Firefox 3.6 Update Released – New Persona Themes & Faster!

You may have seen our coverage of the Firefox 3.6 beta 1 and beta 3 late last year – since then, there have been quite a few further changes made, which lost its beta status this week as Mozilla released the finished version of Firefox 3.6 upon the world.

There’s lots of reasons to carry on using a Firefox’s great web browser, the most visually noticeable change to Firefox with the new release is the introduction of a new feature called Personas. Downloadable from, you can choose from other 35,000 themes on offer that let you customise the way that Firefox looks.

When viewing Personas, you can hover over one to see how it will look in your browser, where you’ll get a preview before you choose to install it by clicking it. Downloaded themes can be managed via the Add-Ons window, where you can change and uninstall your Personas using the “Themes” tab.

The introduction of Personas is definitely a new way to customise the look and feel of Firefox beyond what you already could – adding to the vast array of add-ons and plugins that you’ll already have, this makes Firefox a great choice.

A potential problem with the plethora of plugins on offer is chance that they may become outdated as you use newer versions of Firefox without updating your plugins. In the latest version of Mozilla’s browser, plugins are automatically checked to see if they’re out of date. If a new version is available, Firefox will recommend that you update your plugins via the ‘Plugin check’ screen.

As well as these visible updates, there are also more under the hood changes. According to Mozilla’s own tests conducted on a Windows 7 machine, Firefox 3.6 is 20% faster than the previous version, letting you browse the web in no time.

If you’re an existing Firefox user, you’ll appreciate the new features that come with Firefox 3.6, and should update soon! If you use another browser, maybe it’s time for a change and test it out? Firefox 3.6 is definitely one of the best ways to access the Internet.