The Commerce Exchange Review (York eCommerce Conference)

the-commerce-exchange-york-yorkshire-ecommerce-conferenceThe Commerce Exchange in York is the first specific eCommerce conference day-long event to be held in the city. Organised by Ryan Atkins, Director and Co-Founder of The Distance, a creative digital agency located in Skeldergate, York. It took place on 8th April 2015, the day before another digital conference; DotYork was taking place. Clearly, York’s becoming home to more and more technology-focussed businesses.

Being such a local event and given that I’ve had some interest in learning about the topic of online retail for some time now, I thought I’d go along and see if I could pick up anything from the various sessions being held throughout the day. Here’s what I thought of it…
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Apple Announces Cards App For iOS

cards-ios-logoWe already saw what iOS 5 will have to offer in June, but at their event today, Apple announced an additional application for the upcoming operating system: Cards.

Cards is, essentially, a service which is similar to UK offerings such as, through which you can create and customise your own cards from your browser and then send them to the person of your choice.

Using the app, which will be a separate download to iOS 5, users will be able to create and (snail) mail cards to recipients straight from their iPhone. All of the cards can be customised with custom pictures and text from your iPhone, and will be printed on high quality paper before being sent. [Read more…]

New Apple iPad 2 With Thunderbolt Leaked On The Amazon Store?

Apple_iPad_2Well, well, well… what do we have here? Apple are holding an event at 6PM British Time tonight, presumably to launch the new iPad 2, but it looks like Amazon has been a little eager in getting the new tablet out there and ready to sell.

Your Daily Apple reports that a reader has sent them a screenshot of the new tablet on the German Amazon store.

It has since been taken down, but was listed as coming with a 1.2GHz processor, presumably dual core, and a Thunderbolt port to match.
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Apple Event Scheduled For September 1st!

apple-logo-silverEarlier today, we reported that Apple were holding their annual September event on September 7th. We can now confirm that the event will actually be held on September 1st, a week earlier than first rumoured.

In case you hadn’t seen our earlier post, the event may bring us the release of Apple’s new Apple TV (possibly named iTV), along with a new TV rentals option from the iTunes store.
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Apple In Talks With Networks Over 99 Cent TV Rentals, Plans Being Unveiled September 7th?

apple-tv-itv-app-storeHere are two of the more interesting Apple rumours flying around the internet today: Apple are reportedly in talks with networks in the US over bringing 99 cent TV rentals to iTunes according to Bloomberg. Apparently, this deal stretches out to News Corp’s Fox Network, CBS, NBC and Walt Disney, where Steve Jobs is a shareholder.

This means that shows such as Chuck (NBC), Fringe (Fox), and Two and a Half Men (CBS) will be available for rental in the US “within 24 hours” of being aired. For US users, being able to rent an episode for just 99¢ (around 64p) would be great for devices such as the iPad when users are on the go. Like current TV purchases from the iTunes store, the episodes will be free of commercials, although I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a super cheap option with ad-support, but maybe I’m just crazy.

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dabs-com-live-technology-gadget-show-logoLast weekend, I attended the Dabs IT & Gadget Show we recently brought you news of, at Wembley Stadium. It was definitely the biggest hoo-ha I’ve seen for an event that was only fairly mediocre, at best. I was forced to book my tickets for this a couple of months in advance because the organisers claimed that the event was in high demand. After doing so, I was then sent a follow-up email (a couple of weeks before the event) asking me to once again confirm my attendance for the event, as well as asking me how many tickets I would like (up to a maximum of four).

A couple of days before the event I received an email reminding me of the high number of attendees, asking me to bring along my ID, otherwise me and my guests would not be permitted entry. Finally, I was asked to print out the ticket to bring along with me. I took three friends along and we turned up at the door expecting a mad rush of people.
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Think Visibility 3 Review (March 2010)

think-visibility-conference-logoUPDATE: I’ve now reviewed the latest Think Visibility 9 conference, so be sure to take a look at that page if you’re interested in finding out how #ThinkVis did on its 5th anniversary!

This past weekend I packed my bags and headed down to Leeds for the Think Visibility 3 conference, as the name indicates, this is the third such event and the first of two in 2010. The whole idea behind these one-day conferences (organised by Dom Hodgson and his team) is that they cover “the things that usually get left behind in the web design process” and therefore typically covers topics such as SEO, social media, affiliate marketing and branding.

The venue itself remained the same as that used for the Think Visibility 2 conference in Sept 2009; the Alea Casino (near the Royal Armouries museum) in a very smart and clean Clarence Dock area of Leeds. Upon arrival to the event we received our ID badges and just from that you know that you’re in for an event with a bit of character – the organisers had only gone and created our very own “Twitter Top Trumps” from the statistics of our Twitter accounts! These made for a great talking point during the whole event as you met up with different people that you already knew and even more importantly with people you didn’t – this was a great way to break the ice I thought, so well done to the Think Visibility team for coming up with that idea!
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Eurogamer Expo 2010 Announced (London Games Show)

eurogamer-logoJust like to start off by saying………….balls!

I saw the title of the news and was excited at the fact that the Eurogamer Expo was to be again showing its face in 2010………………… London only!! What the hell!!

With Zath HQ being up North in God’s country (that’s Yorkshire to those who don’t know) it was great that we had the option to get to the Eurogamer Expo at the Royal Armouries in Leeds last year!

We did cover the London Eurogamer Expo too, but it annoys me how everything is based in London.
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Think Visibility 3 Preview – Final Speaker Announced! (March 2010)

That’s right, Think Visibility is coming back bigger and better in 2010 with the Leeds-based Think Visibility 3 conference that covers “the things that usually get left behind in the web design process”. Therefore, if you’re interested in blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, PPC when it comes to your websites, then this is definitely an event for you.

You may get the opportunity to attend quite a few of these kind of events if you’re based in the south, especially around London, but obviously there’s less of these available here in the north, so if you’re based up here, then here’s your chance to attend a conference without having to travel so far as you might normally have to, plus it’s also takes place on a Saturday, so you don’t even have to take a day off work! Think Visibility 3 is taking place on the 13th March 2010 at the Alea Casino Conference Centre in Leeds, West Yorkshire and tickets are priced at £119 (cheaper than some other similar conferences).
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Here at Zath, we’re big fans of hi-tech gadgets, computing, gaming and technology in general, so when the chance to go along to a live show and take a look at some great bits of technology kit comes along, then we want to be there – as seen by our attendance at the Gadget Show Live 2009 event last April and the Eurogamer Expo 2009 in October.

Well we’ve just been informed by our friends over at that they’re running two free Technology and Gadgets Show events in March 2010 that the public can attend free of charge! At the Live show events which you’ll be able to see some of the hottest new technology of 2010 being showcased here in the UK…oh yeah, the show will also be being hosted by the Gadget Show’s very own Suzi Perry!
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