Essential Mac OS X Applications: 2011 Edition

mac-finder-logoThe Mac has continued to grow strongly in the past 12 months thanks to increased sales influenced by the iPad and third party applications are more accessible than ever through the Mac App Store, but out of the abundance of software available for the platform, which are the best applications that no Mac should be without?

Let’s take a look at the essential applications for the Mac in 2011 and find out, as we run down apps in every category from web browsers to audio conversion programs and utilities! [Read more...]

Essential Windows Applications: 2011 Edition

windows-7-logo-orbAre you treating yourself to a new PC this summer and wondering what applications you should install to make the most out of Windows 7? Then you’re in luck, because I’m about to run-down the list of all the applications which I think should be on every Windows computer out there. From web browsers to security programs and multimedia applications, we’ve got it all covered, so are you ready for a rollercoaster ride down software lane? Buckle up, get comfy, and let’s check out the best that the Windows world has to offer! [Read more...]

Steve Jobs Isn’t The Only Flash Hater, So Is The Firefox Vice President! Do You Feel The Same Way?

flash-player-logoApple, or more specifically CEO Steve Jobs, gets constant criticism for the lack of Adobe Flash on its iPad and iPhone devices. The reason being cited is quite a simply one: it’s not very good. It’s a controversial opinion, what with a great chunk of web-based media being flash-based, and in some cases entire sites. However, it turns out that Steve Jobs is not the only one who hates Flash.

The Vice President of Firefox projects at Mozilla, has today followed suit and has had this to say when asked whether Flash would eventually become irrelevant:
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New Firefox 4 Beta Released – Includes Bookmarks/Open Tabs Sync & Panorama

firefox-logo-355Mozilla’s brand new version of Firefox has now hit the Beta stage, and adds a few intriguing new features that existing and new users alike may find quite useful…

The first change that may be noticed is the addition of Firefox Sync by default. Firefox Sync allows you to view all of your passwords, your browsing history, and even your currently open tabs from any device that you’re using Firefox with.

If you have never used it before, you’ll have to set up an account for the add-on (Sync comes bundled with Firefox 4 beta, but an add-on is required to be downloaded for earlier versions) before being able to utilise its features.
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Firefox Home iPhone App Released for Download

firefox-logo-355The Firefox Home application for iPhone we’ve been hearing so much about lately has finally made it through Apple’s approval process and in to the App Store.

Available for the iPhone and iPod Touch for free, the Firefox Home iPhone app allows you to take our tabs with you when you’re on the go, so you don’t have to start a whole new browsing session when you leave your desk.

The concept is pretty simple. All you have to do is install the free Firefox Sync add-on for your desktop browser, before creating an account and password which links your tabs between your desktop computer and phone. Then, when you download the Firefox Home app for iPhone and iPod Touch, you simply enter your account information and you’re good to go!
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Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 1 Download Released

firefox-logo-355Firefox fans, get yourselves over to the Mozilla website to pick up the newly released beta 1 version of Firefox 4! The new version of the popular web browser has been in development for quite a while now, and the beta version marks the release of a build stable enough for the average Joe to use.

Quite a lot has changed since in the development of the new version, so here’s a quick run down of things that you’ll want to look out for when using the web browser.
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Firefox Mobile Web Browser Download For Nokia N900 & N810 Released

firefox-logo-355Mozilla Firefox has finally gone mobile! Surprisingly, it isn’t the iPhone or Android which has the honour of being the first platform to house the browser, but Maemo for the Nokia N900.

Not familiar with Firefox Mobile? You should be! Its entry in to the mobile market will ensure that there’s as much variety on your portable devices as your computer, eventually directly challenging other browsers such as Opera Mini on Android and iPhone platforms.

We’ve got a complete run down of all the features for you below, so just take a look at why you might finally want a Nokia mobile phone again…or at least get a glimpse of what we can perhaps expect from the world’s newest mobile browser should it come to the Android and iPhone mobile platforms.
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Mozilla Firefox Hits 2 Billion Add-On Downloads, Which Are Your Favourites?

firefox-logo-355In November 2008, Mozilla’s Firefox web browser hit a whopping billion add-on downloads. Here we are, just a year and a half later, and Firefox has passed the 2 billion add-on downloads mark!

Firefox is still the second most popular browser in the world, and a lot of people who use it have multiple add-ons that they depend on in their day-to-day browsing. Mozilla have highlighted some of the best Firefox Add-Ons out there and I personally depend on various add-ons when browsing the web, here’s a few of my favourites…
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Firefox 3.6.4 Update Released – Plugin Crash Protection Feature Added

firefox-logo-355Mozilla has released an update to their Firefox web browser, bringing us up to version 3.6.4.

The biggest addition to the latest version is the new ‘crash protection’ feature (as we reported about when it was being tested in the Firefox 3.6.4 beta). If you’re a Windows or Linux user (sorry Mac users, you’ll have to wait for this one), you can browse the web with more protection from third party plugin crashes when playing online games or viewing video content within sites.
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