Boxee 1.5 For Windows, Mac And Linux Review

boxee-logoI’m a huge fan of Boxee’s media centre software, having used it for three years now. Since the release of the Boxee Box in 2010, however, development of the PC version has suffered from a lack of support and updates.

We’ve been promised Boxee 1.0, the same version that originally shipped on the Boxee Box, for over a year now, but it turns out that all this time the Boxee team was hard at work creating Boxee 1.5 for the PC instead, bringing it right in line with the software that’s currently available on the set top box. That’s the good news. The bad news is that this update is the last that we’ll see Boxee ship for the PC, as the company is now focusing all of its resources on the Boxee Box instead, which you can’t really blame them for as that’s where the revenue is. So is Boxee 1.5 for PC the grand finale that we’ve all been waiting for, or is it an anti-climax to compete with LOST’s finale? Let’s take a look and find out! [Read more...]

CBS Releases New Star Trek: TNG Remastered Footage

star-trek-tng-blu-ray-coverSince finding out that Star Trek: The Next Generation was undergoing a serious remastering and high definition transfer to Blu-Ray in September, I’ve been very eager to see more footage when the sample disc was released at the end of this month.

Don’t worry, those three episodes are still coming right on schedule at the end of January, but CBS has decided to give us a little sneak peek of what we can expect from the transfer. The video contains scenes from ‘Encounter at Farpoint’, the pilot of The Next Generation, and shows the previous standard definition version next to the newly remastered high definition version side by side. [Read more...]

Lenovo Announces The ThinkPad T430u Ultrabook At CES

Hot on the heels of Lenovo’s new ThinkPad X1 is another new ThinkPad announcement that it seems everyone is getting in on at this year’s CES: a ThinkPad ultra book.

It seems as though every manufacturer on the show floor is carrying an ultrabook this year, and Lenovo is no exception. The company’s latest announcement, the ThinkPad T430u, starts at $849 and packs a punch with an impressive array of specifications. [Read more...]

Lenovo Unveils The Hybrid ThinkPad X1 With Dual Windows – Linux Boot Options

Reports concerning the impending death of the conventional notebook have been greatly exaggerated. They certainly aren’t going to be replaced by tablets anytime soon; professionals and regular consumers around the globe use them on a daily hourly basis, so it’s great to see them getting the attention that they deserve from companies such as Lenovo at this year’s CES.

One of the biggest issues with conventional notebooks is the poor battery life that they achieve. Many new models coming to market can barely reach 3 hours without completely dying, so it’s naturally become a major issue for a lot of manufacturers.

We’ve been promised new battery technology for many years now, and it’s never arrived. Processors have become more efficient, but there’s only so much that hardware optimisation for minimum power consumption can achieve. As a result, Lenovo has turned to software to solve their problem. [Read more...]

How To Enable Text Copying In OS X’s Quick Look

mac-finder-logoQuick Look is a feature that was introduced in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and has remained part of the operating system since, receiving a facelift in the latest release, Mac OS X 10.7.

If you’re browsing through your files in Finder and you’d like to preview a file before opening it, you can simply hit the spacebar and see it without opening a full program. You can’t, however, copy text from within that file. Not by default anyway. [Read more...]

Invisor For Mac Review

I really dislike optical media. This partly stems from the fact that I am incredibly clumsy and tend to have a tech-related accident at least three times a week, and it also stems from the amount of space that optical media takes in cupboards and on shelves and underneath televisions. You get the idea.

So for any one of the reasons listed above, I do my best to keep optical media at a minimum. To ensure I don’t compromise on quality, a big part of this effort involves remuxing (ripping, without compression) my blu-ray discs with MakeMKV whilst keeping the original video and audio tracks uncompressed and at the best quality possible.
[Read more...]

Sparrow 1.5 For Mac Review

The last time we looked at Sparrow for the Mac, it was fresh off its original release and creating quite a bit of buzz on various blogs and social networks. It takes a lot of good design work to take email down to a Twitter sized client but the Sparrow team managed it well, creating an application that was as minimalist as possible whilst doing a lot of the things a full sized client such as Mail or Postbox could do.

Despite this, there were a few key features missing from Sparrow when it first launched, and the user interface had a tendency to be a little too simple at times. With this in mind, the Sparrow team has just updated the application to version 1.5 and there are a number of new features well worth checking out, so let’s get to it! [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia 800 Review

nokia-lumia-800-groupAfter a much hyped launch, many Windows Phone 7 devices saw underwhelming sales figures in their first year on the market. With the inability to apply custom skins and unique features to devices, manufacturers such as HTC have so far failed to turn Microsoft’s new mobile operating system into the storming success as they have done with Android, but that hasn’t stopped Nokia from going all in with Windows Phone.

Following a lacklustre performance from Symbian devices up against competitors such as the iPhone, Nokia certainly needs to side with the right software provider for their latest generation of smartphones, and Microsoft seemed like the only logical choice outside of Google’s Android, which the Finnish company seems reluctant to consider.

The first flagship Windows Phone 7 device to come out of Nokia is the Lumia 800, which is available on Three here in the UK. With Nokia’s hardware and Microsoft’s software this phone should blow the competition away, but does it live up to expectations or fall flat on its face? Let’s take a closer look… [Read more...]

Sky Sports News iPad App (2012) Review

sky-sports-news-ipad-app-logoWith the current football season well under way and an exciting FA Cup weekend fast approaching, BSkyB has launched a brand new Sky Sports app for the iPad, which takes a lot of cues from the existing Sky News app that was released on the iPad in the Spring of last year.

Curiously, the old Sky Sports News app which is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad has remained on the App Store, with this new version simply being called “Sky Sports News for iPad” in the App Store. Not to bother, we’ve gotten around that particular confusion and installed the app so that you can see all the good and bad things that it has to offer! [Read more...]

TruLink 3-Play Component Video / Digital Audio Selector Review

With so many high definition gadgets and devices surrounding our TVs nowadays, it’s no surprise that people are starting to run out of ports at the back of their units.

If you’re in that situation with your component video and digital audio devices, then this TruLink splitter may provide you with some relief. It consists of three inputs leading to one output, allowing you to choose between the three inputs each time you want to use a peripheral with your TV. [Read more...]