Edifier Prime USB PC Speakers Review

Edifier_Prime_USB_PC_SpeakersSo here’s the latest offering from previously impressive audio manufacturer Edifier, who gave us the Luna Encore and USB Soundbar earlier in the year, which struck a perfectly strung chord and had me waxing lyrical on all manner of aspects. Audio quality was consistently great across the range, as was value for money and design, so there’s a lot to live up to for these speakers designed for your PC. [Read more...]

How To Keep Your Android Phone In Sync With Your Mac

android-macAndroid has come a long way since the days of Cupcake. Four desserts later, and new Android phones are rocking Android 2.3, otherwise known as Gingerbread, which has already made its way on to lots of handsets across the world.

If you’ve recently adopted Android, you may be surprised to see that there is no dedicated application for keeping all of your data in sync with your computer, at least not on most phones. Android makes sure that everything from your contacts to your application history is synced with the cloud, but what happens when you want to transfer those contacts over to your Mac? [Read more...]

How To Keep Your Android Phone In Sync With Your Windows PC

android-windowsKeeping all of the data on your phone in check is hard enough without having to worry about keeping it all synced and organised across your other devices too, but without a closed system like Apple’s iOS and iTunes relationship, it’s pretty hard to keep all of your Android data in one place locally.

Despite all of your information being in the cloud, if you wanted to access your contacts locally on your PC, you’d have a pretty tough time doing so, as Microsoft doesn’t include a tool within Windows to sync with any cloud services like you can with some of Apple’s applications in Mac OS X. This means that you’ll need a bit more third party software than you would on the Mac, but it’s still manageable! [Read more...]

Nuance OmniPage 18 For Windows Review

omnipage-18As much as we’d like to maintain a paperless lifestyle, it’s still pretty difficult to get by purely in the digital realm. Whether we’re being sent bills in the mail or given handouts at a conference, paper still surrounds us every day of our lives. If you do wish to maintain a paperless lifestyle, you could always scan in those documents and save them as images, but that becomes messy fairly quickly, and you can’t annotate an image either. So, what’s the answer? Optical character recognition. More commonly known as ‘OCR’, this technique is exactly what Nuance uses in its OmniPage software, which allows you to scan in your documents and have them converted to editable, digital files. [Read more...]

PC Tools Internet Security 2011 Review

pc-tools-internet-security-2011This time last year, we took a look at PC Tools’ Internet Security application for Windows, and I was fairly impressed by its performance when scanning your machine for malware. The dated XP style user interface, however, left a lot to be desired. One year on, we’re here again to look at the 2011 version, so have the UI issues been ironed out or is it the same old program? Let’s take a closer look. [Read more...]

Maclove Titan iPad Stand – Perfect Accessory For Your iMac Desk!

maclove-titan-ipad-standWith Apple’s tablet being more popular than ever, iPad stands have proven to be a great accessory for many owners. To say that the market for stands is saturated would be an understatement; we covered 5 of the best iPad stands last year, and since then many more have made their way in to the limelight.

One such stand worth taking a good look at is the iMac-styled ‘Maclove Titan for iPad’ stand. [Read more...]

F1 2011 Game Preview (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

f1-2011-game-cover-artF1 finally came back to the PC and major consoles last year in the form of Codemaster’s F1 2010 video game and, the occasional AI and pit-stop bug aside, it certainly lived up to the hype receiving widespread critical acclaim including a gaming BAFTA for best sports game.

However, whilst the game created a solid base there was still much room for improvement and so this year’s version of the franchise aims to build on the successes of last year whilst learning from the mistakes, and all indications suggest that there have been some substantial leaps forward in F1 2011.

The first major change in the game mirrors those occurring in the sport in real life: the rules. DRS (which stands for ‘Drag Reduction System’) and KERS (‘Kinetic Energy Recovery System) have both been introduced into the sport this year as a way to increase the excitement of races; the former opens a rear-wing flap reducing drag (and thus increasing speed) whilst the latter gives a speed boost from a battery charged under breaking. Both of these technologies along with the new Pirelli tyres  have proven very effective at creating interesting races in real life, and there is no reason given that they are present in the game that they will not do the same.
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Why eBook Readers Should Not Merge With, Or Be Replaced By Tablets!

amazon-kindle-3-graphite-colourBack in 2004 when Sony pioneered the impending gigantic, yet partial, shift from physical books to electronic ones by adopting, for the first time, e-ink technology in its LIBRIé reader, the premise was simple: this was a device that you could take anywhere, read anywhere just like a normal book, yet consolidate your entire collection onto a microchip. It’s much the same principle as the iPod or any other portable media player.

Whilst Sony was the first to adopt the electronic paper tech, it was Amazon who certainly made great strides with eBooks in its Kindle e-reader device and service, and since then the market has never looked back and eBooks are now outselling their physical counterparts on Amazon.

For the past few years, this notion has been kept relatively straightforward. The core technology behind the devices has always been the same, despite a few aesthetic changes or enhancements here and there, not really having a dramatic impact on day to day usage of eBook readers. Now, though, the industry is changing phenomenally quickly, and more and more manufacturers are attempting to converge eReaders with tablets. And it’s wrong.
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Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D Review (Nintendo 3DS)

zelda-ocarina-of-time-3d-nintendo-3ds-coverZelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is a remake of the original game which was released on the N64 in 1998. Many consider the N64 version to be one of the best games of all time. This game was the first in the Zelda series to be a 3D polygon world and it was also the first game that introduced the left trigger targeting system, which has since been used by everything from third person actions games to role playing games.

So What’s Different?

One of the major differences is the actual graphics themselves. The Nintendo 3DS version isn’t just a simple port of the N64, but more of a repainting. The game’s visuals have been completely revamped by Japanese developer Grezzo, but the game has kept the same gameplay engine. Grezzo’s intention was to try and make the game look like the original concept art rather than to make it look like Zelda Twilight Princess.
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E3 2011 Games Conference Review

e3-logoThe Electronic Entertainment Expo (otherwise known as E3) is a strange and fantastical beast of a convention. Large companies forgo their everyday suits and shareholder meetings to install fully-fledged stylised buildings within Los Angeles convention centre’s great halls, complete with multiple floors, ventilation, windows, backrooms and theatres.

These strange architectures are then rammed with PR trying to sell games they understand little of, developers nervous and agitated at the prospect of doing hundreds of almost identical interviews and ‘booth babes’ clueless as to what’s going on at all. And thus a literal gaming city is erected for the sole purpose of hype; most of it we see, some of it, such as the all together more business-like buyer meetings and VIP rooms, we don’t.

This year’s E3 closed its doors to 46800 attendees, with what I imagine were very varied opinions, even more so than most previous years like E3 2010. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, the console companies, are usually the hot topics at E3, yet despite the Wii U’s reveal and an explosion of details concerning the PS Vita, the third party developers seem to have been the show’s natural focus, whether the big three liked it or not. Whether this speaks to the quality of the games or the hardware developers’ shortcomings is for you to decide.
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