Spore Creature Creator Download Released

spore-logoThe Spore Creature Creator download is the pre-cursor to a new game that’s on the horizon from Will Wright, the creator of The Sims, this game is called ‘Spore’ – you’ll come to know that name well!

The main Spore game is due for release on PC on 5th September 2008. The aim of the game is to create your creature and evolve it into whatever you want it to be. Starting out as just single-cell organisms, the choices you make for the development of your species will have distinct effects as your creature evolves over time. Ultimately you can build an empire and decide to take over the galaxy, or be a peace keeping, fun loving creature.

The Spore creature creator download is available now for only £5 to get you started, with the main game coming in at around £30 when it’s released.

But if you fancy having a quick go at creating a creature now, then use the link below to download a FREE trial version of the Spore Creature Creator download which is great fun!! To get the full use out of the creator, you’ll have to buy the full version. But for £5, it’s definitely worth buying and then in most cases you should then get that money off the price when you buy the full game!


It’s being described as being a “massively single player” game as the creatures that people are creating now, are being added to the final games Sporepedia and these will then be added into your single player games as other species to encounter and play with/against! – There’s already over 2.7 millions creatures that people all over the world have created!

There will also be handheld versions so you can evolve your creatures while you’re on the move with your Nintendo DS!

It’s looking like a great game which could go on for quite while! It will surely be one of the games of the year – I could get really addicted to this!

The best price I’ve seen so far is £24.99 to pre-order Spore. Enjoy! – I think I will! Are you going to be playing Spore?

Spore Creature Creator Tutorial Video