Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards 2010 Nomination – Vote For Zath!

computer-weekly-it-blog-awards-2010-logoHere at Zath we pride ourselves on bringing our readers high quality technology and gadget related content on a daily basis, it’s always good to get feedback from people on what they think and especially when that takes the form of an award nomination. So having said that, I’m pleased to announce that Zath has been shortlisted for Computer Weekly’s IT Blog Awards 2010 under their Gadgets category!

You may remember that Zath was also nominated for a Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards in 2009, unfortunately on that occasion we didn’t quite make it through to the shortlisted section where the public get to vote for their favourite that they want to win. However this year we have, you’ve got a chance to vote for Zath, so we’re definitely in with a chance of winning this time round.
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Flatpress Review – How’s It Compare To WordPress Blogging Platform?

flatpress-blogging-platform-logoFlatpress is a blogging platform which is somewhat different to the more popular and better known, WordPress, because it doesn’t require a database to run it. Written in PHP, Flatpress stores data in text files making it the only real choice for people who want to set up a blog, but who don’t have access to a database, or don’t feel comfortable using one.

Installing Flatpress is simple, but unfortunately it isn’t available in either cPanel or Plesk, so users do have to download and install it manually. This is easier than it sounds, just unzip it – you may need to to do this twice because the download file is saved in tar.b2z format – then upload it to your server using ftp. When you’ve done that follow the simple installation guide – really, it is very easy – and it will be installed in just a few seconds.

Once installed, you’ll be presented with the admin area which is neat and uncluttered and fairly intuitive, especially if you’ve ever used WordPress. There is an options section which lets you change the name and description of your blog, change the date and time format, number of posts per page, and also gives you the option to add text to the footer section.
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Have You Seen Zath’s Mobile Site?

zath-z-logo-url-branded-white-bgIf you love Zath (and let’s be honest here, you love Zath), and want to visit us when you’re away from your desktop or notebook computer, you can easily stay up to date with all our reviews, news and views via our mobile website!

If you just visit our regular URL (, just in case you can’t see your address bar for some reason right now), you’ll be presented with the mobile version of our website, which gives you access to all of our latest posts, check out all of the categories on the site, just as you can with the full version, and even leave a comment to share your own views with us and other readers. You can even bookmark on sites such as Delicious, Digg and Reddit, as well as tweeting articles you like straight onto Twitter!
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Win Cheltenham Horse Racing Tickets (Competition)

cheltenham-horse-racingIt’s now a few weeks since the Grand National and no doubt you’re either still celebrating or have long since forgotten about it, depending upon whether your horse came in a winner or not whether you used the Sweepstakes iPhone App or not.

However you did, you can now try your luck on the horses once more if you’re a winner in our latest competition. The Sun has very kindly given us 2 pairs of tickets to give away to our readers for a day at the races, namely the ‘Cheltenham Racecourse’s Hunter Chase Evening’ with access to the The Sun’s Best Mate Enclosure on the 5th May 2010. This is an exclusive opportunity that can normally only be secured through the paper itself.

There will be two winners of this competition, each one getting a pair of Cheltenham Horse Racing tickets for the 5th May 2010.
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Think Visibility 3 Review (March 2010)

think-visibility-conference-logoUPDATE: I’ve now reviewed the latest Think Visibility 9 conference, so be sure to take a look at that page if you’re interested in finding out how #ThinkVis did on its 5th anniversary!

This past weekend I packed my bags and headed down to Leeds for the Think Visibility 3 conference, as the name indicates, this is the third such event and the first of two in 2010. The whole idea behind these one-day conferences (organised by Dom Hodgson and his team) is that they cover “the things that usually get left behind in the web design process” and therefore typically covers topics such as SEO, social media, affiliate marketing and branding.

The venue itself remained the same as that used for the Think Visibility 2 conference in Sept 2009; the Alea Casino (near the Royal Armouries museum) in a very smart and clean Clarence Dock area of Leeds. Upon arrival to the event we received our ID badges and just from that you know that you’re in for an event with a bit of character – the organisers had only gone and created our very own “Twitter Top Trumps” from the statistics of our Twitter accounts! These made for a great talking point during the whole event as you met up with different people that you already knew and even more importantly with people you didn’t – this was a great way to break the ice I thought, so well done to the Think Visibility team for coming up with that idea!
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Hodge On The Run…For Charity! – Jan 2010 (Video)

hodge-on-the-run-logoNo we’re not talking about a Prison Break-style fugitive being on the run, no this is Dom “The Hodge” Hodgson who has set himself a challenge for the year 2010, other than working on his various projects such as organising Think Visibility 2010 and much like he set himself one for 2009 (which was to blog everyday on The Hodge blog). However, this year it’s more of a physical challenge, specifically he’ll be doing a series of runs during the course of the year and raising money for charity along the way.
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Think Visibility 3 Preview – Final Speaker Announced! (March 2010)

That’s right, Think Visibility is coming back bigger and better in 2010 with the Leeds-based Think Visibility 3 conference that covers “the things that usually get left behind in the web design process”. Therefore, if you’re interested in blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, PPC when it comes to your websites, then this is definitely an event for you.

You may get the opportunity to attend quite a few of these kind of events if you’re based in the south, especially around London, but obviously there’s less of these available here in the north, so if you’re based up here, then here’s your chance to attend a conference without having to travel so far as you might normally have to, plus it’s also takes place on a Saturday, so you don’t even have to take a day off work! Think Visibility 3 is taking place on the 13th March 2010 at the Alea Casino Conference Centre in Leeds, West Yorkshire and tickets are priced at £119 (cheaper than some other similar conferences).
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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just wanted to publish a quick post wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from us all here at Zath, which is actually our third Christmas since I personally started blogging here at!

This year has really flown by, things have been really busy here in the last few months and moving in the right direction! We’ve got lots of exciting developments and plans for 2010, so we hope that you keep on coming back to the site, be sure that you’ve subscribed to our RSS feed, become a fan on Facebook and/or follow Zath on Twitter.
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Growing Importance Of Geographical Location On The Internet

internet-globeWordPress is one of the biggest blogging platforms on the planet with over 7.5 million bloggers using their hosted service. Recently, they rolled out geo-tagging, which allows you to label your blog and blog posts by location, with the promise of new features coming soon.

The ability to search by area as well as “showing the location of your commenters, the location of poll votes, a live map view of blog updates on, or an annual report showing you where your posts were written and where your comments came from” will gradually be implemented and highlight the growing importance of location in the digital age.
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Windows Live Essentials Review: Writer (Blogging Client)

windows-live-essentials-writer-logoIf you run a blog of your own, you may will be interested to know that Windows Live Essentials ships with a very capable blog editor called Windows Live Writer. When you start Writer for the first time, you’ll need to set Writer up to publish to your blog, and that’s virtually any blog service you may use, not just Microsoft’s ‘Live Spaces’.

You can set it up to publish to Live Spaces, SharePoint and ‘Other blog service’ which includes Blogger and WordPress. Once you’ve selected whichever applies to you, just input the requested information and hit next. For a service like WordPress, you need your URL and username / password, whereas for a Windows service like spaces, you just need your Windows Live ID and Password.
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