Runtastic iPhone, Android & BlackBerry App – Social Exercise Tracker Using GPS

runtastic-logo-iphone-android-blackberry-app-running-loggerDo you feel like you’re running to no avail when you are out and about on your own? Runtastic aims to change that, by creating a community driven effort that keeps track of all your achievements while you run, with apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and select sports watches.

The idea of Runtastic is pretty simple. You sign up for an account either in the application or on the Runtastic website, and then all of your runs are logged.

With the assistance of the GPS in your smartphone, you can see exactly how long you’ve run, how long it took you to run that distance and how many calories you’ve burned based on your average speed during your exercise. The developers even promise users “sexy voice feedback in English and German”, so if that’s not enough to get you running I don’t know what is!

If the ‘sexy’ feedback and community tracking isn’t enough to make you run faster, maybe the GPS drain on your smartphone’s battery will be! Either way, you can download the app for your mobile phone platform from your application store, or get a link via the Runtastic download page.

Have you used this kind of exercise tracking software applications on your mobile phone? Or do you use the Nike+ running sensor and iPhone app? Do you find these kinds of exercise logging systems motivational and useful for your fitness regime?


  1. says

    Android here (HTC Incredible, Droid before that).

    Newsrob – puts all my blogs to read in one place, updates on a schedule.

    Cragisnotifca – searches Craigslist for keywords on a scheduled update and notifies you of new postings


    SwiftKey – excellent keyboard replacement utility.

    Calorie Counter as I’ve pointed out so many times on here. :)

    Handcent SMS

    AppAlarm Pro

    WeatherBug Elite

    Astrid Tasks

    Camera 360 – just started playing with this, pretty cool tools!

    Key Ring – no more pesky store cards.

    ONN – Onion News Network


    WaveSecure – Hope I never have to use it!

    Google Maps of course!

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