a4u Expo London 2009 Preview

a4u-expo-london-09-attendingThe a4u Expo will be taking this week on the 13th and 14th October and I’ll be there in attendance thanks to winning a competition that Kieron Donoghue was running over at his blog called here.org.uk to win a free a4u Expo ticket worth £349.

The a4u Expo is a big 2 day affiliate marketing conference and exhibition being held at the ExCel Centre in London that features over 40 conference sessions and no doubt some tough decisions will need to be made as to which ones you attend as there are some great speakers and sessions being held across both days.
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How To Import A Blogspot Blog Into WordPress

wordpress-logoOne of the most common reasons Blogspot users give for not switching to WordPress, is the hassle of transferring a large number of posts from an already established blog. In the past they did have a point, but not anymore. For some time WordPress (both WordPress.org and WordPress.com) has come with a built in importer which works with all well known blogging platforms, as well as plain RSS. It’s very easy to use – just a few clicks – and will call in both posts and comments. If you’re thinking of making the switch, but are unsure about the importing process, read on …
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Think Visibility 2 Review (Sept 2009)

think-visibility-conference-logoThis weekend I took the chance to attend the second Think Visibility conference, held in Leeds that is described as covering “the things that usually get left behind in the web design process” – with speakers covering various areas of blogging, SEO, affililate marketing and PPC.

First of all, I think it’s always good to see these types of events happening outside of London for a change and giving us northern bloggers and online, web-type people to experience an event such as this without having to necessarily travel all the way down south – not there’s anything wrong with that, but the chance to meet other people is always good!
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How To Improve Your Online Communication

typing-on-laptop-keyboardAnyone these days can claim their own slice of internet territory, and be the authority figure of that virtual piece of land. No doubt many people reading this are either webmasters, admins, forum moderators, bloggers in their respective niches. Being a good authority figure on the web requires many talents, particularly when it comes to networking with partners, communicating with readerships and developing a community.

The grounds of this is obviously language, yet unaware to most, online communication is by nature destructive and problematic – destined to cause confusion. It’s embedded in the linguistic construction of online communicating and worth talking about if we are to become better authority figures within our community.
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Write For Zath UK Tech Blog?

typing-on-laptop-keyboardWould you be interested in having the opportunity to write for Zath?

Have you ever considered writing for a website such as Zath? Have you got a interest in the topics that Zath covers? Can you write original content to a high standard about these things that you like?

We’re an established UK Tech Blog that’s been running for over 7 years and we’re always open to new talented writers joining the Zath team to contribute on topics that interest them. We like to cover a variety of article types, be it analysis/opinion pieces, how-to guides or reviews of the latest in technology, hi-tech gadgets and gaming for our readers.
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LG Renoir (KC910) Bloggers’ Event

lg-renoir-kc910A few days ago I was invited along to another LG Bloggers’ Event that was held around Covent Garden in London. This time round, the event was for their latest mobile phone called the LG Renoir (KC910).

This is the mobile phone which I wrote about here on Zath a few weeks ago when it was still only known as the LG Renoir KC910 (preview). I’m pleased to see that like I hoped for in my preview post, LG have decided to give its latest creation an actual name to be known as instead of just the LG KC910 – I feel the LG KF600 potentially suffered somewhat marketing-wise from only being known by its model number. I mean the LG Secret sounds much better than just simply the LG KF750.
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Follow Zath on Twitter!

twitter-logoDo you Twitter? I have to admit that I was very sceptical about this Twittering malarkey – I thought it was just a pointless thing to be doing as I wrote about in one of my early posts where I questioned the point of Twitter? However, that said, I have to admit that I think I was wrong about it and am now perhaps a little late to the Twitter party, but better late than never!

Twitter is essentially a way of letting people know what you’re currently up to or thinking – pretty much like people update their Facebook status, a mini-blog so to speak! In fact I have my Facebook status set up to update to whatever I post as a Twitter update by installing the Twitter application onto my Facebook account.
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Northern UK Bloggers’ Meet-Up

old-broadcasting-houseThe first Northern UK Bloggers’ Meet-up took place yesterday at the Old Broadcasting House in Leeds – which is now a one of the facilities of Leeds Met University, which happens to be where I was a student back in 2001-2004 – it kind of felt like I’d come full circle!

The aim of this first session was to decide on the format for future events (which we kind of did), have some informal discussions about blogging and basically get to know each other.

In total there was about 20 bloggers that turned out for this initial event, we proceeded into the “boardroom” – not quite like the Apprentice with Sir Alan Sugar waiting for us – there was certainly no intimidating grillings, it was a very relaxed and good-humoured affair.
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Dell Event at Formula 1 Silverstone Testing Day

zath-helicopterA few weeks ago I was invited by Dell to attend a Silverstone Formula 1 testing day (26th June 2008) which was actually the final testing session before the British Grand Prix took place there just over a week later. The purpose of the day was for launching the new Dell Studio laptops, this would be the second Dell event that I’d been asked to take part in, it was therefore a great opportunity and I gladly accepted.

Only then did I then find out that we’d be getting flown into Silverstone by helicopter – a place, where on the day of the British Grand Prix is the busiest “Heli-port” in the world!

I had to meet up at an Elstree Aerodrome in North London for 8.30am – it meant I had to get up at around 3am – which is probably the earliest I’ve ever had to, so that was bit of a shock to the system! I was out the house and on the road by around 4am – but it would ultimately be a very worthwhile journey!
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Best Hi-Tech Gadget Blogs

Do you like hi-tech gadgets? Of course you do, who doesn’t like a good hi-tech gadget? I mean they’re like toys for adults to play with!

I recently met several fellow technology / gadget bloggers at LG’s ‘Secret’ Bloggers’ Event to promote the release of their new ‘Secret’ mobile phone. The event was enjoyable in terms of hearing about and getting to play with LG’s latest mobile phone, we also had the opportunity to talk to the LG people to discuss their products, future directions they may take and the industry in general.
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