iPad and iPhone apps, are looking for testers for their new range of apps. Having used the same testing policy in the past across Europe in Germany, Austria and Switzerland has led the Binary Family to great success with one of their quiz games, for example.

Not only is testing the apps potentially fun and fairly rewarding, testers also receive £2 for each app tested, as well as the price of the app up front via PayPal. All that is necessary is to rigorously test the app and fill in a short questionnaire post-test. It’s really that simple.
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Skies Of Glory iPhone & Android App Released

skies-of-glory-iphone-android-app-logoWith so few games taking advantage of the massive popularity of both the iPhone and Android platforms, it’s great to see that Skies of Glory game app has been released with cross-platform multiplayer capabilities for players on both of these platforms.

Set in World War II, players can test each others flying and combat skills over a 3G connection, meaning that you can play anybody wherever they may be in the world, regardless of whether they’re playing on Android or iOS.
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