Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards 2009 Nomination for Zath

computer-weekly-blog-award-logoThat’s right! I’ve been nominated for an award in Computer Weekly’s annual blog awards, specifically in the category of “Individual IT Professional Male“.

It’s now over 2.5 years since I started up this blog here on Zath covering various aspects of technology, gadgets and gaming and in that time there’s certainly been highs and lows in writing and running this blog, but it’s certainly nice to get this kind of recognition by being nominated for a blog award from what is one of the top technology publications out there!
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London Nude Tech Calendar – “Shut Up And Take Off All Your Clothes!” (#LDNnudetech)

london-nude-tech-lipsThe more this LDNnudetech calendar debate goes on, the more I’m just laughing inside. Laughing because people can get really uptight about the silliest of things and generally laughing because people assume they know more than others and feel the need to pontificate and/or judge because of it. The Evening Standard is behind it and so is the Telegraph. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s simple; 24 successful, hardworking men and women in the London tech scene have posed nude (naughty bits covered) for a calendar, of which there will only be 5000 copies made. All of the proceeds will then be going towards Take Heart India; a youth-run charity that has IT-based projects in India for blind and disabled students.

The main point of argument some seem to keep having is that people, especially women, don’t need to be taking off their clothes in order to make a point or raise money for charity. They need to use their brains, obviously. However, on the same vein, it appears it’s completely acceptable for men to do whatever they like. This argument has never and will never ring true for me for the simple fact that if you look around you, sex, in some form or other, is everywhere. Why are people still so outraged about this? I would’ve thought that, by now, it was quite clear to see that we actually quite like nudity and naked flesh – and that we’re not living in the 1950s! Both men and women can, and like to, look good naked. And, we like looking at them.
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a4u Expo London 2009 Conference Review

a4u-expo-london-09-attendingYou may have recently read my a4u Expo London 2009 preview which I wrote after I managed to secure a ticket (rather luckily) in a competition over at Kieron Donoghue’s blog called – well I’m now back home after attending the event at ExCel conference centre in London’s docklands and I can now report back on what was my first multi-day web-related conference.

The only other conferences that I’ve attended for the online marketing industry have been the Think Visibility conferences that have been run in the relatively local location of Leeds, so I was expecting a4u Expo London 2009 to be somewhat different not only given its size but also the fact that it’s more focussed around online affiliate marketing. However, as I was to find, these days that also involves a lot of work in terms of analytics, social media, generating useful and unique content for visitors and ensuring that your website is optimally set up for search engine optimisation – all interesting stuff!
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a4u Expo London 2009 Preview

a4u-expo-london-09-attendingThe a4u Expo will be taking this week on the 13th and 14th October and I’ll be there in attendance thanks to winning a competition that Kieron Donoghue was running over at his blog called to win a free a4u Expo ticket worth £349.

The a4u Expo is a big 2 day affiliate marketing conference and exhibition being held at the ExCel Centre in London that features over 40 conference sessions and no doubt some tough decisions will need to be made as to which ones you attend as there are some great speakers and sessions being held across both days.
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How To Import A Blogspot Blog Into WordPress

wordpress-logoOne of the most common reasons Blogspot users give for not switching to WordPress, is the hassle of transferring a large number of posts from an already established blog. In the past they did have a point, but not anymore. For some time WordPress (both and has come with a built in importer which works with all well known blogging platforms, as well as plain RSS. It’s very easy to use – just a few clicks – and will call in both posts and comments. If you’re thinking of making the switch, but are unsure about the importing process, read on …
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Think Visibility Review (Sept 2009)

think-visibility-conference-logoThis weekend I took the chance to attend the second Think Visibility conference, held in Leeds that is described as covering “the things that usually get left behind in the web design process” – with speakers covering various areas of blogging, SEO, affililate marketing and PPC.

First of all, I think it’s always good to see these types of events happening outside of London for a change and giving us northern bloggers and online, web-type people to experience an event such as this without having to necessarily travel all the way down south – not there’s anything wrong with that, but the chance to meet other people is always good!
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How To Improve Your Online Communication

typing-on-laptop-keyboardAnyone these days can claim their own slice of internet territory, and be the authority figure of that virtual piece of land. No doubt many people reading this are either webmasters, admins, forum moderators, bloggers in their respective niches. Being a good authority figure on the web requires many talents, particularly when it comes to networking with partners, communicating with readerships and developing a community.

The grounds of this is obviously language, yet unaware to most, online communication is by nature destructive and problematic – destined to cause confusion. It’s embedded in the linguistic construction of online communicating and worth talking about if we are to become better authority figures within our community.
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A Zath Christmas!

Well I think it’s fair to say that the festive season has well and truly arrived here at Zath HQ – hopefully you’ll have noticed that we’ve got our LED Christmas tree and decorations put up in our logo at the top of the page.

Watch out in the coming weeks for special Christmas Zath competition coming your way – more news on that as soon as I get things finalised!

What added to the Christmas atmosphere even more was that last Thursday was the first time in years that they’d been enough snow to prevent us getting to work to our day-jobs – so I used the ‘snow day’ to get a few things done round the house and also got some work here on the website.
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