How To Improve Firefox Performance

I recently wrote about poor, sluggish performance from Firefox (which is a great program by the way, especially given it’s free) that was causing me problems with my computer as a whole. If you haven’t already got it, then I suggest you download and try it today!

That may sound odd, but like I said, it is one of the best examples of freeware programs available today, however it can become rather cumbersome (in a sense mainly as a result of how good it is, due to it’s flexibility) and slow in operation if you don’t keep things in check.

Problems may occur from doing things such as having lots of tabs open at once (I often find myself around the 50-80 tabs level!) or by installing lots of extensions which may become redundant over time, but still use up vital memory.

Zolved have written a really good article around this problem, including dealing with extensions and other little tricks you can try to ensure performance-wise, your Firefox browser can keep up with you!

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