Jak and Daxter HD Collection Announced

jak_and_daxter_imageAs you may know, I have quite a love for the Jak and Daxter franchise so you can only guess my excitement when the Jak and Daxter HD Collection was finally announced.

Ever since I played the first Jak and Daxter game back in 2001, I’ve been completely hooked with the loveable duo and have bought ever iteration of the game since. I was quite disappointed with The Lost Frontier which was released on the PSP and ported over to the PS2 and wasn’t a proper Jak and Daxter game in my opinion. I’ve been dying for Naughty Dog to bring us the sequel we’ve all been screaming for, and this goes some way to filling that void.

Of course Naughty Dog have been a bit pre-occupied with a little franchise called Uncharted on the Playstation 3. You might have heard of it. So I think we can forgive them somewhat for delaying Jak and Daxters first PS3 outing.

Anywho, I’ve recently replayed the first 2 Jak and Daxter games and have kept thinking how nice they would look with updated HD visuals, and now my wish has come true. To see Sandover Village, Rock Village and Haven City once again in all it’s glory will be a joyous occasion for this nerd.

I can see the Jak and Daxter HD collection selling quite a few copies which will hopefully make Naughty Dog stop and think “hhhmmm. We’re not going to release Uncharted 4 until the Playstation 4 is released, so why don’t we make Jak 4?”

The new addition to the ever popular HD collections, which is starting to mount up, is rumoured for a release date of January 20 2012 and I’m constantly refreshing my webpage waiting for the pre-order button to pop up.

Are you excited about that Jak and Daxter will finally be getting their HD face lift? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE: We originally told you that there was a rumoured released date of January 20 2012. Well it’s now changed to a couple of weeks later sometime in February. No official date has yet been announced, but what’s a couple of more weeks to wait for something I’ve been waiting years for. Check out the cheeky teaser trailer too. Ah the lurker bashing memories.

Via – Playstation Blog