Sony Netbook (Vaio W)

sony-vaio-w-netbookWhat’s this? Another Sony netbook? If you can remember back to CES 2009 you may recall the Sony ‘Netbook’ Vaio P Series which appeared to be Sony’s answer to the netbook due to its size, specs and general time of arrival but was horrendously expensive and thus probably deserved its official label of ‘Portable PC’ rather than the one of ‘Sony netbook’ that the public gave it. So it seemed that was all they were going to give us, but finally they have released their proper take on the netbook phenomenon….

Adding itself to the already expansive Vaio range the W series is a “chic new line of mini notebooks” (and yes, that does mean netbooks, we checked!) which is designed to be used as a “secondary PC” around the house, which immediately covers Sony’s backs from the exemption of 3G or GPS – they envisage this as something you would use around the house rather than when on the move (when presumably you should use some species of Vaio notebook).

The outside is easily identifiable as being a Sony (even if you didn’t see the massive silver Vaio and Sony logo) with a sleek simple design coming in three stupidly named colours – berry pink, sugar white and cocoa brown; I’d love to try and see a Sony PR manager trying to explain the difference between sugar white, pearl white, snow white or just white. However nice it looks, and although we cannot test it yet it, it looks sturdy and up to the job of being carried and banged around the house.

Inside it is worryingly generic with the same old specs and features – 1.6GHz Atom processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB Hard Drive (no talk of flash, so don’t hold your breath), Bluetooth, 802.11b/g/n, VGA out, two USB ports, Ethernet, webcam, MemoryStick / SD card readers and Windows XP (again no talk of Linux [or even Android]).

So, although it’s nice to see a real Sony netbook (and incredibly it should come in at a reasonable price of around £310), but it’s nothing massively new.

Via – Engadget


  1. The Average Windows Nerd says

    So the Sony is £50 more expensive than the Acer Aspire One because it’s a Sony, and the Medion is £400? You could buy a real notebook for that.

    Oh, hang on, I did! It’s a Toshiba Satellite L300D with a duel core CPU, 3GB of RAM and Vista Home Premium. It came from PC World, of all places.

    When they put a Core2 and mobile PCI-E in a Netbook, we’ll have something to talk about. Until then, I remain unimpressed.

    BTW, The Acer N10 is a re-jigged version of the Aspire One. Not worth the money if you already have the Aspire, but an exceptional Netbook in it’s own right.

    Gotta love that Acer ;-)

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