Free 3 Sim Card

3-mobile-sim-cardMy attention now turns to a free 3 sim card in what seems like a never-ending quest to find the best Pay As You Go (PAYG) bargain deal on the various mobile phone networks.

In the past I have never seriously considered the 3 mobile network because I was always under the false impression that you needed to be situated in a city to actually get any signal on the 3 network.

However, I was recently speaking to a friend of mine who has a mobile phone on 3 and he has recommended that I should definitely take a look at getting a free 3 sim card if at all possible, since their network coverage is usually much better than some other networks, specifically in our area the T-Mobile and Vodafone networks are a bit hit and miss – to the point there is no signal at all sometimes.

As always when it comes to PAYG sim cards, you can always pick them up for a few pounds with some specific deals and tariffs, however it’s taken me some time and research to find a webpage where you can get a free 3 sim card!

Anyway, now’s the time to take advantage of this great offer to get yourself a free 3 sim card for yourself…

Click Here for a Free 3 Sim Card

The great thing with 3’s current deal is that if you already have a 3 mobile phone, then using this free PAYG sim card will mean that you get some free texts, free internet allowance, free Skype-to-Skype calls and free voicemail – if you’re using a mobile phone from another network you will need to get it unlocked (details in the link above).

Once you’ve done that though you’ll have the aforementioned free things for up to 90 days depending upon whether you use all your top-up credit or not. But once yout top-up again, those thigns the become free services again!

This sounds like a pretty good deal, 3 Mobile will even send you two sim cards, so you can give one to a friend! Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

UPDATE: Alternatively, if you’d prefer to look at the other mobile networks offerings, then take a look at our free sim cards page that shows various deals from all the mobile phone networks, for example the Virgin Mobile PAYG sim card looks like it could be a pretty good deal, be sure to take a look and see what you think to it too.