Sony Vegas Pro 10 & Vegas Production Assistant 2 Announced – HD/3D Video & Audio Editing Software

sony-logoSony has unveiled two application updates, with the introduction of Vegas Pro 10 and Vegas Production Assistant 2. There are a number of features to mention in these new updates that are sure to get video editing pros and enthusiasts alike excited.

Sony Vegas Pro 10

Sony Vegas Pro 10, a professional HD video and audio editing and creation program, has been given quite a few features that make it a worthy upgrade from Vegas Pro 9.

One of the most notable introductions here is the ability to facilitate the creation of 3D projects using Stereoscopic 3D Editing. This allows users to import, adjust, edit, preview and export stereoscopic 3D projects natively without any additional tools or plug-ins. With 3D making large pushes for the big time in the past year, this is a key feature in any professional video editing application, and Sony of all companies were bound to pursue it eventually.

There is also improved support for closed captions, enabling broadcasters to preview captions in the Video Preview and Trimmer windows for increased accuracy and ease of editing. In addition to this, you can now export captions for Sony DVD Architect, YouTube, RealPlayer, QuickTime, and Windows Media Player.

If you’re working with content that has been captured using a handheld camera, you’ll most definitely appreciate the introduction of image stabilisation in the latest version of Vegas Pro, to get rid of those shaky moments. To accompany all of the new video editing features in Vegas Pro 10, users will welcome some enhanced audio tools, including Audio Event FX, which allows for more precise control over the placement of audio effects, meaning that editors are able to assign audio effects at the master output, bus level, track level and now at the event level for greater flexibility when working with multi-track projects.

“As the market leader in developing 3D technologies, Sony is focused on providing integrated professional 3D hardware and software products built for everyone from innovative broadcasters to inspired filmmakers,” said Dave Chaimson, Sony Creative Software vice president of global marketing. “With the upcoming launch of Vegas Pro 10, Sony now provides one of the industry’s most intuitive applications for natively editing 3D. In addition to providing tools that simplify professional 3D production, Vegas Pro 10 continues to innovate unique solutions for closed captioning, 5.1 surround sound, and widespread content distribution support to offer the most intuitive and progressive workflows for media production.”

Sony Vegas Production Assistant 2

Although it is often overlooked alongside Vegas Pro, Vegas Production Assistant has also been given a thorough update. This includes the auto-trim feature, which provides users with additional editing speed by automatically trimming pre- and post- roll from selected events on the timeline, helping to eliminate time wasted on the tedious but often necessary process.

In addition to this, users can look forward to annotated slugs, a template creation assistant, and automated file-based catalogue transfers.

“Many production houses, especially broadcast studios, often need to create additional custom scripts or small software applets to perform routine, tedious tasks, which wastes time and creates extra work for teams already facing limited budgets and tight deadlines,” Dave Chaimson, vice president of global marketing for Sony Creative Software. “Sony Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2 used with Vegas Pro provides a much faster and more seamless software solution by automating many of these common editing tasks. Using Sony Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2, editors can cut project time in half by having the software handle tasks such as processing footage directly from the camera media card, outputting a single source-file to any social media site, disc, or mobile device in various aspect ratios and bitrates and automatically controlling other procedures such as trims, slugs, cataloguing and lower thirds.”


Both Vegas Pro 10 and Vegas Production Assistant 2 will be available on the 11th October 2010. The UK RRP for Vegas Pro 10 is £549, and you can expect to shell out around £129 for Production Assistant. Have you used previous versions of the Sony Vegas video and audio editing software? Will you be upgrading to take advantage of the new and improved features?

Via – Sony Creative Software

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