Firefox Web Browser Themes – World Cup Personas!

firefox-logo-355If you’re as excited for the World Cup as I am, you’ll be interested to know that Mozilla has launched their World Cup themed Firefox Personas!

If you’ve not used Personas before, they’re basically web browser themes introduced in Firefox 3.6, next to the abundance of already available plugins and add-ons, and allow you to customise the look of your browser easily.

When you’re viewing the page of available Firefox Personas, you can simply hover over any of the choices available to get a live preview of what it will look like once you’ve installed it. If you like it, you can click on it, and it will be installed, and set as the default Persona on your browser.

If you’re running Firefox 3.6 or higher as your browser, you can download your country’s Persona from Mozilla’s Firefox add-on site and get behind your country when the World Cup starts today! To make things a little more interesting, Mozilla is keeping a tally of how many users have Personas of each country in the World Cup. Unfortunately, England are currently trailing in sixth place, so get downloading a Firefox theme to push us up the rankings!

Hopefully, England will do better on the pitch than they are in Mozilla’s Persona rankings! Let’s get behind the team on Saturday when they take on the USA at 7:30 PM UK time!