Left 4 Dead 2 Preview

left-4-dead-2-pc-coverOh yeah, there are more hordes of zombies coming! ‘Left 4 Dead 2’ has been announced at E3 2009, the sequel to Valve’s hit co-operative multiplayer game of 2008 in which you play your way through several zombie movie style scenarios with up to 3 of your friends to back you up…or to leave you for dead quite literally! As was the case with a so-called friend of mine who legged it to safety on a boat whiles the rest of us got sacrificed in a farmhouse! Not that I’m bitter or anything…in being Left 4 Dead too…honest! 😉

It’s not that long since I first played Left 4 Dead having been a little late to that particular zombie party; however it’s still only 6 months since it was initially released. Despite there having been talk of downloadable content (DLC) updates to this game, which appear to have been limited in what they’ve provided as the SDK kit which is the editor that would allow people to create their own campaigns hasn’t even been finished yet. A little annoying given I’m eager to see new levels after we played through the original 4 campaign/movie scenarios in one week, so I was hoping this would extend the life of the game a bit for me, whether this still happens with Left 4 Dead 4 being announced I’m not sure.

Left 4 Dead 2 has a release date of 17th November 2009 – just a year after the first one launched, clearly Valve are keen to push out a whole new version, they’ve obviously got lots of new content and features to add and feel that make it into a sequel that they can charge full price for, I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact they were selling it cheap a while back with their Left 4 Dead 50% off sale – get people on-board at a reduced price so you have a larger userbase to buy the sequel?


In Left 4 Dead 2 we’ll see a bunch of additions to the existing game rather than things being replaced, here are just some of the new additions:

  • New characters – each of the new characters in the game will now get a better back-story as to who they are.
  • New zombie types – for example, The Charger is like a cross between a Tank and common infected with one large mutant arm which is used to shoulder-charge you. Also, Witches can now wander around, so it’s not so easy to avoid disturbing them.
  • New weapons – there is a new sniper rifle and also a host of melee weapons such as baseball bats, axes, frying pans and chainsaws!
  • New weather effects – the major difference here is that some of the campaigns take place in the daylight, this should definitely add a different feel to the game!

Valve have also explained that ‘The Director’ which is the AI that tweaks and changes the gaming experience each time you play the game, will also have more control of the game in Left 4 Dead 2, not just in terms of zombie horde attacks, but also now in how it provides layout changes of certain sections of the campaign and how it distributes ammo dumps.

Overall, it sounds like Value have added a lot of new stuff and made changes where necessary to make an even better game in Left 4 Dead 2, as much as I’ve have liked a free downloadable update, I’ve a feeling I’ll still be wanting to pay for the sequel to one of the best co-op multiplayer games out there when it’s released on the 17th November 2009.


Via – Rock, Paper, Shotgun