Nokia ‘Design By Community’ Mobile Phone Concept Is Complete – Is It Your Ideal Handset?

nokia-u-community-designed-mobile-phone-concept-front-back-viewBack in March Nokia came up with a surprisingly novel idea: “why not let the public design the kind of phone they would actually like?”, they then labelled this idea Design by Community and over a series of months enlisted the help of thousands of people to try and create “the ultimate concept device” and this week Nokia have released the final renders of the result of all that effort: the Nokia U.

Unfortunately it is purely an exercise in design, research and democracy and the finished product is no more than a concept, but it does give an interesting picture into what the public really want from their phones, and will hopefully help guide manufacturers towards creating phones which users really want.

There is one obvious problem with asking people to create their ultimate mobile phone, that being that people tend to move outside the box of ‘realistic’ and into the dirty world of ‘wouldn’t it be cool if…’ but fortunately Nokia foresaw this and instead guided people through a series of stages which looked at each element of the build in turn and came up with solutions one at a time.

The results of these 18,000 votes were then passed on to the Nokia design team who set about creating three concept sketches which were then shown back to the public who chose a final winner to be rendered which is what Nokia have shown us this week… in fact even the name (the Nokia U) was voted for.

Of course as I’ve mentioned this will not become a reality, but it does give an insight in to what people really want from a phone, so I’ll have a quick look at the specs that have come out of this experiment and look at how good a phone it would actually be.

nokia-u-community-designed-mobile-phone-concept-top view
For a start it looks very sleek with a 4 inch 16:9 touchscreen that takes up the majority of the form and is tastefully designed with an aluminium case and soft touch silver/black finish; an auto lens cover hides an 8 megapixel camera with 4X optical zoom, a dual LED and Xenon flash and HD video capture.

The ideas that came up regarding the operating system were a lot more interesting, and I think manufacturers should definitely take note of what people really want from their OS: for a start the Nokia ‘U’ can support multiple operating systems (presumably allowing you to choose) with the standard being open source with unlimited multitasking.

It should also sport temperature and location sensors so that your phone can constantly monitor where you are and what the conditions are like, support device-based storage and have the majority of the OS to respond to touch control.

With regards to connectivity the wants of the public aren’t that surprising with HDMI, USB3 and 802.11 n/b/g all being available along with a cable charger and Dolby Surround Sound; the final thing that people wanted was a kinetic power booster which presumably uses the energy created by moving the phone around (such as in your pocket when walking) into juice for your battery – this would tie-in well with Nokia’s previous plans for a self-charging mobile phone.

So although we will never be seeing the Nokia U, which is a bit of a shame as a lot of effort has been put into it, we will hopefully see these wants taken on board for future design and being used to influence what we see in the future, and if this and some of their previous phones like the Nokia E71 is anything to go by they will be pretty good!

But who knows, if it proves to have been a successful project for Nokia, we might see manufacturers doing this for other types of products such as netbooks, perhaps we’ll see a community-driven design for the next Nokia Booklet 3G netbook?

Are all the features that you would want in a mobile phone concept included in this one? What else would you want to see in your ideal phone handset?

Via – Nokia