Zagg InvisibleShield Review – Scratch Proof Your Gadgets!

zagg-invisibleshield-iphoneEver since I first saw a video of how effective Zagg’s InvisibleShield was demonstrated to some delegates at CES where it looked as though it was unscratchable and unbreakable, I’ve wondered just how good it would hold up in actual use on your favourite hi-tech gadget in making it scratch-proof, well now I’ve had a chance to find out!

InvisibleShield is a urethane plastic coating which once applied to your hi-tech gadgets will make them essentially unscratchable – obviously that’s quite a claim, but given that this product was originally used by the military to protect helicopter rotor blades from being damaged, I thought that it was probably going to be good enough for my humble iPod 80GB, HTC Tytn II and PAYG iPhone.

Your InvisibleShield arrives packages in a small box containing the plastic protective film, spray, rubber squeegee and a good set of instructions which is just as well as I was a little cautious about spraying a liquid all over my brand new iPhone!

To highlight just how easy it is to apply this protection to your hi-tech gadgets, then I’d recommend just taking a look at the video below that outlines the entire process of applying your InvisibleShield to a product, specifically the iPhone 3G in this case, however there are plenty of other videos showing the install process for other devices on the InvisibleShield website.

This scratch protection system comes in several pre-cut custom sections (depending upon which device you have ordered it for) which makes applying it to your device much easier. In most cases InvisibleShield covers most of the device in question or you can buy some kits which just cover the actual screen, so the choice is your’s on that one.

Once applied, the great thing about having the InvisibleShield on your device (apart from now being safe from those dreaded scratches) is that unlike many other protective systems for your mobile phones, laptops etc, it is actually quite difficult to see that there is anything on your device other than it appearing a little shinier (who doesn’t like a shiny tech toy?) and a rubbery/grippier feel to it – so you now have less chance of it slipping out of your fingers!

If you’re looking for a good way of making your favourite hi-tech gadgets scratch-proof, then I’d definitely recommend you take a look at InvisibleShield, obviously it won’t protect your device from really tough impact damage like a rubber case or the like would, but equally this is effectively invisible, so this is a great bit of extra of protection which doesn’t spoil the original great design of your devices.


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