Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta – Free Download!

opera-browser-logoOpera recently released a new beta of their mobile phone internet browser called Opera Mobile 9.5 replacing their current Opera Mini browser which costs around £15.

I’ve had a HTC Tytn II Windows Mobile based smartphone for around 3 months now and I find it’s really useful being able to install free applications such as Google Maps and Google Mail which work great. However, my Internet browsing has been severely limited, mainly due to the poor performance of Internet Explorer Mobile which has real difficultly in displaying most of the websites that I visit on daily basis.

Couple this with all the media coverage surrounding the browsing abilities of the iPhone 3G and you can start to feel like you’re missing out, especially when you’ve got a data plan not being used that’s burning a hole in your pocket so to speak!

So when I stumbled across this nifty little free beta that you can download and install onto your Windows Mobile device, I tried it out right away!

Admittedly, I’ve not actually used an iPhone hands-on before, but the Opera Mobile 9.5 certainly looks to have the basic functionality of the iPhone’s Safari mobile internet browser. For instance, being able to handle loading up standard web pages in a ‘zoomed out’ full-screen view, give it a quick double-tap on the screen and it will zoom in so you can read the text in full, you can then ‘drag’ the screen around the zoomed in site.

I’m really impressed by this free beta version which works really well for me – I’ve had the occasional crash, but I can certainly forgive that at this stage of development.

There’s no release date for the final version of Opera Mobile 9.5 yet or a price, however I did hear on the PC Pro podcast this week that Opera are still deciding about pricing – apparently it could possibly be released as free software! Even if it isn’t, assuming the crashing is resolved, I think it’s certainly worth £10 to £15 of my money!

In the meantime, if you want a cool looking and functional mobile internet browser, I’d recommend you check out the free Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta.


  1. Gentle Kizito says

    I think Opera is the world best mobile browsing application. It’s much better than the original browser that came with your phone. I recommend Opera for everyono

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