Hackers Gain Access To Steam’s Database, Compromise User Information

steam-logoIf you’re a user of Steam, the popular digital game distribution service, then you may want to log on and change your password the next chance that you get. Last week, Steam forums were hacked, with posts containing redirect links to Fkn0wned.com.

Now, it has been revealed by Gabe Newell, the co-founder of Valve, that the forums weren’t all that were compromised during the attack. [Read more...]

iPhone 4S Review

iphone-4sIf the blogosphere was to be believed in the build up to Apple’s new iPhone, I should be sitting down to review an incredibly thin new device right now. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. From afar, the iPhone 4S is indistinguishable from the iPhone 4. In fact, it’s indistinguishable up close as well, except for a slightly altered antenna around the edge of the device.

That doesn’t mean to say that this upgrade is insignificant, though. Far from it, in fact. Shipping with the brand new iOS 5 and improved internals, the 4S makes for a solid upgrade to what many consider to be the world’s best smartphone. If you’re thinking of making the jump yourself, read on to see what I make of Apple’s latest and greatest. [Read more...]

iOS 5 For iPad Review

apple-ios-logoHaving already taken a look at iOS 5 for iPhone, you may be wondering why we’re taking a second look at Apple’s latest mobile operating system for the iPad. Although it is indeed the same operating system running on both devices, there are subtle differences between the iPad and iPhone versions of the software, and some features are more prominent on the big(ger) screen too.

With that said, if you’re an iPad owner wanting to upgrade to iOS 5 then take a look at what the new software has in store for you after the jump!

Note: For our full review of iOS for the iPhone, check out our original post. This review concentrates mainly on Newsstand, iMessage and notifications.

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iOS 5 For iPhone Review

apple-ios-logoTwo good things happened at Apple’s event earlier this month: firstly, we finally got to see the new iPhone which, although not as extravagant as the rumour mill would have had us believe, is a great jump from the previous iPhone thanks to the introduction of Siri in iOS 5. Secondly, we actually got a release date for iOS 5, and it will be landing on an iPhone near you today!

If you’re a little cautious about downloading new software before reading some reviews first, then worry not, because we’ve done all of the leg work for you!

Note: This review does not include ‘Siri’, the voice control software found on the new iPhone 4S. If you want to read about Siri, head over to our iPhone 4S review, and you will find all of our thoughts there.

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Huawei E586 MiFi For Three Review (Mobile Broadband Modem/Hotspot)

huawei-e586We took a look at the Huawei E367, a 3G broadband dongle on Three UK, a few months ago back in the summer, and despite a sleek looking exterior, it failed to impress when it came down to setting the unit up and running real life speed tests.

Fast forward a few months, and I’m sat here with the latest mobile wi-fi offering from Three: the Huawei E586 MiFi which is the lastest model of the Three Mobile MiFi that we also reviewed earlier in the year and really liked.

This MiFi unit has a number of fundamental differences from the traditional broadband dongle most mobile networks have on offer, the most obvious of which is that it doesn’t connect to a computer over USB. Instead, it broadcasts its own wireless signal so that you can connect more than one device at a time, and use devices that don’t support USB, such as the iPad. [Read more...]

Facebook iPad App Review

facebook-f-button-logoWe’ve known about its existence for months already, and we’ve even seen it accidentally bundled and leaked with the iPhone application, but we now, finally, have an official Facebook application in the iPad App Store.

Launched today, the app is a free download, and it’s available as a universal application which is compatible with both the Apple iPad and iPhone. [Read more...]

YouTube Movie Rentals Now Available In The UK

youtube-logoWith many Google releases, such as Google Voice, we usually have to wait a long time before they come over to our side of the pond. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with El Goog’s latest product to hit the internet.

More accurately, this new offering is actually an extension of an existing service, with movie rentals being offered to users through YouTube alongside other user uploaded videos. [Read more...]

Google eBookstore Launches In The UK

google-ebookstore-logoLove e-books but hate being tied down in an eco-system? Me too, and until now my only realistic option in the e-book market has been to use Amazon’s Kindle store and then remove the DRM from my purchased items so that I can read them on any devices that I may own in the future.

Thanks to Google’s eBookstore, however, there is some more choice available, which can only be good for consumers. Until now, it was only available in the USA, but today it has finally launched in the UK as well. [Read more...]

Apple Announces The iPhone 4S

iphone-4sThis is the big one! We’ve heard about iPods and saw a few more iOS 5 applications such as Cards and Find My Friends, but Apple has now unveiled the brand new – or not so brand new – iPhone as well.

There’s no doubt that this update to the iPhone is all about the software, with the hardware seeing no external changes whatsoever. This is exactly the same exterior as the iPhone 4, and you’d struggle to tell them apart. There have been a few changes made internally though… [Read more...]