MiniLyrix For Mac OS X Review

minilyrix-mac-logoWith so many sources of music available on the internet, it’s no surprise that iTunes libraries continue to grow and grow (and grow and grow), but despite all of this music in our libraries, there aren’t many programs out there that can provide you with lyrics to the song that you’re currently listening to.

MiniLyrix is a very small (0.5mb) application which is available from the Mac App Store, and it pulls all of the lyrics information from the id3 tags of the track which is currently playing. This means that if you have an unorganised mess of a music library, this isn’t an application that you’ll want to use. For the perfectionists among us who have perfectly tagged libraries, read on. [Read more…]

USB Microscope Allows For 400x Magnification, Large Sized Viewing On Your Monitor

USB-MicroscopeDo you feel the need for something more to help you procrastinate at work? Are you tired of the USB desktop fan already? Then take note, readers! I present to you the USB Microscope.

Giving you 400x magnification, the microscope connects to your PC via USB and allows you to zoom in on object that you place underneath it. Simply plug it in, install the necessary software which is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X 10.5 or above, and admire the view of that seriously dirty desk of yours! [Read more…]

The USB Negative Scanner Allows You To Digitise Your Old Negative Photos

USB-Negative-ScannerIf you’re like me, you will have boxes and boxes of old negative photos that are never seen because they aren’t on your computer, and often get forgotten.

If you want to take all those negatives and make digital copies of them, it’s as easy as putting them through this USB negative scanner, which will transfer them to your computer for you! Simple.

When you put your negatives through the scanner, you can change various settings for importing them, such as the colour depth and dpi using the supplied software.

You won’t need to worry about using batteries or the mains to power the scanner either as it can be fully powered via USB, no alternate power source necessary. [Read more…]

Straight Out Of Sci-Fi, The Anti-Gravity Platform Will Make Any Object Under 85g Float In Mid-Air!

Anti-Gravity PlatformThere’s cool, then there’s awesome, then there’s anti-gravity at the top of the technical food chain! This one is so cool it’s not a question of whether you should buy it, the question is how much time you should spend admiring the supplied globe float. In mid air. Above the platform.

I’m not kidding around either, as the anti-gravity platform utilises insanely powerful magnets to levitate the included globe that you can place above it. It will float, rotate, and look super cool wherever you put it – it’s straight out of Star Trek! There are even LEDs around the base to add a little extra “nerd” to the package. [Read more…]

The USB Desktop Fan Will Keep You Cool When You’re Working

usb-desktop-fanUSB peripherals have been all the rage in the past few years, and it appears that this year is no exception. If you live in the UK right now your first priority may not be keeping cool, but preventing an early death thanks to hypothermia, but you can never plan too far ahead for the future, right?

If your office always seems like a warm, stuffy place to work, then you may be interested in the USB Desktop Fan offered by Firebox. This one couldn’t be much simpler: simply plug the fan in to a spare USB port in to your computer, and relax as you’re cooled down by a gust of fresh air. [Read more…]

Bigtrak! The Programmable Rover Ready To Obey Your Every Command

BigtrakYou remember this little fella, right? Bigtrak is a programmable vehicle that can remember up to 16 commands (and loop those 16 commands for as long as you want it to) and infuriate you as it bumps in to every object imaginable as you send it on a mission across the living room!

So how exactly do you control the thing? Well, on the top of the device is a 23 button keypad which allows you to specify which direction you want it to go and how many lengths it should go in a particular direction. You can tell it to rotate any number of degrees, too, sending it on a wild goose chase for the sole purpose of wreaking havoc with your resident pet.
[Read more…]

LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 Review (PS3)

lego-harry-potter-years-5-7-ps3-coverThere’s no more books and no more films, so it’s a welcome sight to see the second installment of the LEGO Harry Potter games hit our shelves. Yet another LEGO game of a popular movie franchise hits our shelves, and I can see how some people could get bored by the amount that are out there. But these games are just too damn fun. So what makes LEGO Harry Potter years 5-7 different from the rest and worth your money?
[Read more…]

Why Are Trains So Technophobic?

NationalRailWe live in a society where everything is transitioning over to 0s and 1s. People are ditching Sky to watch TV online through services such as BBC’s iPlayer and we are consuming more mobile data over 3G networks than ever before.

Despite this, certain industries are finding it more difficult than others to make the transition over to the digital age. As I write this, I’m sat in a railway station waiting to catch the last train home, because I missed my earlier one by 30 seconds. Why? Partially due to my horrendously bad planning skills and partially due to the fact that I had to print my pre-ordered tickets as I entered the station. [Read more…]

AppleCare Review: A Worthwhile Investment Or Money Down The Drain?

applecare-boxFor the uninitiated, AppleCare is an additional insurance option offered by Apple, that provides you with extra protection for your Macs, iPhone and iPad. Many people unfamiliar with Apple products may question why you’d need such a plan; after all, when you buy any other electronic item such as a TV, the likelihood of you taking out extra protection on it is minimal.

Maybe it’s the transparency of AppleCare that makes it such a tempting offer for many buyers. It can be quite comforting for someone buying an Apple product for the first time to be taken through the plan step by step by a genius in a brightly coloured t-shirt, and let’s face it, who can say no to a lovely genius in the Apple store? [Read more…]

Burnside Easy Answer II Helps Seniors To Cut The Cord, Leaving Their Landline Phones Behind

Burnside-easy-answer-iiWhen you think of “cutting the cord”, you would tend to relate it to tech savvy individuals who want to change the way that they consume media and take calls. It’s certainly not a phrase that you would often associate with the older generation.

Landline telephones have been around for a considerable amount of time, and their reliability is still better than that of a mobile phone when you want to make a call. That being said, there are numerous disadvantages to owning a landline phone, too, the most obvious of which is the line rental fee that you have to pay to stay connected, regardless of whether you actually use your phone at all.

For seniors living in the UK, this just adds to the already high cost of living in many areas. According to Burnside’s press release, ‘four million people over 65 now live alone and 2 million are still living on less than 60% of the median UK income, after housing costs’. Clearly, cost matters. [Read more…]