Football Manager 2008 Patch v8.0.2

Football Manager 2008Sports Interactive gave us Football Manager 2008 addicts a real treat of an update for Valentines Day – the second official patch for FM 2008, namely patch v8.0.2! Now I bet there was a decision for some people to make, no doubt not wanting to upset their other half! ;)

Since this Football Manager 2008 patch comes after the end of the January transfer window, it means that it also contains a data update which provides you with all the latest player moves to have happened up until the end of January – which is always much more fun to have when starting a new game of FM 2008!

You can download the v8.0.2 patch for free from one of the download links over at the Gamershell’s FM 2008 patch page and while it’s downloading, you can check out all the updates, bug fixes and improvements included in this patch by taking a look at the FM 2008 v8.0.2 patch release notes page.


While you’re waiting for your free download to upgrade your game, why don’t you take a look at the Football Manager Podcast with SI Games’ Studio Director, Miles Jacobson or even watch the completely inspiring Football Manager 2008 trailer.

Have you got this update installed? What do you think to it as a Football Manager patch?

Are you finding that the improvements and player updates make it a worthwhile upgrade?

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UPDATE 3: You can now get your Football Manager Live pre-order in now – make sure that your place is reserved on the day of release!