Football Manager 2008 Review

Football Manager 2008Well after my recent posts about the Football Manager 2008 trailer and FM 2008 demo – despite being a recovering football manager addict, having not really played the last two instalments, I’ve succumbed to the dark side and have got Football Manager 2008. It’s installed on my pc and it’s been played in special controlled doses of sessions no longer than 1 hour per day! ;)

If you’ve played the previous instalments of Football Manager then you’ll no doubt be familiar with the concept and execution of this game that is highly addictive for any football fan. You take on the role of football manager and try win your respective leagues and cups, effectively trying to either equal the real-life success of a football club or ideally further improve on it.

It is up to you how deeply involved you want to get with the running of your club in Football Manager 2008, be it just buying, selling and picking players for match day or going into every minute details such as individual training schedules, youth team development and feeder clubs.

I tend to fall into the middle of these two extremes, especially given I don’t have as much time to this game as I once did when I was a student!

Football Manager 2008 Review Football Manager 2008 Review 2
Obviously since I’ve not played the last two versions much, quite a lot is new to me, however this latest version, Football Manager 2008 is yet a further evolution of Sports Interactive’s highly successful series. Some of the features that are new in Football Manager 2008 include:

  • Real time tactical changes,
  • A better matchday experience,
  • More ability to manage club finances,
  • Generated player pictures,
  • New streamlined look and feel to the game,
  • Advisor/Tutorial guides for new players of the game.

Overall, as a returning player…err..manager I can honestly say that this is as good as ever and if you’ve any kind of interest in football and have yet to give it a go, then just do it, you won’t regret it…well other than the resulting addiction that is!

Amazon – Football Manager 2008

Have you played any of the Football Manager games? Do you still play or are you still recovering from your addiction? Why not listen to the Football Manager Podcast while you play?


  1. says

    I’ve been thinking about getting the new football manager – I’ve got 2007 and really liked it, but I wasn’t sure if it was worth getting the new one, I thought it might be basically the same game with only a few changes. Either way, I think I’ll wait for the price to go down.

  2. says

    I’ll always be a bigger fan of Football Manager since it’s developed by the people who made the original Championship Manager games so great!

    I definitely recommend giving this updated version a shot if you like these games, it’s always good to be fully up to date with the transfers without needing to use various update patches.

    I suppose it depends how long you want to wait and what kind of price you want to pay, I recently saw that it was £15 from Amazon UK and other online retailers.

  3. says

    I am one of the biggest fan of this football manager. I have discovered it back in 2002 with “championship manager 2001-2002″ and I am addicted ever since.

  4. Football Training says

    I love your site. I found your blog via Google while searching for football training and your post regarding l Manager 2008 Review looks very interesting to me. It really looks very nice. The articles provided are long enough to provide great content but not so long as to be totally engrossing, if you know what I mean.

  5. says

    @Football Training – thank you very much for your feedback, which is always great to hear, be it good or bad, but in this case I’m pleased people appreciate what I’m trying to do which is provide content just as you describe!

    @Madhur – That doesn’t surprise in the slightest, it’s very, very easy to become engrossed by it, I know from experience on more than one occasion!

  6. says

    I’m not sure Tony, the first time it was released on the original Xbox, I seem to remember Sports Interactive saying they needed the hard disk that was in the Xbox whereas the PS2 had none.

    Now that Sony’s PS3 has hard disks, it is a good question why it’s not on both platforms, I highly doubt Microsoft have exclusivity on it, perhaps it’s much easier to port across from PC to Xbox 360? A further port to the PS3 may not be considered a worthwhile investment?

    Does anybody else have an answer to this question?

  7. Metromic says

    I have fm2008 but every time it tells me that my ground has been updated with extra seats ,it hasn’t.can anyone help please.

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