Iron Man 2 Trailer #2

iron-man-2-poster-war-machineA new Iron Man 2 trailer is doing the rounds on the big WWW and it’s looking like it could be just as good, if not even better than the first. From what I saw, it looks like Tony Stark is lapping up his new found mega fame as Iron Man, but the US government aren’t best pleased and want Iron Man to be owned by the US Military.

A bit more is shown of Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash and of Iron Man and War Machine fighting together which does look pretty awesome! There’s also a new Iron Man suit this time around which looks like a portable suit of some kind that Tony Stark can carry around with him, but don’t worry, the red and gold suit is still there.

Samuel L. Jackson makes an appearance as Nick Fury which is great too see as I really like the fact that they’re beginning to link the Marvel world together through their films.

There are parts through the trailer that made me chuckle and will hopefully mean the humour from the first Iron Man film will be seen in the sequel, especially with Robert Downey Jr.’s dry sense of humour.

Anyhow, take a look at the new Iron Man 2 trailer below and let us know what you think. Only a few more months to go now!!

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