Google Street View Update – Smart Navigation

google-street-view-logoThe Google Street View interface has recently had some “Smart Navigation” improvements made to it which have certainly been a welcome addition to the service as beforehand as good as we thought it was here at Zath, it could still get a little annoying to use for any extended length of time.

The main improvements that have been made to Google Street View are:

  • Double-click to move to a specific location – are you tired of clicking along the movement arrows to move along the road one step at a time? We sure were, but now thankfully you can simply double-click in the distance of the road where you would move to next and it will move you directly there!
  • Take a closer look at the current scene – like us, I’m sure you’ve had times when using Google Street View, where you wish you could have just easily taken a closer look at a certain part of the current scene, now all you need to do is double-click a certain area of the Street View, whether it’s a house, shop, cathedral etc, you can now see points of interest in greater detail!

With just these two benefits, it makes using the system much better all round and should let you find even more strange, funny and weird Google Street View sights – if you find any you want to share, feel free to leave a comment below with your favourites and we’ll perhaps feature them in our next Street View Sights roundup!

Via – Google Lat Long Blog


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