Spotify Invite Not Needed?

spotify-logoMusic on the internet is a big thing in so many ways, not only have you got the online physical and digital sales but you also have the free online streaming services as well as the massive (estimates suggest even 95% of music download activity) illegal market. So it’s always great when people offer you free music and this is something you can access with a free Spotify invite for their beta.

Currently the Spotify beta will allow you to quickly and easily stream music through a combined use of streaming servers and peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. This system will be free, funded by the short adverts in-between songs (although so far I haven’t encountered many). Unfortunately this is only in the beta stage and only those people with invites can use it… but there is a back door so you a Spotify invite is not needed!

The idea behind invites is that companies can trial the beta without excessive amounts of usage, meaning that any changes to not disrupt too many people, and also so that they can be picky over who can look at it (i.e. they will choose people who can help them discover bugs, or can offer publicity). But for all of the sleek professionalism, they have made a critical and worryingly basic error in their invites system.

Basically this allows you to create a profile, something you’re not supposed to be able to do without an invite, which means you can download the programme which runs this service and thus listen to music for free. However when you enter your invitation code you are not send to an encrypted page that can only be accessed if you have a cookie placed there because of a correct code, oh no, you are sent to a run-of-the mill web page, one that can be accessed by anyone.

This means that anyone who visits can cut out the invite system and download the beta for this new system. This really is a bit of a mistake by Spotify, especially when you consider how much good music is on it: this is probably going to be quite popular.


But is it really worth it? Is it any better than or WE7 who also offer this advert subsidised music streaming option? Obviously there are a few problems with Spotify given that it is a beta, but so far so good.

The interface is very nice, and the fact that it runs as a separate application is nicer than using the internet browser based ones. Its design is very similar to that used by Apple’s iTunes, and a result it is very easy to use and navigate and use – the search facility is also very quick (if a little inaccurate – no advanced search feature as of yet). It is also very quick, I have a shocking 12Mbps wireless connection that although is temperamental still manages to search very rapidly and play the high quality music seamlessly.

The downside at the moment is that there isn’t that big a music selection – this is not surprising considering that it is a beta and they are updating all the time – but some notable artists that have opted out of Spotify include Metallica, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, ACDC and Led Zeppelin which will disappoint many.

So if you want to be ahead of the crowd on this new idea, you know where to go, take a look at Spotify – it really is worth a look as it will probably be big when it finally gets out of beta or if the guys over at Spotify don’t fix this flaw, so that a free Spotify invite is not needed.

UPDATE: Spotify is now going from strength to strength as can be seen some of the related pages at the end of this article, so feel free to read more about Spotify there.

UPDATE 2: Unfortunately, the above invite work-around will no longer work, so you’ll need to try and get an invite off an existing user who still has some remaining. If you’re looking for a cheap way of buying music in the meantime, I’d suggest you take a look at the Amazon UK MP3 Download Store which often has some great cheap prices!

UPDATE 3: Spotify have now released some new feature usage / payment plans which not only gives you different options, but the new basic “Spotify Open” plan allows anyone to sign to use the streaming music service for up to 20hrs per month for free and without the need for an invite – a great way to experience the service until you can get an invite for the full free service or until you decide it’s worthwhile enough to pay for one of the subscription options.

UPDATE 4: Given that 20hrs of music can go by quite quickly and invites are still so scarce, you might also want to take a look at which is a Spotify alternative online music service.

But once you’ve got started with Spotify with your free invite I would highly suggest that you take a look at how to share Spotify playlists with!


  1. Brian Michaels says

    This real point is the ‘invite system’ is actually just a marketing ploy to create an artificial buzz, Google have been good at this and this is just another variant.

    As you say you can get the music now from other sites without having to go through the pain of downloading an application

    • says

      I think you’ll probably be right with that one Brian, it’s like supply and demand isn’t it, if you create the idea of limited supply, you can increase the demand just on that basis with the idea of exclusivity.

      I’ve used in the past, but have always just ended up going back to the music I have locally on my computer, just for ease of use and synchronisation with my iPod.

  2. rab says

    hi there…

    currently i have 14 invites to give away. first come first served. its nice to be nice innit :D once ive got more, ill post again. everyone of my mates has it too. good interface. endless choice. great great. shame about the back door.

    start your email, sportify so i know what its about. cheers

  3. Adam Brown says

    Why is everyone asking for an invite?! Just go to and click ‘get started’ under the free option! Am I missing something?!

  4. says

    Hey all, can I just ask, have you all tried using the link in the article to create a Spotify account without an invite? –

    I know it worked for me here in the UK, so would assume if you are also in the UK it should work for you. Has anyone tested it from outside the UK?

    Let me know how it goes, if you have problems using the above link, reply back and I’ll send you one of my 10 invites.

  5. toast says

    I’m in the states and I’m trying this through proxy, but it still requires an invite… can anyone send me one and I’ll let you know if the proxy works…. tx

    toasted1 at gmail

  6. Anne says

    Hi Simon,

    Your link needs the invite, at least when I´m trying to log into Spotify from Finland. Can you please send me an invite.

    Thanks and regards

  7. B says

    Hi everyone,

    I write from Spain. I’ve tried that link without an invite. It works for me :)

    Only 2 minutes and I’m listening to music!

    Thanx a lot!

  8. George says

    Its all well and getting a ‘short cut’ to spotify but it’s not a ‘shortcut’ or a ‘back door’ because you can’t actually download the music. can you.

  9. Steve says

    The link in the article worked for me (grin)

    Thank you very much. A friend installed spotify on my computer a few months back but I’ve never used it because I don’t listen to music often but then just fancied trying it out tonight only to find I needed my friend’s password to log in or an invite to create my own account!

    A quick google search and this article came up and a few minutes later I have a spotify account!! Woohoo. Thank you again.

  10. Skinnytwig says

    Thankyou so much for that!
    It’s been doing my head in i couldnt get spotify.
    You’ve made my day, Thanks again!

  11. Tester says

    i too thought i would hop on the band wagon and call all the poeple still asking for codes,, idiots!!!

    how about you open your eyes.

  12. Matt says

    People should probably stop asking to be invited to spotify because you’re only allowed to invite people if you’ve got spotify premium (which hardly any of us do) and the people that do are only allowed to invited two people a year :S

  13. peter says

    could someone nice enough send me an invite for this new spotify website, tried everything and given up, would be greatfull


  14. Justin Freegard says

    Please please please someone invite me… I kindly gave my account to my Mum & now I cant get a new one :( Please someone invite me, thanks !!!

  15. artimax says

    Hi there. I have been looking for an invite for a long time now (with no success) and I would very much appreciate it if anyone could send an email to with a code, thank you. :)

  16. T xx says

    Ok so what am I doing wrong? I follow the link and download it but I can’t see how I can signup without be asked for the invite code. Basically I now have beta installed but have no logon?

    Thanks for providing this article though BTW. Keep up good work

  17. Heidi says

    I have downloaded Spotify, from another website without an invite, but when I click on it on the desktop a box comes up saying to enter a username and password. So when I click the link, there is no way of getting spotify and I am in the UK. Where do I go to create a profile without an invite? Or do you have to have an invite to create on eand use Spotify? Please help.

  18. Gerry says

    wanna list those sites again for me right here right now pls ? :)

    “right here right now” oops getting carried away with the thought of the latest version of free music for all again :)

    especially for poorer people, you greedy greedy bastards..

    stop fighting free global everything…

    give away your best, and recieve everyone elses best

    thats the plan


  19. Gerry says

    “As you say you can get the music now from other sites without having to go through the pain of downloading an application”

    which sites?

    list them..

  20. Kaatiee says

    pleaasee caan iii havee aan invitee becausee maa siisteer haas taakeen oveer my spotify account and ii waant annotheer onee x

  21. Steel Jeff says

    Hello there,

    If somebody could send me an invitation to Spotify please.
    I really appreciate it.

    Thank you very much

  22. master_bob999 says

    Hi, can somebody please send me an invite. I have been waiting for a few months for Spotify to send me an invite, but I still haven’t received one yet. :(
    I would be grateful if someone can send me an invite. :) My email address is:


  23. Dan V says

    Have been looking for a Spotify invite for a looong time now.
    If anyone has one would appreciate it muchly if they would invite me!

    jettles [at] gmail [dot] com


  24. Shital Gohil says

    Hiya All,

    Does anyone have a spare invite that I may have for access to this site as I am stuck in the office some days and would appreciate access to this app to get me out of my boredom.

    Thank You


  25. miriam says

    please please please. guys,im aware you dont know me and have no reason to make me happy. but if you like making people happy please send me an invate to spotify an i will be very very happy :))) thank you

  26. patrick o'donnell says

    i paid for the premium for spotify playlists, setup everything but have not been able to make a connection for any of the play lists, i do not know why this ? i was have a user name and password and everything seem ok until i tried to make a connection. anyone want know the the reason for this ?

  27. Leo Kalinski says

    can anyone please send me a spotify invite

    would be highly grateful

    i have been waiting to get it for months, all my friends are using it and i have been to the very ends of the internet to find help

    many thanks in advance

  28. Frode says

    can anyone please send me a spotify invite

    would be highly grateful

    i have been waiting to get it for months, all my friends are using it and i have been to the very ends of the internet to find help

    many thanks in advance

  29. William Porter says

    Hello there! If anyone could send me a spotify code then i would be very grateful to them. I have been trying to get an account for ages and have had no luck so if someone could help me out that would be just fantastic!

    Many many thanks,


  30. William Porter says

    Hello there! If anyone could send me a spotify code then i would be very grateful to them. I have been trying to get an account for ages and have had no luck so if someone could help me out that would be just fantastic!

    Many many thanks,

    ps my email is

  31. Sarah says

    Please help, I have been trying to get a spotify code for ages, and was promised one but I never got it. I would be very grateful.

  32. Caz says

    Hey, I know there are about a billion of these requests, but if anybody has an invite code please could they toss it my way? I’ve been trying to find one, but my friends have all run out and my search has been fruitless.


    Thanks so much.

  33. charlotte says

    i join the masses and would love an invite from someone. if you have any spares (i know, big ask) i’ll be forever grateful. i’m dying to try this out!!
    many thanks,

  34. colin says

    Hi Guys, been trying to get a Shopify invite from these bloody surveys, doesnt work!
    would one of you nice people be kind enough to send me an invite?
    thanks very much.

  35. Louise says

    I realize this is a massively tall order BUT! I’m gonna ask anyway since I can’t seem to get a Spotify invite anywhere. Tried all the surveys etc and I don’t know anyone who has any left. Could some kind-hearted soul please, please, pretty please with a big cherry on top invite me? I’d really appreciate it. Cheers!

  36. Rachel!:) says

    please send me an invation i need spotify, can you download songs onto your i-pod from spotify?x

  37. tamara says

    heyyy i just downloaded spotify but now its asking for a user name and password but i dont have one

    can someone please send me a invatation plz
    email me at –

    thank you to who ever send me a invite :) x

  38. RDR says

    Hey guys,
    I would much appreciate it if you could provide me with a spotify invite. I will make sure, upon receiving the invite to do my part and invite others.
    My e-mail address is
    Thank you in advance!

  39. Tom says

    and theyve chhanged spotify so i can’t make an account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really wont 1

  40. Rupert says

    Just checked the site, it appears you no longer need an invite for ‘Spotify Open’. This is for the UK site, I don’t know about elsewhere though.

    Happy Listening

  41. Marco says

    I join the list of those asking for an invite, anyone with a spare invite to share?
    would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    email: mmanzi85 at

  42. Nuria says

    Guess what…?? I also want a spotify invite!
    Is there any good person that is actually sending codes to all these emails? Please put me on your list!!! I would very appreciate it. Thanks!

  43. Piia says


    Could somebody send me an invitation to Spotify!?
    Would lighten up the day of my dog too ;-)



  44. soulcalibur1990 says

    I would love to get spotify, but I need a code. Would a very nice person possibly invite mee? :D

  45. Jimmy says

    Please send me an invite – if you do, I will send you an email once a year (on your birthday?) reminding you that you are a truly awesome person.

    Or not, if you’d prefer not to be bothered…



  46. Halvoor says

    Hey! I would very much like a invite, please! Help out a music addict in need! If you have an invitation, please send to halaols at online dot no


  47. santeri says

    Hi! please can u send me Spotify invite code? Please, i’d really need that one =) Thank you. Can u send it to that email?

  48. Apostol4o says

    Guys! Please help me! I know I am not the only one here to ask for it, but I really want it! Apostol4o [at]

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