Mozilla Prism Review (Desktop Web Apps)

mozilla-prism-logoMozilla are best known for their web browser, Firefox, and perhaps their e-mail client, Thunderbird. Both of which I use regularly and am particularly fond of. So, after trawling through their website and discovering a whole load of other projects they have on the go, I was quick to delve deeper. The first, and ultimately most intriguing project I came across was Mozilla Prism. So I downloaded it, free of charge, as is always the way with Mozilla, and tested it out.

Prism is an application that can come in a couple of different forms; either as a standalone application, or an add-on to the Firefox web browser. Both of which produce the same result, however I found the Firefox add-on made its job a great deal simpler. So what is it exactly and what does it do?

Well in truth, not a lot. However the single thing it does is actually quite impressive. You see, Prism allows the user to convert any web-based application or indeed web page, into a desktop application at the click of a button. Of course, this is not always necessary in many cases, but for web-apps such as those from Google, for example GMail, Calendar or Docs, it can be extremely productive.
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Google Buzz – Do We Need Another Social Network?

Well Google recently released Buzz (didn’t Yahoo do that a few years back?) upon GMail users and anyone else who wants to sign up for a Google account, but the question is will it be the thing to beat Facebook and Twitter? I’m sure Google now hopes so, but I’m yet to be convinced.

Besides, I already use Twitter and Facebook, do I really need another social network? Don’t know what I’m talking about? You can read all about it in this Google Buzz features review.

I’m really not sure about Google Buzz, it seems strange for a company who keeps services in beta for years upon end (like they did with having Google Mail in beta for around 5 years), to release a previously unheard of product onto the world…and one that seemed to care little about your privacy of the contacts that you email regularly, but that perhaps just says more about a bunch of engineers creating and testing Google Buzz and their naivety over how it could be used for more malicious activities, take a look at our most recent technology roundup for more information on that.
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Zath’s Technology & Gadget Roundup (20/02/2010)

It’s the end of another week in the online world of hi-tech gadgets and technology blogging and as usual there’s been a lot happening out there, so here’s a quick roundup of some of the stuff that we’ve found particularly interesting this week, let us know what you think to them too!

Linux Training Week on Zath – I’m sure we’ve all heard of Linux, but for me personally it’s not something I’ve ever seriously looked at because I always assumed it wasn’t worth the hassle of installation for something that wasn’t that worthwhile, well clearly I was wrong on that one! As you can see from this useful series of articles about the Ubuntu distribution of Linux – it’s easy to setup Ubuntu, it’s an easy to use the Ubuntu interface and there’s lots of software available for Linux.

Heineken Beer-Serving Robot of the Future – oh yes that’s right, in the future we won’t need to get up from the comfort of the sofa, instead the robots will bring the beer to us! This particular robot makes for a great novelty, but it does make you wonder about the potential of robots in the future.

Buy Walkie Talkie Watches? – admittedly walkie talkies aren’t exactly hi-tech these days or even that wanted by people now we all have modern mobile phones such as the iPhone 3GS and Nexus One, but these particular ones can be strapped on your wrist and would make for great free-to-use communication devices if you like to be out in the great outdoors or perhaps having a multi-car roadtrip given they have a range of up to 5km. I just wish I had some of these back when I was a kid!
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Windows Essentials: How To Backup – Part 1

windows-backup-i-need-my-porn-backWindows Nerd Essentials: Understanding and Effectively Using Data Backup Systems

Yesterday. All my troubles were so far away. But now my data’s gone, there’s hell to pay. I believe in yesterday…

I fucking hate having to back-up my data, but you know what? I hate losing it even more. You may have read about my experiences as a technician in a little computer shop before, but apart from the viruses, shitware and porn (oh yeah, by the way, some of you people have real problems), the number one question I got when working in Gary’s grot-shop was “can you save my photos and emails!?”

The fact of the matter is, most people don’t run comprehensive backups and to make matters worse, most people who think they do, errmm…don’t.
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New INQ Social Networking Mobile Phones Announced

inq-logoIf you have a particularly good memory you will remember the INQ1 – “The Facebook Phone” which when release back in early December promised to set the world alight with its advanced Facebook connectivity and thus appeal to the younger social-network aware generation. I even said it could possibly challenge the iPhone due to this and it’s additional lower cost advantage if it took off…well…it didn’t (besides from winning handset of the year at the Mobile World Congress), and you would be excused to think the brand had retreated to the pages of history.
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A Dead Computer, Backups and Living On a Cloud

blown-up-computerHave you ever considered using an online backup service before? What would you do if your computer died on you? Have you thought about how you’d cope in terms of potentially losing your important files forever?

Well I’ve recently got to find out that for myself as one night last week my computer’s power supply died with a loud bang, plunging us into darkness as it knocked off the whole house’s electricity and left me with the definitive smell of dead power supply – definitely not something that I like the smell of in the morning, evening or any other time of day!
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Virgin Media Customers To Use Google Mail

virgin-media-logoVirgin Media has today announced that it will be using Google Mail for its customers email service in future.

Virgin Media Broadband customers will still have email addresses which end with “”, however the actual system will make use of Google Partner Edition Apps – a collection of online apps that companies can use on their domains for improved online services, of which Google Mail is one – this will be the largest deployment of this system Google has done.

This service will initially be a pilot scheme, involving just the next 20,000 new Virgin Media customers, however assuming that proves successful, it will then be rolled out to its whole subscriber base – at no cost to the customer.
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Google Mail Themes

google-mail-logoGoogle have had a busy week! In addition to offering Gmail video and voice chat, Google Mail themes are now available within their webmail interface.

Over the past few years since Gmail went live, the interface itself has had a few minor tweak and modifications along the way, but it’s been essentially the same kind of look from the start. There has been some option of customisation offered by people using scripts and extensions in their Firefox browser, however there are now a variety of themes on offer from within Google Mail.
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Google Mail – Voice and Video Chat Functionality Added

google-mail-voice-video-chatGoogle have now added further features to it’s Google Mail web browser based service, it essentially combines the voice chat functionality from Google Talk as well as adding video chat into the mix.

I’ve been using Google Mail (GMail) for a few years now, one of the handy things that you could do was have a live text chat / instant message session with other Google Mail users that you were friends with from within the browser without the need for a separate instant messaging client.
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