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3-mobile-sim-cardMy attention now turns to a free 3 sim card in what seems like a never-ending quest to find the best Pay As You Go (PAYG) bargain deal on the various mobile phone networks.

In the past I have never seriously considered the 3 mobile network because I was always under the false impression that you needed to be situated in a city to actually get any signal on the 3 network.

However, I was recently speaking to a friend of mine who has a mobile phone on 3 and he has recommended that I should definitely take a look at getting a free 3 sim card if at all possible, since their network coverage is usually much better than some other networks, specifically in our area the T-Mobile and Vodafone networks are a bit hit and miss – to the point there is no signal at all sometimes.

As always when it comes to PAYG sim cards, you can always pick them up for a few pounds with some specific deals and tariffs, however it’s taken me some time and research to find a webpage where you can get a free 3 sim card!

Anyway, now’s the time to take advantage of this great offer to get yourself a free 3 sim card for yourself…

Click Here for a Free 3 Sim Card

The great thing with 3’s current deal is that if you already have a 3 mobile phone, then using this free PAYG sim card will mean that you get some free texts, free internet allowance, free Skype-to-Skype calls and free voicemail – if you’re using a mobile phone from another network you will need to get it unlocked (details in the link above).

Once you’ve done that though you’ll have the aforementioned free things for up to 90 days depending upon whether you use all your top-up credit or not. But once yout top-up again, those thigns the become free services again!

This sounds like a pretty good deal, 3 Mobile will even send you two sim cards, so you can give one to a friend! Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

UPDATE: Alternatively, if you’d prefer to look at the other mobile networks offerings, then take a look at our free sim cards page that shows various deals from all the mobile phone networks, for example the Virgin Mobile PAYG sim card looks like it could be a pretty good deal, be sure to take a look and see what you think to it too.


  1. says

    If you have a phone that can run X-series like the N75 (I think) or a 3 Skype Phone I think the £10 of credit if added monthly will get you several thousand free minutes on Skype – Skype calls too. Don’t quote me on that though :) My wife uses one of my Skypephones I picked up from the product launch late last year and put her 3 USIM PAYG card in there and Skype seems to work just fine.

    Also, coverage on their network is great now. I got the first 3 phone launched in the UK (back in 2002 or 2003 maybe?) and the network kept throwing me off randomly on calls even if I had full signal, but when returning to them about 3 years ago that problem was fixed. I am back with T-Mobile now and have a worse signal at work and home.

    Also I think 3 automatically shifts you on to O2’s 2G network should 3G coverage not be available. 3 takes priority, but a 2G network is there as a backup.

    Matthews last blog post..The Future of Internet Search

  2. says

    Thanks very much for that feedback Matthew, I’d been wondering whether I should give 3 a try for over a year now, but it sounds like things are much more positive these days!

    T-Mobile has no signal in my area, both at home and at work, so this would make a great option for Internet on the move. I also had no idea about 3 shifting you onto O2’s 2G network when it needs to – that sounds great as we have a good O2 signal in my area!

  3. says

    I just did a hunt on the 2G side of the Three network and a message posted in a forum in 2006 suggested that as of 2007, Orange will provide the 2G network for 3. It might be worth you double checking with them first for confirmation.

    Matthews last blog post..Disposable Mobile Phones

  4. says

    I’ll do some further research on that one then, if it does turn out to be Orange then that’s good too as that’s the network I’m currently on and it works well round here….just so long as it isn’t T-Mobile or Vodafone!

  5. Tony Brawley says

    I enjoy using this network.Since the lost of my sim card i have lost contact with loads of my friend.

  6. Rushell-maria hunkins says

    i love texting i love phoning im always on my phone. my mother is on 3g and she tells me how good it is but i haven’t got enough money to buy one for im trying to save so i would like a free one :-) ..x fanxx

  7. I.Owens says

    I wouldn`t go back on the 3 network if I was offered a thousand pounds. They are the worst network to use and do not listen to anything you try to tell them. If you have a complaint you are put through to somewhere abroad in middle of nowhere and end up speaking to someone who can`t speak fluent english. I got ripped off by £600 by 3 who sent me two bills one after the other for £300 for each month. I spent several months trying to resolve this dispute and in fact I actually recorded my phone calls where the 3 people on the other end admitted it was a mistake and it would be sorted but even though I had every conversation recorded admitting it was their mistake they threatened to send the baliffs round so as far as I am concerned they are no better than thieves. Do not go with this network if you know what`s good for you.

  8. Christina says

    I totally agree with the last comment i had the same problem, this network isnt good, they tried sending me a bill that wasnt even in my name as well as asking me to pay my own bill, whenever i tried calling customer services i always got through to some foreign or couldnt speak fluent english, i also recorded my phonecall when i finally got through to someone i could understand and still have bills for some another person 3 months later, i am with orange now who have great deals, i have free textx each month if i top up £10 or more!! Dont do with the 3 network!!!!

  9. sharon martin says

    just wondered my friend is on payg 3 network and i am on orange contract ,. what is the cheapest way for us to chat

  10. Ryan says

    I was given a SE K850i on 3 for my birthday 4 weeks ago but i didnt have a 3 sim card and cannot get it unlocked yet so i thought i would order a free 3g one from the 3 site on the day i was given my phone but i have still not received the sim card and after reading about the lack of english call centers i am reluctant to call and complain has anyone else had this problem with delivery??

  11. cat says


    Sim Only – Terms & Conditions

    Offer available until 30th November 2008 and limited to 2 Sims per customer. Texts charged at your normal network rate. Sim is for use in either a 3 handset or an unlocked 3G handset. Stretch bundles last 30 days. ?10 credit applies to new PAYG customers only and will be applied to account 7 days after the customer?s number has successfully been transferred to 3. Inclusive calls from the UK to standard rate landlines beginning 01, 02, 03 and UK mobiles and texts sent in the UK to standard UK mobiles. Maximum charge for NTS numbers (beginning 08) will be 15p connection and 15p per minute. Terms apply. Delivery within 30 days. See

    Close window

  12. Ryan says

    f**kers! paid £1.99 for a sim and ir came two days later, maybe should have done that in the first place

  13. says

    Hi guys, clearly this offer has finished (thanks for highlighting that Cat), yet very annoyingly they still have the actual page still live, I’ve now removed the link until I find another one that actually works so others do end up in the same situation as some of you have.

    My apologies to those that have been waiting on 3 sim cards, clearly at this point, I couldn’t say whether you can expect to get them or not, I suggest contacting them if you can.

  14. says

    3 have now got another promotional campaign running where you can get two free 3 sim cards (an extra one to give to a friend or family member) and then get some good new free benefits from being on their network, I’ve now updated this page with the new information, hope it’s useful – it would appear that 3 mobile will be giving free sims away as part of this offer until 31st August 2009.

  15. momnun says

    the offer that 3 gives it,s really really graet because it dosen,t cost you anything at al you could talk on the 3 phone for free in my opionion i would say thats a great offer

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