Facebook iPad App Review

facebook-f-button-logoWe’ve known about its existence for months already, and we’ve even seen it accidentally bundled and leaked with the iPhone application, but we now, finally, have an official Facebook application in the iPad App Store.

Launched today, the app is a free download, and it’s available as a universal application which is compatible with both the Apple iPad and iPhone. [Read more...]

YouTube Movie Rentals Now Available In The UK

youtube-logoWith many Google releases, such as Google Voice, we usually have to wait a long time before they come over to our side of the pond. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with El Goog’s latest product to hit the internet.

More accurately, this new offering is actually an extension of an existing service, with movie rentals being offered to users through YouTube alongside other user uploaded videos. [Read more...]

Google eBookstore Launches In The UK

google-ebookstore-logoLove e-books but hate being tied down in an eco-system? Me too, and until now my only realistic option in the e-book market has been to use Amazon’s Kindle store and then remove the DRM from my purchased items so that I can read them on any devices that I may own in the future.

Thanks to Google’s eBookstore, however, there is some more choice available, which can only be good for consumers. Until now, it was only available in the USA, but today it has finally launched in the UK as well. [Read more...]

Apple Announces The iPhone 4S

iphone-4sThis is the big one! We’ve heard about iPods and saw a few more iOS 5 applications such as Cards and Find My Friends, but Apple has now unveiled the brand new – or not so brand new – iPhone as well.

There’s no doubt that this update to the iPhone is all about the software, with the hardware seeing no external changes whatsoever. This is exactly the same exterior as the iPhone 4, and you’d struggle to tell them apart. There have been a few changes made internally though… [Read more...]

iOS 5 To Be Released For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch On October 12th

apple-ios-logoIt seems like we’ve waited ages for iOS 5 to eventually reach the ‘golden master’ stage, when in fact it’s only been 4 months since it was originally announced back at WWDC in June.

Fortunately for any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch users out there, iOS 5 has reached that milestone today, and it now has a firm release date of October 12th. Need a refresher on the features that you can look forward to in the new OS? We’ve got you covered! [Read more...]

Apple Announces Find My Friends App For iOS 5

find-my-friends-logoDo you value your privacy? If you do, then you might want to look away sometime soon, as Apple has just announced a new feature which will be coming to iOS 5: Find My Friends.

All privacy jokes aside, Find My Friends looks like quite an interesting feature. If you’re meeting friends and want to find them, you can ask them to turn the feature on from their iPhone, and they will become visible on a map, enabling you to find them. [Read more...]

Apple Announces Cards App For iOS

cards-ios-logoWe already saw what iOS 5 will have to offer in June, but at their event today, Apple announced an additional application for the upcoming operating system: Cards.

Cards is, essentially, a service which is similar to UK offerings such as moonpig.com, through which you can create and customise your own cards from your browser and then send them to the person of your choice.

Using the app, which will be a separate download to iOS 5, users will be able to create and (snail) mail cards to recipients straight from their iPhone. All of the cards can be customised with custom pictures and text from your iPhone, and will be printed on high quality paper before being sent. [Read more...]

Apple Refreshes iPod Touch And iPod Nano

new-ipod-nano-splashWe knew that today’s event was going to focus on the new iPhone, but it’s also that time of year that Apple refreshes its line-up of iPods.

If you were expecting a lot of iPod news today after Apple’s traditional September event didn’t happen, you’ll be left fairly underwhelmed. The only models to get a refresh today were the iPod Nano and iPod Touch. The iPod Shuffle remains exactly the same as last year, and lossless lovers will be glad to know that rumours of the iPod Classic’s death were greatly exaggerated, as it’s also still available to buy from Apple’s online store. [Read more...]

It’s Official! Star Trek: The Next Generation Being Remastered For Blu-Ray Release In 2012

star-trek-tng-blu-ray-coverEver since the original Star Trek series was remastered and released on to blu-ray in 2009, there have been countless rumours of The Next Generation receiving the same treatment. Now, its release has been confirmed thanks to a post on startrek.com.

The Next Generation on blu-ray won’t be hitting our shelves until 2012, and even then it won’t be coming all at once, but there’s a good reason for this. Instead of simply upconverting the existing content and throwing it on blu-ray to make a tidy profit, the producers of the new blu-ray version are using the original 35mm film and working through over 25,000 reels of footage to make the video look as good as possible. [Read more...]