Mozilla Prism Review (Desktop Web Apps)

mozilla-prism-logoMozilla are best known for their web browser, Firefox, and perhaps their e-mail client, Thunderbird. Both of which I use regularly and am particularly fond of. So, after trawling through their website and discovering a whole load of other projects they have on the go, I was quick to delve deeper. The first, and ultimately most intriguing project I came across was Mozilla Prism. So I downloaded it, free of charge, as is always the way with Mozilla, and tested it out.

Prism is an application that can come in a couple of different forms; either as a standalone application, or an add-on to the Firefox web browser. Both of which produce the same result, however I found the Firefox add-on made its job a great deal simpler. So what is it exactly and what does it do?

Well in truth, not a lot. However the single thing it does is actually quite impressive. You see, Prism allows the user to convert any web-based application or indeed web page, into a desktop application at the click of a button. Of course, this is not always necessary in many cases, but for web-apps such as those from Google, for example GMail, Calendar or Docs, it can be extremely productive.
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Firefox 3.6 Update Released – New Persona Themes & Faster!

You may have seen our coverage of the Firefox 3.6 beta 1 and beta 3 late last year – since then, there have been quite a few further changes made, which lost its beta status this week as Mozilla released the finished version of Firefox 3.6 upon the world.

There’s lots of reasons to carry on using a Firefox’s great web browser, the most visually noticeable change to Firefox with the new release is the introduction of a new feature called Personas. Downloadable from, you can choose from other 35,000 themes on offer that let you customise the way that Firefox looks.

When viewing Personas, you can hover over one to see how it will look in your browser, where you’ll get a preview before you choose to install it by clicking it. Downloaded themes can be managed via the Add-Ons window, where you can change and uninstall your Personas using the “Themes” tab.
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